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Chapter 201 – Dreamcloud World

Is Nie Li the kind that needs a backer? Yu Yan is aware that he’s just joking; because in their relationship, the one standing in a higher position isn’t her, it’s Nie Li. She was the one receiving help from him! Solely based on Nie Li’s comprehension of two powers of law, Nie Li’s cultivation will soar leaps and bounds to a shocking degree within the next few months. He might even be able to reach Legend rank very quickly.

“I will definitely pay you back for today’s favor. So, what should I do to conceal my aura and leave this place?” Yu Yan asked, looking at Nie Li. She could feel that her divine body can already move as she wants and the Law of Fire in this area has basically been sucked dry by her.

It’s just like what Nie Li told her, she must travel around so that she can absorb even more Law of Fire and restore herself to her pinnacle state.

“If we are to leave this place, sister goddess must follow my instructions.” Nie Li lightly smiled and said, “Otherwise, if your aura was detected, I’ll be dead!”

“I understand. There are experts that wield the power of law over at the demon beast clan; therefore, I can only conceal my aura. If I was detected, then there would only be death. As long as your suggestion is correct, I’ll listen to you.” She said, nodding her head. In order to restore her strength, she has no choice but to suffer some grievances.

“I will shroud your body with inscription patterns from my Law of Darkness to conceal your aura. There is no other choice, but to have sister goddess be in a little inconvenient situation. Try shrinking your body to be as small as possible and hide within my sleeve. In addition, I’ll need to place all the clothes that you’re wearing as well as the stuff that you’ve used before and lay them down in an inscription array using the Law of Fire to mimic your aura. Hence, making the demon beasts think that you’re still in this seal. I will draw the inscription pattern array for you later on.” said Nie Li.

Yu Yan nodded her head, understanding what Nie Li is planning.

She did as she was told, that small figure of hers constantly flew around. Although she is very small, her speed and efficiency are very fast.

In the array that she laid down, a figure slowly appeared in the middle of the inscription pattern array and was quietly standing there. This figure looked exactly like Yu Yan, except this was just a fake.

After everything was properly arranged, Nie Li looked at her and said, “Sister Yu Yan, please try and shrink your body as small as possible.”

Looking at Nie Li’s sleeve, Yu Yan couldn’t help to but feel embarrassed. Even if her body can shrink to a foot1 tall, the space in Nie Li’s sleeve would still be too small. However, she had no other choice, but to do as he suggested.

For the future of the human clan, she can’t bother herself with such trivial matters. Her body slowly shrank till she was a foot tall, then turned into a streak of light and entered Nie Li’s sleeve.

The space in Nie Li’s sleeve was indeed too narrow. When Yu Yan entered his sleeve, she had stuffed it full, making it hard for her to make even a single movement. She uncomfortably twisted her body a little. Nie Li’s arm was like a pillar, blocking her, and she had no choice but to closely stick to his arm.

“Sister goddess, don’t fiddle around!” Nie Li bitterly smiled. His sleeve is indeed a little too narrow; however, he had no other choice as he can only maintain the stability of the inscription pattern of the Law of Darkness near his palm.

Nie Li begun to operate the Darkness inscription pattern array and slowly shrouded Yu Yan’s body with it.

Yu Yan could sense that her aura truly was concealed by Nie Li’s Darkness inscription pattern array. She never imagined that Nie Li would be able to use it so proficiently after just comprehending the Law of Darkness not long ago. In Yu Yan’s heart, she had strong curiosity about Nie Li’s origins.

Nie Li has no idea what Yu Yan is thinking right now; however, he can feel a peculiar sensation coming from his arm. He could feel her exquisite skin and curvaceous figure touching him, this is simply an alluring stimulation. Nie Li bitterly laughed, even in his previous life, he had never experienced such a strange event before.

Before entering here, he thought that there was some kind of treasure hidden here and some items that surpassed Legend rank. He never expected that he would find a goddess. He did not find any treasure, but he is bringing a goddess home, fate is such a mysterious thing.

Although his sleeve is a little tight, looking at it from the outside, it doesn’t appear odd at all.

“Let’s go.” Nie Li said to Yu Yan in his sleeve, he then followed the path he came from.

After exiting the cave, Nie Li looked down at the abyss, but couldn’t see the bottom, just a patch of black. According to Yu Yan, there are a few pinnacle level Legend rank demon beasts hiding within the abyss; therefore, he has to be very careful in concealing Yu Yan’s aura.

As Nie Li followed the cliff wall as he climbed up, there would occasionally be roars of demon beasts coming from the abyss. These terrifying roars should belong to some kind of powerful demon beasts. The roars themselves would cause one to palpitate. Fortunately, those fellas are hiding within the abyss. If they were to show themselves, Nie Li would definitely not be their opponent.

At this moment, even Yu Yan had become very careful as she tried her best to retract her aura.

Nie Li climbed up the cliff very quickly and patted the dust off his body. In this adventure into the Black Spring, his harvest was pretty good. He headed towards the Heavenly Fate Plateau. Originally, Nie Li thought that a day would be sufficient for him to open the treasure within the Black Spring. He never imagined that he would encounter Yu Yan instead and be delayed for such a long time.

Over at the Heavenly Fate Plateau, Xiao Kuang and his men were waiting for a long time, but weren’t able to wait for Nie Li’s return any longer. He thought that Nie Li already died in the Black Spring, so he returned to the Heavenly Fate Plateau.

Knowing that Nie Li has yet to return, Xiao Wu felt a little helpless. Now that Nie Li died in the Black Spring, if the City Lord of Glory City were to know about this matter, would they destroy the Heavenly Fate Plateau?

Before Nie Li returns, they do not dare to send anyone to Glory City. When the news of Xiao Lang’s gang reappearing reached Xiao Wu’s ears, he had them all captured and interrogated.

After hearing the information from the six of them, Xiao Wu felt very puzzled as to why Nie Li was doing all that. By making such a long rope, could he be preparing to go down to the Black Spring?

After recalling the terrifying legend about the Black Spring, they couldn’t help trembling in fear. They can only hope that Nie Li is blessed by the heavens and is able to return alive. Otherwise, if the people from Glory City track his location till here, the Heavenly Fate Plateau would be finished. They can be sure that Nie Li is one of the important figures in Glory City’s City Lord’s Mansion, he might even be the young master of the City Lord’s family.

Heavenly Fate Plateau’s market

While Nie Li was walking, Yu Yan sighed in sorrow. Once again, she has returned to the human world. Although the humans are being heavily hunted by demon beasts, at least not all of humanity has been annihilated.

Nie Li couldn’t help asking, “Sister goddess, how many plateaus managed to survive?”

“I’m not sure how many plateaus managed to survive.” Yu Yan shook her head and said, “After experiencing the endless god battle, although the humans have managed to survive and multiply in number with countless empires appearing, once a Spiritual God appears in the demon beast clan, the human clans would then enter into a great defeat.”

Yu Yan pondered and said, “Although the battle between the human clan and the demon clan is a disadvantage, it’s absolutely impossible for the demon clan to totally annihilate the human clan. Several Spiritual Gods have bloodlines passed down, and spread them around in other realms. Although the battle in the main world does not have a lot of human tribes left, the human clans have control of several realms. With the Amethyst Bamboo as the core, a few powerful Spiritual Gods laid down several defences in those realms and have been existing for tens of thousands of years. Even if all of the human clan’s Spiritual Gods are dead, the demon beasts clans won’t be able to kill the ones in those realms.”

So it turns out that the human clans are still in control of several realms.

“Among the human clans, the strongest should be the Primal Family passed down by the Primal Chaos Spiritual God. Within that family, there are countless amounts of Demigod rank experts and they have a copy of the Amethyst Bamboo as a guardian object. If the demon beast clan’s Spiritual God forced their way in, they would all be destroyed. Even though I have personally witnessed the Primal Chaos Spiritual God’s Divine Spark being destroyed, he is the most mysterious among us all. I can’t say for sure if he is finding a way to revive.” Yu Yan said after pondering her thoughts.

“Then, can we enter those realms?” Nie Li asked in low voice.

“We can, as long as we find the dreamcloud rock. We’ll be able to use it to lay down a teleportation array and enter the Dreamcloud World. That is an independent realm with flowers blooming all season. It is also prosperous and fertile. It’s only slightly smaller than the main world.” said Yu Yan. As for the spatial teleportation array to enter the Dreamcloud World, she’s one of the few human clan Spiritual Gods that knows of it.

A realm that is under the control of a human clan is definitely much safer than the main world. Furthermore, it’s more suitable for humans to live in compared to the Abyss Prison World.

If he can move Glory City into the Dreamcloud World, then it would be a lot safer.

Nie Li pondered in his heart and asked, “Where should we find the dreamcloud rock?”

“In order to obstruct contact between the Dreamcloud World and the main world, the demon beast clan’s Spiritual Gods plundered a major amount of dreamcloud rocks. There are only one or two in some ruins left behind by the human clans. Before my Divine Spark shattered, I hid my interspatial ring in the main world. It’s several tens of thousands of miles away from this place. If we can find my interspatial ring, we will definitely be able to have sufficient dreamcloud rocks.” Yu Yan said as she sighed.

Goddess Yu Yan’s interspatial ring? With her strength, there should definitely be lots of good items inside that were left behind when she was still alive, right?

However, tens of thousands of miles is a little far.

Nie Li had anticipation for the Dreamcloud World. In his previous life, the area that he moved around in was only the main world, he never went to those subsidiary realms. As for the Dreamcloud World, it was impossible for him to have heard of it before.

Yu Yan thought of something and said, “We have to leave this place, quickly. Otherwise, we might bring disaster to the Heavenly Fate Plateau.”

Once the demon beasts in the Black Spring notice her disappearance, they will definitely kill their way out. Although they have already laid down the disguise inscription pattern array, who knows when those demon beasts will see through it?

“Okay.” Nie Li nodded. He showed his face a little in the market, then left.

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    It’s basically Nie Li’s New Game+. He’s already played through the game, found a secret level and then got a bad ending. He’s now playing through a second time and using some carried-over power and all his carried-over knowledge to try and get the best ending. He’s breezing through the easy content (first 150 chapters) and is only now starting to encounter enemies that’ll give him problems. Even this arc is going back and finding a secret that he missed on his first play through.

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    1. What you’re saying isn’t right, but I can understand where you got confused.

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