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Chapter 197 – Divine Body

“What should I do first?” asked Nie Li.

“The first step is to strengthen your physical body. This Black Spring contains a portion of the power from my Divine Spark. I will open the barrier, so you can enter and soak yourself in it, which will refine your physical body. If you sensed the power of law when your physical body isn’t strong enough, the power would destroy you.” said Yu Yan. Suddenly, she couldn’t help showing a disappointed smile. Nie Li could only stay for a short amount of time. Whether he can even sense the power was an issue, much less mention that he would be destroyed by it. It’s an unnecessary worry; however, this process is still required. “The power within the Black Spring is too strong. After you soak in it for a minute, you’ll probably feel as though your skin is burning. When you really can’t endure it, get out of the spring.”

“Okay.” Nie Li nodded his head, preparing to jump into the pond.

“Remove your clothes.” Yu Yan said calmly.

Nie Li suddenly felt embarrassed. He has never removed his clothes in front of a lady, other than Ye Ziyun. He raised his head, looking at Yu Yan and asked, “Sister goddess, you won’t peek at me, right……?”

Hearing what Nie Li said, Yu Yan’s brows twitched. How is the head of this boy developed? She’s a goddess that has lived for at least several tens of thousands of years. Why would she peek at a brat like Nie Li? Even if she were to see something, what about it? It’s not as though she hasn’t seen it before. If she wanted to see anything, even if Nie Li was to still wear his clothes, he couldn’t stop her.

“Then, I won’t see!” Yu Yan said lightly. Yu Yan still had her personality from when she was human, so her emotions will still be stirred in some matters; however, ordinary matters wouldn’t be able to stir her joy and anger anymore.

Nie Li just recalled that he’s still in a kid’s body. After thinking about it, he quickly removed his clothes and jumped into the pond.

There is, indeed, some kind of powerful energy within the Black Spring. This kind of energy is even more pure than soul force. Such a pure energy quickly made Nie Li feel as though his skin was begin scorched. Nie Li immediately operated his soul realm, and began absorbing this energy.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Nie Li’s realm was constantly absorbing this pure energy. As Nie Li operated his soul realm, the scorching feeling was slowly lightening up. While he was absorbing this energy, a portion of it entered the depths of his soul realm and disappeared. His soul realm is like a black hole. Even after having so much energy absorbed, there wasn’t even a slight ripple. Another portion of the energy was being refined within Nie Li’s physical body, strengthening it.

Time quickly passed as Nie Li gradually entered the isolated meditative state. This Black Spring was a cultivating treasure land. He could obviously feel his physical body becoming stronger.

Yu Yan lowered her head to look at Nie Li. Even though she is a Spiritual God that has lived for several tens of thousands of years, and her Divine Spark was in the process of coming together after being in a broken state, she still has eyes. If she were to take a glance at an ordinary person, she would be able to understand a lot about them or even see what they are thinking in their hearts; however, she couldn’t see through Nie Li at all.

From the moment she saw Nie Li, Yu Yan was confident that it’s the arrangement of the Time and Space Spiritual God for him to enter this place. She looked at the corpses beside the Black Spring, and slightly sighed. When they were protecting her leftover Divine Spark at this location, an endlessly long amount of time had passed. Nie Li was the only human that she has seen after these countless years.

Five minutes……ten minutes……

Yu Yan still didn’t see Nie Li come out from the Black Spring after being in there for so long. By right, an ordinary person wouldn’t be able to even last a minute. The power of law in this Black Spring is too powerful. It isn’t something an ordinary person could handle. She looked towards Nie Li and only saw him soaking inside the Black Spring, and it looked as though he’s enjoying it.

Why isn’t there even a trace of pain on his face?

‘This kid is indeed an extraordinary person,’ Yu Yan thought inwardly. Nie Li has already displayed his extraordinariness, should she give him a bigger opportunity so that the arrangement of the Time and Space Spiritual God is not in vain?

Nie Li could feel that the vine within his body was constantly growing under the nourishing power of law. A second leaf grew……then, a third leaf……and then stopped after the fifth leaf grew. Nie Li could feel that whenever the vine in his body grows, the capacity of his soul realm expands with an unending flow of soul force.

The nature from the power of law is actually soul force, except it’s a much purer form than normal soul force.

Under the power of law, the soul force within Nie Li’s soul realm began to undergo some changes. This kind of training method is even faster than the Purple Caltrop Rock method. Nie Li’s cultivation was undergoing a rapid increase.

Originally, since he had just stepped into 3-star Gold rank, he would need roughly half a month to solidify his power before he went into 4-star Gold rank. But now, after absorbing the power of law, his cultivation already reach the limit of 3-star Gold rank.

His soul realm was continuously expanding, already reaching the boundary. As time continued to pass, a boom was suddenly heard. It sounded like a horse had broke free of its reins. His soul force frantically surged, rushing towards his limbs and meridians.

Nie Li never thought that he would be able to reach 4-star Gold rank in such a short amount of time. This power of law is indeed something.

After reaching 4-star Gold rank, his soul realm had suddenly expanded several folds and even more power of law was rushing in.

The vine within the depth of his soul realm was also madly absorbing the power of law as it grew.

When Nie Li first started to soak in the Black Spring, the power of law at the top of the Black Spring was sufficient for him to absorb it. However, as time passed, the power of law at the top of the Black Spring became insufficient for him.

Seeing Nie Li’s actions, Yu Yan couldn’t help being shocked. The power of law within the Black Spring is very tremendous. The amount of power that he absorbed was enough to cause a Black Gold rank or even a Legend rank expert to explode.

And yet, his cultivation was still only Gold rank!

This caused Yu Yan to feel curious. How is a Gold rank able to absorb so much power of law without having anything happen to him? Where did the power that Nie Li absorbed go? The soul realm of a Gold rank should have a limit!

While Yu Yan was curious to what’s going on, Nie Li felt that the amount of law on the surface was becoming too thin, being insufficient for him to use. His body gradually sank down, and he felt the power of law in the Black Spring becoming more rich.

Nie Li was like a sunken ship, moving towards the depth of the Black Spring as he continued to absorb more power of law. The further he went, the richer the power of law became.

Seeing Nie Li’s action, Yu Yan, who was floating on top of the Black Spring, changed her expression.

“Quickly get out, get out!” Yu Yan shout towards the Black Spring. Although her soul can sense the situation within, she’s unable to enter it or affect anything within.

Nie Li was already in the isolated meditative state, making him unable to hear Yu Yan’s yelling.

Although he’s deep in the Black Spring, he won’t drown, even if he stays in water for half a day. This is because he has already sealed his six senses, only leaving a tiny bit of residual light so he could see.

The power of law in the Black Spring was becoming more and more rich. It’s as though it’s trying to stuff Nie Li’s body until it explodes.

Nie Li operated his soul realm and the vine continued to grow. It quickly grew the sixth leaf and seventh leaf. Instantly, Nie Li’s soul realm became empty, once again, and continued to absorb even more of the power of law. Yu Yan was shocked, how is Nie Li able to absorb so much power of law without exploding? The reason lies with the vine in Nie Li’s soul realm.

No matter how much power of law is being absorbed, it doesn’t seem to be able to satisfy the vine.

It seems like he entered into a profound realm. Both the Fanged Panda and the Shadow Devil demon spirit, under the nourishing abilities of the vine, have undergone some changes and he has reached the level of 5-star Gold rank.

Nie Li quietly experienced the new level. The rising speed of his strength caused him to feel excited.

Suddenly, a ray of dazzling light attracted his attention.

‘What is this?’ thought Nie Li, his heart filled with curiosity, ‘There couldn’t be any treasure at the bottom of the pond, right?’

After thinking about it, Nie Li swam towards the light.

As he was getting closer, Nie Li could feel a heat wave blowing towards him. Such powerful fire energy!

A red light ball the size of a millstone, was before him and was emitting a dazzling light.

‘There seems to be something inside.’ thought Nie Li, forcefully opening his eyes. He used the power of law to protect his eyes and looked inside.

Nie Li was instantly dumbfounded after a quick gaze.

Inside the red ball, there’s a beauty with pale skin that looked like an infant that curled into a ball. Her figure gave off an endless allure that would ensnare almost any man.

However, this beauty was only the size of a infant. If it wasn’t because the figure doesn’t look like an infant, it’d definitely be mistook by others for one. Although the size is small, it couldn’t help giving others a rush of adrenaline upon glancing at it.

If an ordinary guy saw this scene, he probably wouldn’t be able to control himself. It’s a good thing that Nie Li is unperturbed by it.

After seeing everything in front of him, Nie Li understood. This scarlet light ball is the slowly accumulating Divine Spark of Yu Yan. As for the beauty inside, it should be the Divine Spark recreating her divine body.

In his previous life, Nie Li did not cultivate the power of law, but the power of heaven and used that power to make a forceful breakthrough to the Heavenly Fate realm. The mysterious power of law caught Nie Li’s deep interests. The power of heaven can reconstruct the body, but this Divine Spark can recreate the flesh body using the power of laws1!

The heavens and earth are vast, nothing is too bizarre.

Even though Yu Yan’s divine body is so small, it’s still interesting. Nie Li can perceive the surge of energy being contained in the light ball and felt his body burn up.


Nie Li quickly operated his soul realm. Under the impact of the heat wave, the vine in Nie Li’s soul realm grew another two leaves. A cool and refreshing feeling went throughout his body and he was no longer affected by the heat energy.

Good thing that the vine can absorb the power of law; otherwise, he would have exploded from the power of law. Even a Legend rank expert wouldn’t be able to contain such berserk and vigorous power of law like he has.

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  1. Recreation of body using the Divine Spark is like an infant in the mother’s womb slowly growing, but through the power of heaven, it’s basically reconstructing your body.


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