TDG Chapter 210

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Chapter 210 – Sister goddess

“Yes.” Nie Li could only nod his head. Since old man Ye Mo has spoken, he must remain here.

Ye Mo left the place, leaving Ye Zong with Nie Li.

Ye Zong snorted and said, “You are pretty impressive. Now that you have someone backing you up, even I can’t lecture you anymore, right?”

“Father-in-law is right to lecture.” Nie Li said as he chuckled. Ye Zong can scare anyone else, but not him.

After being choked by Nie Li’s words, Ye Zong felt even more depressed. He really can’t do anything to Nie Li. He said in a solemn voice, “This matter has passed, have your Heavenly Marks Family send the betrothal gift. You will be engaged, but will only marry when both of you have turned sixteen. If you dare to take any improper actions before then, I’ll will deal with you.”

Even his father agreed; therefore, Ye Zong can only allow the marriage but restrict Nie Li in some other way.

“Definitely.” Even if Ye Zong didn’t mention it, Nie Li would’ve set it the same way.

Ye Zong felt a little helpless. He understood that his threat was totally useless towards Nie Li, but all he could do was put his words out there.

“Father-in-law, you can rest at ease.” Nie Li smiled and then said to Ye Zong, “Right. Recently, I figured out some tricks to comprehend the power of law. Now that father-in-law has reached Legend rank, you can start comprehending the power of law.”

Nie Li had once again used a silver bullet attack.

“En.” Ye Zong hesitantly responded. Nie Li would always offer all sorts of benefits and unfortunately, the benefits are always something he couldn’t decline. After receiving the benefit, he could no longer be in a position to do anything to Nie Li.

Ye Zong’s expression became more mild and said, “Ye Han sent someone to send me a letter, take a look.”

Nie Li took the letter from Ye Zong, and his eyes flashed with a chilling light. He said, “Ye Han really is a traitor. He actually sold us out to the Wugui Family. From my understanding, the Wugui Family has three Demigod rank experts. The so-called Demigod rank is meant to be the pinnacle level of a Legend rank expert who wields control over the power of law. These kinds of experts are extremely hard to deal with. Any one of them would bring calamity to Glory City.”

After pondering awhile, Ye Zong said, “We can only do our best and depend on the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array to fend them off.”

Demigod rank is an existence even stronger than the Demon Lord. Even the Snow Wind Family might not be able to deal with them.

The strength of Glory City is still too weak. Now that we are exposed to the fangs of the Wugui Family, the problems in the future might be endless.

Nie Li pondered awhile and said, “To get here from the Nether Realm, they would need at least dozens of days. If an army were to come, they would need at least a month or so. We will try to stall for time. In a few months time, we might have a solution to deal with the Wugui Family. When the members of the Wugui Family come here, we will stall them. The longer, the better. Who knows if Lord Ye Mo can comprehend the power of law in this small period of time and reach Demigod rank. If he does, we will have the capital to deal with the Wugui Family.”

“Furthermore, we have to do our best to raise our strength. First, let the Wugui Family think that they have ability to eat us. Otherwise, if the Wugui Family gets in touch with another family and they form an alliance, we will suffer an even higher pressure.”

Nie Li thought awhile and said, “Fortunately, there will only be dozens of Legend rank experts coming, not anyone of Demigod rank!”

Ye Zong’s brows twitched after thinking about it awhile and said, “If it’s only dozens of Legend rank experts, the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array should be sufficient to deal with them!”

Strength is crucial in a battle between Legend rank experts or even Demigod rank experts. These strategies are only stalling methods. The experts of the Wugui Family will definitely continue to come after them. After Nie Li told Ye Zong the method to comprehend the power of law, he also went into seclusion training to frantically cultivate.

An intense sense of urgent rose up in everyone’s heart. Aside from the Wugui Family, it’s very likely that Glory City will face an even more powerful force in the future.

The first army that the Wugui Family have send out will probably arrive in about ten days or so. Ye Mo has already scouted the opponent’s strength. They have dozens of Legend rank experts but no one of Demigod rank. Therefore, Ye Mo will try to cultivate to Demigod rank as fast as possible. This way, they will have the ability to fight off the Wugui Family.

Nie Li carefully weighed the power of the opposite party. Over on his side, there are five Legend rank experts. Goddess Yu Yan, Duan Jian, Luo Ming and the two from the Jade Seal Family. If he includes Ye Mo and Ye Zong, there will be a total of seven. With the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array, they should be able to barely stand off against the first army of the Wugui Family.

However, this is still far from enough!

The cultivating speed of the [Heavenly God] technique is too slow. Nie Li has no choice, but to think of a way to raise his own strength. Suddenly, an idea appeared in his heart.

Right, the Demon Spirit Devouring Technique!

Nie Li recalled a secret technique that he saw before in his previous life. After bidding farewell to Ye Zong, he headed towards Ye Ziyun’s yard.

Ye Mo’s return made Ye Ziyun really happy; however, she quickly returned to her training after talking to her grandfather for a while. From Ye Mo, she learnt that Nie Li has already returned. After being separated for so long, she gained a little longing for Nie Li. However, she tried to restrain that thumping heart of hers and remained in her yard to train as usual.

However, it seems that her heart couldn’t calm down, making her fail to enter into the isolated meditative state several times.

Nie Li stepped into the yard and saw Ye Ziyun controlling her Snow Queen. In the mouth of the Snow Queen, there was a pearl. This pearl is the one that Nie Li brought back with him from the Abyss Prison Realm. It seems like with the Blizzard Spiritual Gem, her cultivation has risen very quickly.

Ye Ziyun had both of her eyes closed with her beautiful cheeks shining with a jade luster that was shining under the blizzard light rays, making her appear even more holy and noble. Her purple hair was draped over her shoulders, giving her a more indolent aura. She wore a white silk dress that outlined her figure, appearing fresh and charming.

A chilling ray moved in a circular motion that illuminated the entire yard like a beautiful ice palace. For a moment, Nie Li was lost in a daze as he stared at her. How he wished he could just peacefully stare at her without anyone disrupting them.

Ye Ziyun sensed something and moved her eyes, but did not open them.

Nie Li walked to Ye Ziyun’s side. He knows that she already sensed his arrival, but kept her eyes closed. The lovely thoughts of this girl made Nie Li smile.

After a long time, since Nie Li wasn’t making any movements, she opened her eyes and saw him staring at her. Immediately, her face had a layer of blush from recalling something. She looked at him angrily and said, “You left for so long, the outside world must be very interesting.”

“Yeah, very interesting.” Nie Li smiled.

“Nie Li, the next time you leave and don’t bring me along, I won’t talk to you anymore.” Ye Ziyun said in displease. After Nie Li left for so long, her heart unconsciously longed for him. She couldn’t understand why she’s like this. Whenever she’s unable to see Nie Li, she would get an indescribable unease in her heart.

She kept worrying that Nie Li would suddenly disappear from her life or that he would no longer be in love with her. Her heart couldn’t help feeling anxious.

“The training this time was too dangerous, I’ll definitely bring you along next time.” Nie Li smiled. He pulled Ye Ziyun up and said, “Time is tight, there are many things to do. We’ll must get Du Ze, Lu Piao, Ning’er and the rest!”

“You……” When her hands were being held by Nie Li, her heart flashed with a trace of bashfulness. However, she did not struggle this time and allowed him to hold them.

Everyone has been gathered into the yard.

Luo Ming and the other two from the Jade Seal Family have been arranged to another yard not far from here. Everyone here are people he can trust: Ye Ziyun, Du Ze, Lu Piao, Xiao Ning’er, Duan Jian, Wei Nan, Zhu Xiangjun, Zhang Ming and Xiao Xue.

A total of ten people, including himself.

“Nie Li, you have finally returned. You made us worry, since you were gone for so long.” Lu Piao laughed as he hooked his hand onto Nie Li’s neck, hammering him.

Within Xiao Ning’er’s beautiful eyes, there were thousands of words that she wanted to say when she saw him; however, she did not say anything. In this period of time, when Nie Li left, her heart was filled with longing.

Nie Li smiled and said, “Many things have happened in this period of time. I’ll slowly explain it to you guys later on. First, I wish to introduce you to someone.” He raised his right hand and Goddess Yu Yan flew out of his sleeve and into the air.

Yu Yan was wearing a fiery red silk dress. Her beautiful appearance was dazzling to the eyes. Even though she was only the size of an ordinary person’s two fists stacked on top of one another, her beauty was still dazzling, sacred and noble. Looking at her would make ordinary people feel ashamed of their inferiority.

Seeing the small goddess, everyone had astonishment written all over their faces.

“Who is she?”

“Why is she so small?”

Everyone widened their eyes as they curiously threw their gazes on her. Lu Piao raised his hand, wanting to pinch Yu Yan a little to see if she was alive. However, her expression went cold and a powerful aura emitted from her that forced Lu Piao to quickly step away from her.

Lu Piao was stunned. He never thought that she would have such powerful strength.

“Her name is Yu Yan.” Nie Li patted Lu Piao’s shoulders and said, “She’s a Spiritual God of our human race and has lived for several tens of thousands of years. She’s an expert above Legend rank. However her Divine Spark shattered and her divine body was destroyed. This is a new divine body that she had recently restored, that’s why she’s so small.”

Spiritual God, above the Legend rank? Hearing Nie Li’s words, Lu Piao’s face turned ghastly pale from fear. He nearly profaned a goddess? Luckily, the goddess was lenient with him and only shook him off; otherwise, he wouldn’t even know how he died.

Ye Ziyun, Xiao Ning’er and the rest all had awe-inspiring expressions on their faces. An existence that has lived for several tens of thousands of years and is above Legend rank. Even though her Divine Spark shattered, she is still an existence that they won’t be able to reach.

How did Nie Li encounter Goddess Yu Yan and how did he manage to bring her back to Glory City? They all couldn’t help feeling a little curious.

“Nice to meet you, everyone. You can be like Nie Li and call me Sister Yu Yan from now on.” Yu Yan’s expression was very gentle as she landed on Nie Li’s shoulders. After being with Nie Li for so long, she felt very close to him, treating him like her little brother.

They can address a Goddess that has lived for several tens of thousands of years as sister? Everyone couldn’t help being nervous in their hearts as they shifted their gazes to Nie Li.

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