TDG Chapter 174

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Chapter 174 – Hide as much as possible

Xiao Ning’er, who has merged with her Heavenly Lightning Sparrow, proudly looked from high up.

What qualifications does a scumbag like Shen Fei have to become her husband? Xiao Ning’er’s mind flashed with a figure. She is very proud in her heart, she will not heed the arrangements of her family, nor will she become someone’s vassel. Only that person is someone she can rely on full heartedly.

Shen Fei was dizzy from the lightning bolt that had hit him. He shook his head, trying to get up; however, an even thicker lightning bolt shot him back down immediately.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Shen Fei was constantly being blown away, his Scarlet Black Tiger wasn’t on the same level as the Heavenly Lightning Sparrow. All the pent up anger that Xiao Ning’er had accumulated all these years was unleashed. She has no intentions to be lenient towards Shen Fei.

Before Shen Fei could recover, he was hit by lightning again and again. That ripping pain has already made him forget where he was.

“Xiao Ning’er, you dare to lay a hand on me?! My Sacred Family will definitely not let you off!” at the start of it, Shen Fei was still talking back. But after being hit by bolts of lightning in a continuous series, his soul force completely collapsed. That heart tearing pain is already impossible to endure.

“Spare me! Don’t kill me!” Shen Fei wailed. As the direct descendant of the Sacred Family, when has he suffered such mistreatment before?

Xiao Yi hurriedly called out, “Niece Ning’er, quickly stop! If this continues, Mister Shen Fei will definitely die!”

Hearing Xiao Yi’s words, although Xiao Ning’er was still very furious, her chest was still rising up and down, but her aura had ultimately calmed down. Indeed, killing Shen Fei wouldn’t do her any good. Now that Shen Fei has suffered such heavy injuries, if he’s sent back to the Sacred Family, the Sacred Family will definitely not let them go so easily.

Thinking about it here, Xiao Ning’er’s face turned slightly white. Earlier on, she was being rash in that moment. Now that she thought about the consequences, she couldn’t help feeling uneasy.

Right, Nie Li! Nie Li will definitely have a solution! Only Nie Li can disregard the Sacred Family!

The first person that Xiao Ning’er thought of was Nie Li.

Shen Fei shook his head, clearing his consciousness; however, he has wounds all over his body. That intense pain made him wail out, the Scarlet Black Tiger also retracted. He couldn’t move. He was lying there, waiting for death. How could the current him still have anything to say? Xiao Ning’er didn’t even show a trace of mercy when she acted. He’s worried that the crazy woman, Xiao Ning’er, might really go crazy and kill him. If that happens, even if the Sacred Family helps him get his face back, he would have died in vain. However, there’s one point he couldn’t figure out, why is Xiao Ning’er’s strength so powerful?!

Xiao Yunfeng solemnly said, “Men, send mister Shen Fei back!”

Xiao Yi hurriedly said, “Wait, Shen Fei has suffered such heavy injuries. If we don’t tend to his injuries before sending back, I’m afraid that it’s a little inappropriate. If the Sacred Family were to blame us……”

Xiao Yunfeng glanced at Xiao Yi and ordered the guards, “Send him back to the Sacred Family!”

“Yes!” the few guards respectfully said, carrying Shen Fei like a dead pig.

“Father, have I invited disaster?” Xiao Ning’er worriedly said, retracting her Heavenly Lightning Sparrow. Her face was slightly pale.

“Niece Ning’er, you know this could bring the extermination of our Winged Dragon Family!” Xiao Yi sighed.

Xiao Yunfeng shook his head and said, “Ning’er, continue with your training. Even if the sky falls, we old fellas will support it. Now that the Sacred Family has been suppressed by the Snow Wind Family, they won’t take any action against our Winged Dragon Family, at the moment. We’ll see the situation after a while!”

“Okay.” Xiao Ning’er nodded her head. She made her decision. If the Sacred Family were to oppress the Winged Dragon Family, she’ll go look for Nie Li. Nie Li will definitely have a solution!

Since Xiao Yunfeng has already decided, Xiao Yi and the rest felt a little helpless. They can only pray hard in their hearts that the Sacred Family will not pursue this matter.

Sacred Family

When Shen Hong became aware that Shen Fei was carried back after being given a beating, he was extremely furious. The entire hall was filled with Shen Hong’s violent aura, causing the guards to be afraid.

“I asked you to keep it down a little, you did not heed my words and went to the Winged Dragon Family! It serves you right, even if you’re beaten to death!” Shen Hong was furiously scolding the wounded Shen Fei.

Shen Fei’s expression was miserable as he said, “Father, that Xiao Ning’er is my fiancée. She went and seduced another man, how can you have me endure this? It’s bad enough that the Snow Wind Family are oppressing us, but now, even a small family like the Winged Dragon Family doesn’t put us in their eyes! Since when has our Sacred Family been so cowardly? Father, see how miserably that wretch, Xiao Ning’er, has beaten me to? You have to seek justice for me!”

“Rubbish justice! You can’t even beat a woman, you’re nothing but rubbish! Now that the Snow Wind Family has their eyes on us, I don’t have enough manpower to deal with the Winged Dragon Family. A lack of forbearance in small matters upsets the greater plans. Even after we deal with the Snow Wind Family, are you still afraid that Xiao Ning’er won’t obediently listen?” Shen Hong gazed at Shen Fei. He is really feeling resentful towards Shen Fei for failing to meet expectations, “We’ll settle with the Winged Dragon Family sooner or later, but right now is not the time!”

“I……” Shen Fei was disheartened. He couldn’t bear Xiao Ning’er hanging out with Nie Li. However, he can only reply depressingly, “I got it!”

He understands that this beating that he suffered was all in vain; however, he never expected to lose against Xiao Ning’er and was given a beating instead. His heart was simply pent up with anger.

Seeing Shen Fei’s disheartened look, Shen Hong’s eyes flashed with a ray of chilling light. He never thought that even the Xiao Ning’er, who’s been by Nie Li’s side, would have trained to such a level. It seems that if he doesn’t get rid of Nie Li, he will become the calamity of their Sacred Family!

Over at Ye Ziyun’s yard, it’s filled with birdsongs and fragrant flowers. Making the serene courtyard even more peaceful.

Even though he was chased out, Nie Li has once again, returned here. Right now, Ye Ziyun doesn’t dare to chase him out anymore. Because Ye Ziyun realised that this City Lord’s Mansion can’t do without Nie Li. And with him around, her father seems to be smiling a lot more.

Xiao Ning’er hastily walked in.

“Ning’er, you’ve come.” seeing Xiao Ning’er, Ye Ziyun recalled her actions from last night and couldn’t help feeling her cheeks a little heated. Although she felt a little guilty in her heart, she understood a principle now. Emotions cannot be forced.

“En.” Xiao Ning’er looked at Ye Ziyun and nodded her head in response. The one Nie Li likes is Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er has also slowly accepted this reality. She doesn’t have any resentment in her heart, only helplessness and a sense of loss. After all, Ye Ziyun has done nothing wrong, she can only blame the fact that she did not meet Nie Li earlier and walk into his world.

“Ning’er, what have you come for?” Nie Li saw Xiao Ning’er and greeted, lightly smiling.

“Nie Li, Shen Fei went to my family and was heavily wounded by me. Thereafter, he was sent back to the Sacred Family by my father.” Xiao Ning’er said with her brows showing a trace of worry.

Hearing Xiao Ning’er’s words, Nie Li stunned for a moment, then laughed, “Shen Fei is really lousy. He was previously trashed by me, then he went looking for you. A person like him deserves to be beaten up. It’s best if he’s bedridden for years!”

“Nie Li, the Sacred Family will definitely cause trouble to my Winged Dragon Family.” Xiao Ning’er frowned as she bitterly looked at Nie Li. At a time like this, how could Nie Li take joy in others misfortune?

Seeing Xiao Ning’er’s worried expression, Nie Li waved his hand and smiled, “You don’t have to worry about that. The Sacred Family can barely protect themselves, how can they have the strength to deal with the Winged Dragon Family? Furthermore, we will soon take actions against the Sacred Family, you can be sure of that.”

He’s taking actions against the Sacred Family? Xiao Ning’er was slightly stunned. The Sacred Family is, afterall, one of the three Major families in Glory City!

However, after hearing Nie Li’s words, Xiao Ning’er felt a lot more relieved. She knows that Nie Li wouldn’t lie to her.

For several days, Glory City was very quiet. Aside from the surrounding city walls being more heavily guarded, there wasn’t many changes. Due to the fact that they have just suffered an attack, it’s normal for the city walls to be more heavily guarded. No one finds it weird.

The day finally arrives

As the evening approaches, the lights in the City Lord’s Mansion were lit up. Guests walked into the City Lord’s Mansion one after another. They are all experts from the various families. Every family brought many people over because when the City Lord’s Mansion sent the notifications, they requested that all the experts from the various families were to be present.

The Sacred Family brought five to six people with them and entered the City Lord’s Mansion. Shen Hong looked at the surrounding huge stone pillars and his expression turned even more dark and serious. They have already seen how frightening these huge stone pillars are.

The previous Abyss Demon was killed by the Divine Thunder Killing Array.

Shen Hong whispered something in the ear of an old man. The old man nodded his head and hid himself among the City Lord’s Mansion’s dense buildings.

Thereafter, Shen Hong and his group walked along the long corridor all the way to the main hall, at the center of City Lord’s Mansion.

City Lord’s Mansion’s Main Hall

“Nie Li, are my clothes beautiful?” Huyan Lanruo wore an elegant night gown, her figure was explosive. The ample bulge on her chest drew out a shocking arc. She made a few turns in front of Nie Li.

The surrounding guys were all dumbfounded. If Huyan Lanruo allowed them to have intimate terms with her, even if it means their death, they would still be willing.

Nie Li speechlessly stared at Huyan Lanruo and said, “Beautiful or not, it has nothing to do with me. Miss Huyan, why do you keep following me? Look at my tattered clothes, I’m obviously a poor brat, what do I have that caught your eye?”

“Although your appearance is a little common, and your clothes are a little lacking, from your eyes, I can see that you are a good man. Furthermore, who in Glory City can say that you have bad talent? You’re totally different from those fly-like young masters.” Huyan Lanruo proudly raised her cheeks and seriously said, “I’m very accurate at judging someone!”

Nie Li rolled his eyes. He have never felt himself to be that good, he depressingly said, “Miss Huyan, if you still pester me, I’ll have to call out for someone! Can you let me go? I beg you.”

“Nie Li, which part of me is no good? I’m the young miss of the Huyan Family. How many people wish to get close to me, but weren’t even given a chance? Don’t tell me that I’m not acceptable to you?” Huyan Lanruo clenched her teeth and said fumingly. With so many people surrounding her, on what basis is she not acceptable to Nie Li?

“Miss Huyan, can’t I beg you? What have you seen in me? I will change it.” Nie Li had a face of bitterness.

Although Huyan Lanruo’s temper is a little too heaty, she is definitely one of the top five beauties in Glory City. How many people tried to talk to her but weren’t even given a chance? Such a beauty like Huyan Lanruo took the initiative to chase after Nie Li, but in the end, Nie Li treated her like a plague and kept hiding from her. This caused the guys from various families to be dumbfounded.

They all felt depressed. Why can’t the one that Huyan Lanruo is chasing after be them? If it’s another person, they’d definitely go up and ruthlessly teach them a lesson. For even daring to offend Miss Huyan shows that they are simply tired of living. That way, they can show off in front of the goddess; however, the opposite party is Nie Li. They definitely don’t dare to do it to him. Nie Li is someone that even dared to beat up Shen Fei of the Sacred Family!

“Nie Li, you’re……too much! I hate you!” Huyan Lanruo had tears flash across her eyes as she turned around and ran.

Seeing Huyan Lanruo run away, Nie Li felt relieved. My goodness, it’s hard to shake off Huyan Lanruo once she has her eyes on you. In Nie Li’s view, Huyan Lanruo is just a guest in his life. Furthermore, Huyan Lanruo’s feelings for him might not even be that sincere. Sometimes, it’s just curiosity at work. Compared to Nie Li and Ye Ziyun’s feelings from his previous life, who have walked through life and death together, it’s too far apart. Nie Li’s feelings for Ye Ziyun has never changed. He’ll hide as much as possible from a person like Huyan Lanruo. As long as Huyan Lanruo doesn’t look for him, Nie Li will be thankful to the gods.

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