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Chapter 167 – Seen it all

Ye Ziyun was wearing a near transparent silk over her body, like hair flowing down. The beautiful shape of her chest can be vaguely seen. The silk only covered down to her upper thigh, her slender legs were completely exposed, giving off an alluring feeling.

Xiao Ning’er, who was on the bed, exclaimed, covering her chest. However, her slender palms couldn’t conceal her impressive figure, causing anyone who saw to imagine even more.

Ye Ziyun’s face was cold while she stared at Nie Li, Xiao Ning’er was shy and lowered her head, a layer of red covering her face.

“Aha, it seems that I came at the wrong time, sorry about that……” said Nie Li with an embarrassed smile. He turned around and quickly left.

“Nie Li, who allowed you in here? Get out!” coldly snorted Ye Ziyun. Her anger continued to increase as she moved her right hand. She then sent an ice spear towards Nie Li.

Feeling the temperature of the room drop by a lot, Nie Li immediately slipped out and closed the door.


The ice spear exploded, making a layer of frost cover the room.

Seeing Ye Ziyun’s angry expression, Xiao Ning’er let out a light smile. She looked towards the direction of the door. Nie Li’s heated gaze did indeed cause her to be a little shy; however, she didn’t like the idea of losing. Between her and Ye Ziyun, who attracted Nie Li’s attention more?

“That fella has always been doing whatever he wanted without bounds like this, he really has to be taught a lesson.” Ye Ziyun said, fuming. Her face was red all the way to her neck. Not mention Xiao Ning’er’s current state, even her body was only slightly covered. Although she was wearing clothes, it’s nearly transparent silk. Not to mention how lit up Nie Li’s thieving eyes were, she was completely seen by Nie Li.

“Nie Li mustn’t have done it on purpose. It’s probably because he’s worried about us, that’s why he charged in so anxiously.” Xiao Ning’er said, pursing her lips.

“Ning’er, you have yet to be married to Nie Li and yet you’re already defending him. Won’t you be bullied to death by him in the future?” said Ye Ziyun, pouting with dissatisfaction.

Hearing Ye Ziyun’s words, a trace of sadness flashed across Xiao Ning’er’s eyes. Marry Nie Li? Is she really a match for Nie Li? Nie Li has such extraordinary talent, only Ye Ziyun, this heavenly blessed girl, can be a match for him. What is she? How can the Winged Dragon Family be compared to the Snow Wind Family?

Suddenly seeing Xiao Ning’er becoming silent, not knowing why, Ye Ziyun felt her heart slightly pained. Although Xiao Ning’er is icy cold and gave others the feeling of being unable to get close to her, the truth is her heart is fiery. Once she liked someone, she will become exceptionally tender and gentle. She’ll be anxious to give them everything she has. She is different from Xiao Ning’er. As the daughter of the City Lord, she bears many responsibilities. She has to accomplish those first before she can think about her own feelings.

Based on this matter alone, she is not worthy of Nie Li.

In the yard, Nie Li’s mind was still flashing with the earlier scene. The two beautiful ladies, together. No wonder they’re considered the two most beautiful goddesses in Glory City in the future. Barging into the room this time, even if he was to be bashed up, it’d be worth it.

In his previous life, if it wasn’t for Glory City being destroyed, a useless and poor kid like Nie Li would never enter into the eyes of the goddess, Ye Ziyun. After experiencing life and death in his previous life, upon rebirth, Nie Li’s feelings for Ye Ziyun were absolutely unshakable.

As for Ning’er…

In his previous life, Nie Li didn’t have any interaction with her. He only felt pity for her. An accident arising from many causes. Nie Li has changed Xiao Ning’er’s life. He also felt confused on how he should face Ning’er’s feelings.

Except, Nie Li is born open-minded. Matters that couldn’t be resolved now, will be left to the future.

Nie Li sat cross-legged in the yard and continued to refine his soul force. After reaching 2-star Gold rank, Nie Li obtained more insight. Every single organism has a soul. The soul force in this word is left behind after death by various organisms. His soul realm has a strong attraction towards the surrounding soul forces. The more one enters into a battlefield kind of area, the faster their cultivating speed will be.

However, he has to be careful to prevent an accident, like what happened before, from happening again.

When it was close to evening, Ye Ziyun walked out from her room.

“Ziyun.” Nie Li waved his hand, a little embarrassed as he greeted Ye Ziyun.

Ye Ziyun had a cold face. Nie Li still thought that Ye Ziyun was mad about the earlier matter so he can only continue to smile. Seeing Ye Ziyun is nothing much, since they have already done much more in the future; however, seeing Xiao Ning’er is still his wrong.

Ye Ziyun coldly looked at Nie Li and said, “Nie Li, you are not allowed to live in my courtyard anymore. Move out of here tonight.”

“Why?” Nie Li asked, frowning his brows as he looked into Ye Ziyun’s eyes. He can only see layers of frost and an unprecedented firmness within.

“Don’t you feel that it’s unsuitable for you to live here? I’m the direct descendant daughter of the Snow Wind Family. Having a guy like you living here, if this is made known to other families, how would they think about it?” Ye Ziyun stared at Nie Li coldly.

“You father agreed to it.” Nie Li felt that Ye Ziyun’s expression wasn’t right, he couldn’t help knitting his brows together.

“My father agreed, but that doesn’t mean that I have. In the past, I was too soft and did not say it clearly to you. In the future, without my approval, you are not allowed to be here.” she said in a cold voice.

“Ziyun, I was too anxious earlier and accidentally rushed in……” Nie Li still thought that Ye Ziyun was angry about the earlier matter and tried to explain himself.

“It’s good that you understand, move out tonight.” Ye Ziyun stared at Nie Li and said, “These last few days, I’ve understood. Truth is, you’re not any different from Ye Han. You are not true to me, you only treating me like a tool to use to raise your position. Marrying me would be the equivalent to getting the City Lord’s seat, becoming the most powerful man in Glory City. Really laughable.”

“Rubbish, I don’t care about the City Lord’s position at all! I……” Nie Li frowned his brows for a while. Why did Ye Ziyun sudden speak of such harsh words? It’s not like her at all.

“Nie Li, don’t think that you are so great just because of your high talent. Ultimately, you’re still a poor kid from the Heavenly Marks Family. What qualifications do you have to marry the daughter of the City Lord? Don’t be naive.” Ye Ziyun ruthlessly said, “We have a gap between us, something that you’ll never be able to cross.”

Hearing Ye Ziyun’s harsh words, Nie Li felt a little angry. He doesn’t understand where this was coming from. He obviously knows that Ye Ziyun isn’t like this, but she won’t even give him an opportunity to speak.

“You still haven’t left? Do you still want to shamelessly remain here?” Ye Ziyun coldly stared at Nie Li.

Seeing Ye Ziyun’s gaze, Nie Li thought of the various matters in his previous life. Indeed, if Glory City hadn’t been destroyed, the members of the Snow Wind Family opposed of Nie Li and Ye Ziyun getting together. Their words were exactly the same as what Ye Ziyun just said. He’s a poor kid from the Heavenly Marks Family, how is he worthy of the daughter of the City Lord?

Thinking about what was said by those Snow Wind Family’s elders in his previous life, Nie Li suddenly felt a little dispirited. He did not argue with Ye Ziyun anymore, turned around, waved his hand and said, “Don’t say anymore, I’ll move!”

After speaking, Nie Li walked straight for the gate.

“You’re not taking your stuff with you?” Ye Ziyun’s voice was still cold.

“There’s not much there. If there is anything, you can throw them away.” Nie Li walked out of the courtyard.

Seeing Nie Li’s slightly desolate back figure, Ye Ziyun continued to stand where she was for a long time. Why is she feeling such pain in her heart? It’s as though something in her heart had been drained dry and was filled with helplessness and confusion. Her tears uncontrollably fell. Was she wrong?

A moment later, in Ye Ziyun’s room.

Xiao Ning’er, who is now clothed, looked at Ye Ziyun as she walked in, and asked, “Ziyun, where’s Nie Li?”

“He had some matters to attend to and returned to his family.” said Ye Ziyun, looking away from her, “You’re not fully recovered, yet. It’s best if you take some elixirs and train for a little while longer.”

Xiao Ning’er looked at Ye Ziyun with a puzzled expression. Ye Ziyun’s expression was a little strange, her eyes were slightly swollen. The more curious thing is, why did Nie Li suddenly leave? However, she did not enquire any further. She still has that rivalry between her and Ye Ziyun; therefore, she will not give Nie Li to Ye Ziyun easily. She will quietly wait for Nie Li to make his choice. If Nie Li still chooses Ye Ziyun, she will quietly accept her fate.

Lu Piao, Du Ze and the rest have all returned to their respective families. Nie Li brought Duan Jian and Nie Yu back to the Heavenly Marks Family. Seeing their clansmen still safe and sound, he felt relieved. The Heavenly Marks Family is no longer like it used to be. The Snow Wind Family and the Alchemist Association will not let any harm come to the Heavenly Marks Family. After leaving Nie Yu to her parents and have Duan Jian to remain in Heavenly Marks Family, Nie Li walked towards the Alchemist Association.

Although Ye Ziyun’s words deeply hurt Nie Li, he still had some other things to do for the safety of Glory City. After all, this is the place that they are living in.

The Alchemist Association

The grand hall is exceptionally magnificent, Yang Xin was alone sitting in the chair located at the very front, studying something. She wore a red tight dress, giving her an elegant appearance, a kind of indescribable grace. That swollen chest of hers seemed to be wanting to burst through her clothes, filling her with sensuality and charm.

This woman is a charming demoness.

Raising her head, she saw Nie Li. Yang Xin’s eyes flashed with surprise and smilingly said, “Little brother, why are you so free to look for sister today? I thought that you wouldn’t be willing to come here anymore after staying at Ye Ziyun’s gentle home!”

Nie Li doesn’t dare to joke around with Yang Xin, what if he was eaten by this demoness? He lightly smiled and said, “I have some matters to speak of today.”

“Oh?” Yang Xin stared at Nie Li with resentment and said, “If you have no official matters, you won’t be willing to come to sister’s place anymore? Speak, what is it?”

“I want Sister Yang Xin to prepare some of those potions. If possible, a few hundred thousand catty 1 of those within a year.” said Nie Li.

“So much?” Yang Xin’s brows frowned. In this round of million level demon beast horde, they’ve only used a few thousand catty of potions. Why does Nie Li want so much? She suddenly thought of something and asked, “Your meaning is that, in the coming year, Glory City will experience an even bigger demon beast horde?”

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  1. 1 catty=1 ⅓lbs or 604.79g


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