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Chapter 217 – Alliance Leader’s Position

Although it’s filled with cracks, the egg still hasn’t hatched. That bizarre vortex in the egg was constantly absorbing the powers of law and didn’t show any signs of stopping.

Nie Li felt the surrounding powers of law sucked dry, but it’s still insufficient. Afterwards, it started to absorb the power of law in his body. Sensing this, Nie Li immediately pulled back his power of law.

“This fella is a real glutton!” Nie Li said in depression. Even after absorbing so many powers of law, it still hasn’t hatched.

“Your powers of law aren’t enough to hatch it.” Yu Yan said while shaking her head. An unhatched egg was actually able to absorb so much power of law, but it was still insufficient. This egg is truly no small matter.

Although this egg hasn’t hatched yet, Nie Li could vaguely sense a heart thumping within. When the powers of law were being injected into the egg, the heartbeat of the creature had become stronger and stronger. Furthermore, it seems to have generated an even closer connection with Nie Li.

It seems that he has to take this slowly. It’s not an easy task to hatch this egg in one go.

Even if Yu Yan provides the sufficient powers of law, he made up his mind to hatch it himself. Afterall, his own powers of law can help him establish a connection with the egg.

While Nie Li was studying the pattern on the egg, Ye Yan flew over and landed on Nie Li’s shoulders.

“Ancestral Founder Ye Yan, where have you been? I haven’t seen you for so long.” Nie Li said as he looked at Ye Yan, “In the time that you’ve been gone, Glory City was nearly destroyed!”

“I was watching from afar when the Wugui Family attacked Glory City. That Wugui Family’s bunch is still unable to do a thing to Glory City. In this short period of time, I went to the Nether Realm, strolled around and found some good news. Nie Li, do you want to know what it is?” Ye Yan purposely asked.

“What news?” Nie Li asked.

“Tell us, quickly. No one is as idle as you.” Yu Yan said while frowning her brows a little.

“Little miss, you must have patients when hearing other people speak. In any case, I have lived for thousands of years, you have to respect you elders, don’t you know that?” Ye Yan said. He glanced at Yu Yan and saw that her body was a little small and has no idea what went wrong with her. It’s okay if Nie Li doesn’t give him any respect, but even a young lady isn’t giving him much respect and that is what he can’t endure, “Nie Li, where did you kidnap this lady from?”

Hearing Ye Yan’s words, Nie Li’s face turned strange. When he saw Yu Yan’s current facial expression, it wasn’t too good. He quickly said, “Ancestral Founder Ye Yan, I forgot to introduce you. This is Goddess Yu Yan, because her Divine Spark had shattered and her physical body was destroyed, her restored divine body is this small and is currently at a Legend rank’s cultivation. When she’s at her pinnacle, she’s a Spiritual God whose existence was far above Legend rank! Furthermore, I’ve forgot to mention something. She’s someone that has lived for tens of thousands of years……”

“Cough, cough” Ye Yan immediately coughed awkwardly and stared at Nie Li, “Why didn’t you say so earlier?!”

A thousand years to someone that has lived for tens of thousands of years makes him no different than an infant. He actually called her ‘little miss,’ which made him feel awkward. He has no idea how Nie Li was able to accomplish kidnapping a Spiritual God.

As for Spiritual Gods, Ye Yan doesn’t have much knowledge about them. Except that they have only appeared in legends and fairy tales. No one knows if they’re real or fake. However, he does know that Glory City has a piece of a shattered Divine Spark and that it is a very powerful treasure.

“Quickly, speak!” Yu Yan demanded as she waved her hand. Ye Yan doesn’t have any interest in arguing on who’s the elder one here.

Ye Yan’s face turned stern and said with seriousness, “The Master of the Nether Realm is preparing to recruit a disciple. Becoming his disciple would also have the chance of becoming the owner of the Nether Realm, and obtain his inheritance. Various families’ Demigod rank experts are making trips to participate in it, including the three Demigod rank experts of the Wugui Family. Therefore, for approximately half a year, the Wugui Family shouldn’t be attacking Glory City anymore. After all, compared to Glory City, the temptation of obtaining the Master of the Nether Realm’s inheritance is even larger!”

“Master of the Nether Realm’s inheritance?” Nie Li lightly knitted his brows and pondered awhile before saying, “How does one become the disciple of the Master of the Nether Realm?”

“From what I’ve heard, one has to step on the highest level of the Nine-Layered Deathlands in order to meet the Master of the Nether Realm.” Ye Yan said, “It’s said in the entire Nether Realm, those above Black Gold rank are all making their trips towards the Nine-Layered Deathlands, including people like the Demon Lord of the Dark Guild and Long Sha!”

Even the Demon Lord of the Dark Guild is heading for the Nine-Layered Deathlands? This proves how important they see the position.

“Since the minimum requirement is Black Gold rank, then we can also give it a try.” Nie Li said after pondering awhile.

Ye Yan looked at Nie Li and said, “Nie Li brat, are you really going?”

“Isn’t this the purpose of you telling me this news?” Nie Li rolled his eyes towards Ye Yan. He pondered awhile. No matter what kind of expert the Nether Realm’s Master is, taking a look is always correct.

Being seen through by Nie Li, Ye Yan can only awkwardly smile and said, “Since the Master of the Nether Realm is recruiting a disciple, he won’t recruit the one with the strongest strength, but the one with the highest talent. Just this alone, I’m very positive about you! As long as you can become the Master of the Nether Realm’s disciple, who will dare to touch Glory City in the future?”

Hearing Ye Yan’s words, Nie Li nodded his head as this is indeed a way out!

Yu Yan was immersed in her thoughts for a moment. Although the Master of the Nether Realm is a mysterious Spiritual God, no one knows any information about him. However, one point can be said for certain is that he has once taken action against the Demon Beast race for the human race.

“Nie Li, I’ll go to the Nine-Layered Deathlands with you,” said Yu Yan.

With Goddess Yu Yan’s help, this trip should be a lot safer.

After making the decision to make the trip, Nie Li prepared to choose the people to go on this trip to the Nine-Layered Deathlands with him. The first person he thought of would be Duan Jian. With Duan Jian’s physique, even if he encountered any danger, he should have the capability to protect himself. As for the rest, he’s not sure if he should bring them along.

Nie Li called Duan Jian over.

“Duan Jian, are you willing to make a trip to the Nine-Layered Deathlands with me?” Nie Li asked as he looked at Duan Jian.

Duan Jian kneeled down on one leg and said, “No matter where master goes, Duan Jian will follow. Except, Duan Jian has a request.”

“Get up and speak. What is your request?”

“Before going to the Nine-Layered Deathlands, I hope to personally get the head of Sikong Yi!” Duan Jian’s eyes shot out with a terrifyingly chilling ray of light. As long as he takes his vengeance, even if he dies in battle in the future, he won’t have any regrets.

Nie Li thought awhile. Although Sikong Yi is a Legend rank expert, with Duan Jian’s current strength, it should be sufficient to confront Sikong Yi. Making a trip back and forth to the Abyss Prison Realm wouldn’t take that many days, his brows twitched and said, “That being the case, I’ll accompany you to the Abyss Prison Realm!”

As for the engagement matter, according to etiquette, Nie Li and Ye Ziyun are not allowed to participate in the arrangement. Therefore, Nie Li has no matters tying his hands.

“Thank you, master!” Duan Jian’s eyes flashed with gratefulness. He has waited for this day for too long. From the moment his parents were killed, he has always been thinking about taking vengeance.

Abyss Prison Realm.

After the Silver Winged Family became ruined by Nie Li and the rest, for a long amount of time, the Silver Winged Family was in a predicament, they were being oppressed by the other families. Originally, when the other families in the Abyss Prison Realm thought that the Silver Winged Family wouldn’t be able to climb back up, they never expected Sikong Yi’s cultivation to suddenly grow.

Furthermore, Sikong Yi sent the various patriarchs a letter to host an Alliance Meeting to choose a new Alliance Leader.

Although they weren’t sure of what Sikong Yi was planning, the various patriarchs all came to participate.

The field at the center of the town was filled with members from the various families. The Silver Winged Family’s arrangements were Gold rank and Black Gold rank experts wearing standardized armour with cold looks in their eyes. Sikong Yi and Sikong Hongyue were like celebrities being surrounded in the center.

Sikong Yi’s face was ghastly pale; however, his eyes were flashing with a chilling ray and full of killing intent.

“Father, your wounds……”

Sikong Yi solemnly said, “I have executed the secret technique of our Silver Winged Family. Although my cultivation has gone up, there isn’t much of my lifespan left. At most, I will only be able to hold out for a year. Hongyue, father will get the Alliance Leader’s position for you and help you subdue those old fellas. I’ll force them to eat the Abyss Essence Pill. At least it will ensure our Silver Winged Family’s survival for another hundred years. Father can only help you this much, the rest would have to depend on you!”

“Father……” Sikong Hongyue’s eyes were filled with tears.

“Don’t cry. You are my daughter, how can you cry? I, Sikong Yi, have done as I wished in my lifetime, killing countless lives and have countless vengeful ghosts under my sword. If I enter hell in the future, I will become someone that can kill ghosts and immortals!” Sikong Yi’s eyes flashed with a trace of ruthlessness.

“Yes.” Sikong Hongyue replied after wiping her eyes dry.

The Divine Flames Family, Ash Wolves Family and various experts from the other various families were all present. The Patriarchs of the various families were all standing proudly.

Of the thirteen families, the families who have Legend rank experts would be the Silver Winged Family, Divine Flames Family and the Ash Wolves Family. As for the other families, like the Black Dragon Family, they only have a 5-star Black Gold rank expert.

The Patriarch of the Divine Flames Family, Li Xiao, coldly said, “Sikong Yi, we all know what you’re planning to do by gathering all of us here. But with your Silver Winged Family it’s current state, aren’t you being too conceited in thinking that you can deal with all of us?”

Li Xiao wore white clothes and stood there calmly like a mountain, giving everyone there a strong sense of pressure. Beside Li Xiao, stood a youth, and that youth is Li Heng. He sold the three knives to Nie Li.

“Li Xiao, Mo Ya, although the two of you are the same as me, Legend rank experts, your two families were never close to mine. In these last few years, the living environment in the Abyss Prison Realm has been getting worse are worse. I feel that we, the thirteen families, should elect a new Alliance Leader and lead everyone out of this Abyss Prison Realm!” Sikong Yi said in a solemn voice.

“What a joke. Sikong Yi, perhaps you know the way out?” Mo Ya coldly laughed.

“Indeed, I do. As long as all of you elect me as the new Alliance Leader, I will naturally lead all of you out of the Abyss Prison Realm.” Sikong Yi swept his eyes and said, “I have found a teleportation array that will take us out of this Abyss Prison Realm. Furthermore, I have found the Stones of Light needed to get it operating!”

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