TDG Chapter 166

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Chapter 166 – An accident

“I’m well aware of this, I have already made the arrangements.” Ye Zong said, nodding his head. How could he not understand the importance of this matter.

“Then it’s all good.” said Nie Li, nodding his head.

“Right, there’s still another matter!” Ye Zong recalled and said, “When I was facing the Snow Wind Great Ape, a mysterious expert released a forbidden technique to save me. I’m guessing, that expert would probably be your master.”

“My master?” Nie Li was stunned for a moment. He almost forgot about this matter. He nodded his head and said, “That should’ve been my master. Why?”

Nie Li wasn’t prepared to seize the credit for this matter, so his non-existent master lucked out.

“Thank your master for me. Furthermore, I’ve obtained a demon spirit from the corpse of the Snow Wind Great Ape. This Snow Wind Great Ape had its wisdom unlocked, it’s extremely precious as a demon spirit. Help me pass it back to your master.” Ye Zong said, taking out the Snow Wind Great Ape demon spirit.

Nie Li smiled and said, “My master already told me that this Snow Wind Great Ape demon spirit is of no use to him. He has been pondering over what to send father-in-law as a gift, so consider this Snow Wind Great Ape a dowry!”

“Dowry?” Ye Zong was dumbfounded. Nie Li and Ye Ziyun have yet to even have their engagement ceremony and he’s already giving a dowry? His face went dark, “Nie Li, this wouldn’t be something that you came up with, right?”

Nie Li’s face suddenly turned serious and solemnly said, “A day as a master, father for life. My respect for my master is something only the heavens and earth can express. Without the permission of him, how could I dare to give away something so precious?”

Ye Zong was stunned by Nie Li’s expression. Could it be that this is really the dowry of that expert? Should he accept this or not? If he doesn’t accept it, it’ll mean that he’s not giving that supreme expert any face. If he accepts it, it’d be the same as marrying his daughter off!

However, was everything that Ye Zong have accepted any less? The Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array, the Blood Crystals and now, adding a Snow Wind Great Ape demon spirit into the pot. This is simply an arrow that has no way of returning. It’s easy to accept all of this, but hard to send them back. Ye Zong was simply tearing silently in his heart. If he were to continue to oppose this marriage, he won’t even know who to show his face to anymore.

Once he integrates with the Snow Wind Great Ape, Ye Zong might be able to step into the Legend rank realm. He has to admit, this kind of temptation is too great. When Ye Zong reaches Legend rank, it won’t be as dangerous when he’s facing the demon beast hordes.

Accept it or not. Ye Zong struggled with the decision for a long time. Gritting his teeth, he accepted it. After accepting so much already, adding one more doesn’t really matter that much.

“Cough cough. Nie Li, I’ve accepted this Snow Wind Great Ape. As for Yun’er, as long as she is willing, I’ll have no other comment. But if she is not willing……” Ye Zong dryly coughed.

“It’s all good as long as you don’t disagree to it.” Nie Li laughed and said, “As for Ziyun’s side, I will definitely not make her feel any sadness.”

Ye Zong’s face heat up, but he could do nothing about it.

“I’ll return first,” said Nie Li, bidding farewell.

Seeing Nie Li’s leaving figure, Ye Zong smiled and cross-leggedly sat down and began integrating with the Snow Wind Great Ape. Although Ye Zong’s Black Scaled Earth Dragon is a demon spirit that carries a trace of dragon-tribe’s blood, it still pales in comparison with the Snow Wind Great Ape. There are extremely few demon spirits that had its wisdom unlocked, even if it’s a Legend rank demon spirit. As long as they have their wisdom unlocked, they can be considered a step closing to Legend rank. In the end, Ye Zong removed his Black Scaled Earth Dragon without any hesitation and chose to integrate with the Snow Wind Great Ape.

Sacred Family

All kinds of valuables were thrown onto the ground. After returning home, Shen Hong was simply going crazy and was destroying anything within reach.

Even after so many years, his cultivation continues to be beneath Ye Zong’s. Although both of them have reached Black Gold rank, he is still not Ye Zong’s opponent. Shen Hong has always been very unresigned about this fact. This time, when Ye Zong obtained a precious Snow Wind Great Ape demon spirit, it made him even more enraged.

Once Ye Zong integrates with the Snow Wind Great Ape, he might even be able to step into Legend rank!

“Why don’t I have such a good life?!” Shen Hong was extremely furious, “Ye Zong, even though we have grown up together, your cultivation had always been stronger than mine, suppressing me in everything and even obtained the City Lord’s position. You even married the once most beautiful woman in Glory City. How am I worse than you? The only reason as to why my cultivation lost out to you is because you’re the direct descendent of the Snow Wind Family! On what basis should you keep all the benefits to yourself?!”

Shen Hong’s was so angry, his face became twisted.

“One fine day, I will take away everything you have. Just like when I poisoned your woman, I will take everything from you!” Shen Hong’s fists were cracking from his tight clench.

After a long time, Shen Hong’s anger slowly settled down. The vicious in his eyes also slowly went away.

Aside from Ye Zong, Shen Hong hates one other person the most and that is Nie Li! Since Nie Li’s appearance, his Sacred Family attracted the attention of the Snow Wind Family and was landed in this current position. It was slowly being pulled out of the core power of Glory City.

Originally, in just one or two more years, the Sacred Family’s arrangements would’ve been completed. By the time the Snow Wind Family took action, they wouldn’t be able to defend against them. But now, they’re being monitored and are unable to do anything about it.

“Ye Zong, you think that my Sacred Family is unable to do anything? You’re underestimating my Sacred Family far too much. Before long, I will let you taste the bitter fruit!” Shen Hong coldly snorted, a ray of ferociousness flashed across his eyes.

A guard hastily ran in, kneeled in front of Shen Hong and said, “Lord Patriarch, we have just received news that the City Lord, Lord Ye Zong, is gathering all the families’ experts in ten days time to discuss the various methods to deal with the demon beast horde!”

“Discuss methods to deal with the demon beast horde?” Shen Hong fell deep into his thoughts. The demon beast horde just ended and him wanting to gather the experts from all the families is something that makes sense, but the Sacred Family is now in a dire state. Shen Hong fears that Ye Zong will have some plans made. In this kind of situation, if he doesn’t participate in the gathering, he would become a topic among the other experts.

‘It seems like this trip has to be made.’ Shen Hong thought inwardly to himself. However, some preparations still needs to be made.

Inside Ye Ziyun’s room.

Ye Ziyun is helping Xiao Ning’er tend to her wounds. She picked up a towel and carefully wiped her body.

The two of them were quiet and did not speak for some time. They were good friends when they were children, but gradually distanced each other as they grew older. They weren’t brought back together till they met Nie Li. Because they have grown up, some things have changed, but some things have not.

“Ning’er, we haven’t been speaking for quite some time.” Ye Ziyun said sadly.

“Yeah.” Xiao Ning’er softly replied.

Ye Ziyun’s thoughts returned to their early childhood. At that time, they were innocent, leaving their laughter everywhere in the City Lord’s Mansion. However, Ning’er eventually left, only leaving Ziyun to the cold and tall walls of Glory City and the endless loneliness.

She still remembered that there was once a time when she threw tantrums. Xiao Ning’er cried as she left and said, “Ye Ziyun, I hate you. You’re the daughter of City Lord and I am nothing. You always live high up, never caring about my feelings.”

Thereafter, Xiao Ning’er never came back to the City Lord’s Mansion. Ye Ziyun was also very regretful, hating herself. She was the one that chased her best friend away. When she entered the institute, Ye Ziyun did not go to the Genius class, but to the Fighter Apprentice class, where Xiao Ning’er was.

At that time, when she met Xiao Ning’er, Xiao Ning’er had a cold expression on her face. She tried to get close to Xiao Ning’er, but was coldly shaken off.

“We are not of the same world.”

This was Xiao Ning’er’s reply to her.

At that time, Ye Ziyun wanted to let out a big cry. She wished that she wasn’t the daughter of the City Lord, she didn’t feel even a little happy being the daughter of the City Lord.

It wasn’t until later, that Ye Ziyun was able to see Xiao Ning’er’s smile once again. It happened whenever she was facing Nie Li, that gentle and peaceful smile. It’s also at that point of time, Ye Ziyun became somewhat curious about Nie Li. How, exactly, did Nie Li lure the attention of Xiao Ning’er?

Later on, even under Nie Li’s pestering, Ye Ziyun never hated Nie Li. Instead, she was getting little good impression about him. However, she wasn’t like Xiao Ning’er, who was able to selfless love someone.

“Don’t worry, I won’t snatch him from you. I won’t be someone who’s indecent all day long like that fella, Nie Li!” Ye Ziyun smiled, looking at Xiao Ning’er. However, when she said those words, she couldn’t help feeling bitter in her heart. Nie Li, Ning’er likes you so much, so why are you still pestering me?

“Ye Ziyun, I……” hearing Ye Ziyun’s words, Xiao Ning’er wanted to say something.

Ye Ziyun lightly smiled as she shook her head and said, “Let’s not discuss this, right now.” as she continued to help Xiao Ning’er wipe the blood off her body.

Because of her injuries, there were traces of blood all over Xiao Ning’er’s body. After wiping it all off, that smooth and delicate, jade-like skin had, once again, become crystal clear. At this moment, only her chest was slightly covered. Her curvy figure was clearly being showed.

Ye Ziyun was also only covered by a thin layer of cloth. Her delicate skin could vaguely be seen underneath. She sat on the corner of the bed with grace and elegance, having a different kind of beauty from Xiao Ning’er.

If there was someone else here, they’d definitely be shocked by their beauty and sigh at the magic of good luck.

Just when Ye Ziyun was helping Xiao Ning’er wipe the rest of her body, the door outside squeaked and opened. A figure jumped into the room, and that figure was Nie Li.

“Ziyun, Ning’er, how are you guys……” Nie Li’s gaze fell onto Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er’s bodies and was stunned.

When Nie Li suddenly barged in, both Xiao Ning’er and Ye Ziyun were stunned. They never expected Nie Li to barge in here. With how fast he got there, they didn’t even have the time to get properly dressed!

Nie Li rushed here from Ye Zong’s place and was anxious about Ziyun and Ning’er’s conditions. How could he think too much about it before coming in without warning? Who would have known that both of them were not properly dressed?

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  1. I hate this author. I like the main plot of protection of the city, but this author is just straight up dumb in regard in to human interaction. I hate his thinking process, hate this little drama between the two friends, and especially the interaction between Nie Lie and the girls. I mean if MC really like Yi Ziyun that much why not just propose officially in a serious way, without condescending or treating her like a joke. I hate Nie Lie stupid comments, like calling the father”Father-in Law”ect… its not funny, I don’t understand whose the audience of this novel, because its seems to me to be 9-13 years olds that would find anything funny.

    1. dealing relationship seriously that much is boring.. you should know that… you just lack a sense of humor 😀
      Nei Lie might be arrogant but.. didn’t he stand for his behavior..? in fact, Nei Lie has a big heart for everybody. if he is facing disrespectful person.. then he does the same to them for them to realized the feeling of how to belittle. I think your mind works as the age you said.. cuz you don’t know how to appreciate things. how can Nie Lie officially propose if he know he will be disregard as this girl doesn’t have yet the feeling on her and Nie Lie still have to invest for it… well some part might Nie Lie mistakes but didn’t he makeup for it and do big things in return?
      you might be a fan of Shakespeare’s book that’s why you’re not accustomed to this kind of plot.

    2. by that same logic what your saying is going up to a girl who has had no previous dealings with you and saying i love you and think there is an equal chance that she will accept it or or will get a restraining order there is no equal chance 99% you get rejected and a restraining order if you pursue any further

      1. Ah a better logic is to get naked in front of her and force yourself into her bath in her room? Tease her non stop, never treat her as an equal, always condescend…… I mean realistically, if the girl is not a hoe that is just persuaded through gifts, if she subjectively looked at Nie Lie character, she will just see how twisted and childish that guy really is, and hes mostly winning her over through his gifts. He even told her that her father sold her to him at the cost of setting up that array,(she still thinks its true)… MC always act like the all world owes him something for being reborn, rather then it should be him owing the world a favor, he never treated anyone in the all novel respectfully… I hate how the girls and everyone else don’t think of why Nie lie might be offering them all those cultivation, helping them, or giving them stuff (no objective?)… So they just think of him as pure kind soul, that is just willing to give them stuff with no alternative goal?…. Sacred Family want Glory city destroyed because? ect….. I hate this author because of the way the characters think in this novel, like for instance you remember Duan Jian? He’s not supposed to be able to speak their language, yet he was able to talk to Ye Zong in chapter 158. The author keeps mixing stuff together, characters don’t think or act realistically, and mostly think childishly

        1. What you wrote there, describes what I dislike about “Heavenly Jewel Change”, and why I can read this story but not Jewel.

          This story, has an actual main-plot. The whole “Oh no, the city will fall! We need to prepare!” — that is pretty interesting.
          But, BUT — the moment the narrative shifts to focus on the romance, I skip everything. Indeed, the MC is a complete tool. He thinks he’s the smartest object in the universe, flaunting his might and knowledge to flirt while the narrative just repeats itself in a never ending cycle without going anywhere. It’s blatantly childish and grueling to read through.

          The exact same problem occurs in Jewel Change, the MC cannot stop using leverage against his women, he knows they NEED him because of his rare Jewels, so even if they hate him with all of their heart, they can only get slowly used to his stupidity, and through severe brainwashing (by the author), find him charming.
          The sad part, that Jewel Change does not even have a story. It’s all about flirting. Imagine all of the things you hate about TDG; Jewel Change used that material as its core plot device. GGBB.

          1. P.S: Aaannd, it seems this story has officially turned into a Japanese Harem story.
            The accursed Shower Scene.

            It’s not like this story was ever wonderful or great, but this is just going downhill right here.

    3. It’s just a matter of “difference in culture”… I know what you’re saying, but it doesn’t relate to this story.

      First of all, if Nie Li “proposed properly”, he would get rejected all the way. No one would have accepted him (of course I’m talking about when he started “flirting” with Ziyun that is…). Not just YeZiYun, who has no intention of having any romance, and dedicates her whole time (free time…) to getting stronger to get accepted by her father…. and not just Ye Zong who has no good view of Nie Li; but also all the other “elders” of the Snow Family…
      You realize that 99% of people at this time and culture had “no say” in who they will marry. It was for the “benefit of the family”. The only 1% people who had a “say”, are those who were “genius” and have a stable status. They can “choose” girls… from “lower” status as they see fit, and they were more like “concubines” than actual “wife” (wives?). The “first” girl you marry is really up to your “elders” of the family to decide.

      Nie Li had all the intention of “waiting”, to get to the point where he can “properly propose”… But at the same time, Ye Zi Yun was just right there… in front of him… So he was just “playing around”… “Teasing” her… It was a little “impatient” of him, but it wasn’t like he was trying to “force” her or anything like that… He wouldn’t have gone all the way, even if Ye Zi Yun wanted to… He was just making “fun of her”… It’s a regular/healthy relationship between a boy and a girl…

      The whole “father in law” thing is because of what Ye Zong did to Nie Li… Ye Zong can either “look down” on Nie Li, and say that “Nie Li is worthless”… Or he can accept Nie Lie. But Ye Zong was at the same time “treating Nie Li” as if he was garbage; then using him for the “10,000 beast array” and what not… So Nie Li is just “paying” him back… It’s not cause Nie Li’s desperate… that he has no other way to “properly” get Ye Zi Yun.
      Ye Zong almost killed Nie Li in the first interaction… I mean it wasn’t like Ye Zi Yun who was the naked one… If Nie Li was forcing her to watch him or something… that might be different… I don’t know… As far as we are concerned, Ye Zi Yun could have called for the guards, and have Nie Li kicked out of the mansion. But she was lonely, and even if she was being teased… she also didn’t mind the “company” of Nie Li.. She was lonely, and just enjoyed a friend’s presence.

      So Nie Li never did anything against Ye Zi Yun’s will… It’s like a “deal”… It’s like Nie Li’s going far “just the right amount” that she can’t push him away. But he never forced no body; he was just having fun.

      You don’t see the “deep human interactions” of the story…

      For example: On the surface Xia Ning Er dislikes Ye Zi Yun… But it’s actually cause Ning Er’s family was forcing her to marry the Sacred family’s “perverted son” (he f*cked lots of other girls,… and didn’t even marry them. He was a “playboy”… He used his “status” to do this… So, obviously, no girls wanted to marry a player like him… He would just go around sleeping with other women, after he had his fun with his wife. So the wife would be like a prisoner, at home, not loved…) In this society women can’t go having relationships with multiple guys… They would be outcast ed… hated… by everyone. Possibly punished (even to death) if actually evidence is found. But on the other hand, if a guy is found out “fooling” around with another woman (if actual evidence is found)… He will just have to “marry” her, to protect his status… These guys had lots of wives… There would be no outrageous punishments or rebukes, even if you were dealing with multiple women.
      So Ning Er was “jelaous” of Ye Zi Yun… which Zi Yun was not “aware” off. So Ning Er was “wrongly” being “too harsh” towards her friend. It would obviously make her feel better… But she didn’t feel that bad.. Cause she didn’t fell like she was really hurting Ye Zi Yun… Cause her impression of Ye Zi Yun was that, she could do whatever she wanted… cause she was a Snow family descent…
      On the other hand,… Ye Zi Yun “not aware” of Ning Er’s family trouble etc. she thought that she somehow “offended” Ning Er… Like those other “high status” kids bully the “lower status” kids… She didn’t want to be like them… Also, she liked Ning Er… So she kept “pursuing” her… to “make things right”, if she indeed offended her…
      Ye Zi Yun on the other hand was also in the same shoes as Ning Er… even thought she was more “provided” as far as materialistic things went; she was also gona be forced to marry into the Sacred family… And her status wasn’t as high as it seemed, cause of Ye Han… Her mom died… Her dad was always busy… So she was this “rich girl” who really didn’t have anyone for her… So she really wasn’t rich… after all… but she wanted a “friend” (out of her loneliness)… So she was willing to give anything to do that… Even Nie Li. In her view, Nie Li is just a kid who likes “fooling around” other girls… (well her)… I mean if Nie Li is coming and being serious with Ye Zi Yun today, “just cause” he found her attractive; then tommorow he could be after another woman who was “more attractive” than her right? So he obviously didn’t think “too highly” of him…

      Anyway… All these “romantic” relationships, have these “deep” feelings and what not that were created “years ago”… It’s “who they are”… from the moment they were born, and influenced by their experience, everything they are and everything they feel “affects” the decisions they are making right now… And it’s in no way, “shallow”; or “unrealistic”… If you feel that way, you just “don’t get it”… you just don’t “understand” why Nie Li would act the way he is, and Ye Zi Yun and Ye Zong….
      I mean Nie Li lost the love of his life… Then had to wonder about the earth… for hundreds of years (i think about 300), just because Ye Zi Yun asked him to… That’s right. We all know that he wanted to just die with Ye Zi Yun, right there and there (kind of suicide…) when she died for him… But he only lived for her request… So he was thinking of a “dead loved person” his whole life… that 300 years was torture for him.. It’s like living hell… Every day, every minute; you are thinking of the person you love; but she is dead. So how can you “keep your distance”, when you finally meet her… In whatever way that happened…
      Can you just say “oh, I’ll just wait until i can actually properly propose”??? I mean She died like when she was like 19 or so last time around…. Who knows when she’s gona die this time around… Every minute here, having the “opportunity” to be with her.. is a blessing, but at the same time “torture” if you dont spend it with her… Even if Nie Li accepted not having anything “sexual” or anything (so proper actually) until it’s time… He wasn’t willing to just stay “out of her circle”… I mean everyone has friends… So he wanted to go as “far” as he can with Ye Zi Yun ( i mean relationship wise ); that was proper… He wanted to be as “close” of a friend he can be, without being a “husband”…

      Also as he states,… he has “no clue” when it comes to “flirting”… He didn’t know what to do, to get “liked” by Ye Zi Yun… So he did what he thought was right… And obviously men and women have different idea’s on what’s “romantic” and what’s “not”… He thought at least he’ll be “honest” about his feelings; and that should “eventually” reach her… But “his honesty” was from 300 years of being in love with another person… If someone thinks that they are people who just met… and one person is showing this kind of “feelings” toward the other… anyone would obviously not think he’s truly being honest… As far as they can tell, he just wants to get in her pants…

      So that’s all the “drama” coming from… But it’s not like they Nie Li knows he’s being “shady”, as far as he is concerned he is just being “honest”. (and he obviously can’t tell him, that he lived 300 years… and was in love with her the whole time… which is actually “creating” the drama in the first place)

      This is the “natural” way this happened… Assuming the “unnatural” (the thing about having lived 300 years before) actually happened…
      If you can’t accept that “unnatural” fact in the “fiction”, and take it, then i don’t know what to say… But if you do accept it, this was the “natural” way it was supposed to happen. And any other way, would be “not natural”…
      I mean if you don’t like this drama, it just means you don’t like the “coming back to life” part… Not cause the author sucks about creating romantic drama… which he’s actually quite good at…

      I mean how many times can you have the “perfect someone” in 2 people? And you have to “choose”, but these each person are “different in their own way” individually. And there’s no “comparison”… This is a pretty good romantic drama, if you ask me..

      1. Jesus, you guys are reading way too deep into this. There are many stories for each of your guys’ preferred type of human interaction. Read those to balance your frustrations from this one if you need to (assuming you are still going to continue reading TDG).

        Anyways, usually it is wise not to apply things from fictional worlds into your life. This is what I wanted to say since you guys are taking these interactions so seriously.

      2. I’m loving this triangle, I understand it’s different cultures and everything, and I dont think Ye Zyin’s attitude is unrealistical, I think it’s according to the character’s personality, background and age, only 14 years old, come on, what would you expect? She obviously has feelings for Nie Li the thing is she isn’t mature enough to realize them, as for Nie Li he is totally confident he will gain her heart cause she already loved him before, I personally prefer Ning’er’s character, her love for Nie Li is too pure, even if he doesn’t feel the same yet she wants to just stay around him. The butterfly effect happened and it turns things impredictable. I was just writing this when I realized that I just started reading the story and I’m risking getting spoilers here so I’ll just shut ^^

    4. You do realize his teasing is pretty much the only way he can help her even have any semblance of normalcy right? By saying Father in law and all that crap, what happened? What major change took place. It’s pretty simple. The old man actually started paying attention to his own flesh and blood daughter instead of just seeing her by her cultivation. Her entire life, she’s only been judged by that one standard. She’s probably never even had a true conversation about boys with her dad. Beyond that, he stated earlier he has almost no idea how to deal with girls or even how to flirt with them. The only reason they bonded in his previous life was several life or death experiences. He states the after her, he never really bonded with another woman, which is terrifying considering how powerful his last life was. So he has to have the absolute worst ability to deal with women, so he decided the only way for him to try to start a relationship with her was by being around her. What i’m curious to know is why your pissed at the MC who outright states his relationship ability, and not mad at Xing’er who is doing about the same thing (flinging herself at someone who she has no chance with hoping for a good outcome). Not all guys can be playboys like you Rafis and just walk up to a girl and suddenly they will swoon and fall over to be lapping at your feet at the idea of marriage. Some people legit suck at doing this stuff.

  2. The only thing that frustrates me about this love triangle is the basic fact that it ought not to exist. It’s simply unrealistic. This is supposed to be like ancient china values or, roughly like that, right? Monogamy is not really the norm there – not amongst powerful people at least. Instead, it feels like the author has made a world where powerful men (including Ziyun’s father) have multiple wives, concubines, etc – that is normal – but it’s only normal for everyone but the MC and his two love interests, who are for god knows what reason stead-fast monogamists who just ‘cannot’ consider being together with more than one person. It just doesn’t really make much sense, culturally.

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