TDG Chapter 139

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Chapter 139 – Blood Crystal

This is a weird wilderness realm.

Even Nie Li has no idea about the origin of those demon beasts that are on the peak of the food chain. This caused him to be even more careful.

What were those people trying to do by opening such a realm and keeping these demon beasts within?

Nie Li had a vague feeling that there is definitely a huge secret hidden here. He put the Temporal Demon Spirit Book’s remnant page away, looked at Du Ze, Lu Piao and bunch and said, “We’ll move towards that direction.”

Nie Li pointed at the direction of the lights.

Everyone continued their trip. Although those lights seemed to be close in the darkness, the truth is, they are extremely far away.

Nie Li and Xiao Ning’er walked at the very front of the group. The two of them did not say anything to each other. However, the atmosphere between the two seemed a bit fascinating and awkward.

“Ning’er, I……earlier, sorry. Because the situation was simply too urgent……” Nie Li said, in an apologetic tone.

“I understand.” Xiao Ning’er’s eyes flashed with a faint sadness and sorrow. Why are you apologizing? If she hadn’t heard Nie Li’s apology, she would still be immersed in joy. Although she is aware that Nie Li’s heart already has someone else in it, nevertheless, she’s not willing to give up, even in death.

Nie Li exhaled a long breath. It’s difficult to bear a beauty’s grace. He was feeling frustrated and disappointed in his heart. In his previous life, he had owed Ziyun a debt of grace which he has yet to return and now he owes Xiao Ning’er in this lifetime.

Perhaps, things are meant to go this way. Especially matters that concerns feelings, it’s simply uncontrollable.

The feelings that he is in debt to Xiao Ning’er, he can only return it in the next lifetime.

Nie Li gazed at the surrounding wilderness. After coming here, they have been hunted and nearly fell into danger. This is simply too passive, if this were to continue, they might land themselves into another dangerous situation. In the wilderness, there would be Scarlet Ghosts appearing occasionally. If they were to encounter Scarlet Ghosts again, doesn’t that mean that they have to be hunted again?

He has to think of something else!

Nie Li suddenly recalled something. It’s called the Blood burst technique. By containing the fresh blood of a demon beast in a bottle and carve an inscription pattern on it, it can become a Blood burst demonic bottle. Once this blood burst demonic bottle is tossed out, it would instantly cause a large area to explode. This item can only be effective on demon beasts below Gold rank; furthermore, it has high lethality.

Nie Li paused his steps and slapped his forehead, “I nearly forgot about that!”

Hearing Nie Li’s words, everyone turned their heads around, puzzledly looked at Nie Li and asked, “What is it?”

“Du Ze, Lu Piao, your interspatial rings should have a lot of crystal bottles that contain magic medicines, right?” Nie Li asked, looking at Du Ze and Lu Piao.

“Definitely, these items are all well prepared,” Du Ze said, nodding his head in agreement.

“You guys go capture some Scarlet Ghosts and pack their blood into those bottles.”

“What do you want them for?”

Nie Li mysteriously smiled, “I have a use for them.”

“Okay, we’ll go get them!” Du Ze and Lu Piao said, nodding their heads. They then leaped away, searching for Scarlet Ghosts.

A moment later, Du Ze and Lu Piao came back with dozens of bottles. Nie Li took the bottles from their hands, and used a little bit of the blood to draw an inscription pattern onto the surface of one of the bottles. He quickly repeated the inscription pattern on the other bottles.

“Okay, everyone gets to hold three of them. The rest are to be passed to Du Ze and Lu Piao.” Nie Li said, “When there’s a chance, get more fresh blood from the Scarlet Ghosts to use in reserve.”

Lu Piao held up a bottle, took a look at it and curiously asked, “What does this stuff do?”

“I’ll give demonstration for you guys later on. Be careful, don’t drop them. Otherwise, even a deity wouldn’t be able to save you,” Nie Li said, lightly smiling.

Lu Piao was shocked. Are these toys really that frightening? His hand slightly loosened, and the bottle that contains the fresh blood of a Scarlet Ghost fell.

“Mommy!” Lu Piao quickly stretched his hand out and grabbed hold of it. His face had turned pale from the fright.

Everyone was strangely gazing at Lu Piao. He embarrassedly smiled, “Sorry, I was being careless!”

Nie Li and bunch continued towards the depth of the wilderness. After a while, a lot Scarlet Ghosts gathered once again. There are at least a few hundred of them and the numbers are still accumulating.

“These fellas still dare to come.” Du Ze’s face turned slightly solemn.

“This piece of land is their hunting grounds. Since we’ve been moving around in their territory, they have been able to get ahold of our scents and gathered their comrades.” Nie Li said, throwing one of the bottles containing the fresh blood of a Scarlet Ghost towards the densest location of the group.

The bottle drew a straight line in the air.

The Scarlet Ghosts were jumping around.

One of the Scarlet Ghosts suddenly jumped up and grabbed ahold of the bottle. However, Nie Li’s strength was too great. The bottle, along with the Scarlet Ghost, fell towards the ground.


The bottle suddenly exploded. A terrible shock wave swept through a circumference of five meters. The places where the wave swept passed brought along a blazing flame, turning the Scarlet Ghosts into charcoal.

This Blood Burst Magic Bottle swept away hundreds of Scarlet Ghost in one go!

Seeing this scene, everyone became dumbfounded. They never imagined that this small Blood Burst Magic Bottle in Nie Li’s hand would have such a frightening power. They looked at each other, overwhelmed with shock.

Lu Piao almost peed his pants from the fright. If that Blood Burst Magic Bottle landed on the ground earlier, wouldn’t they be done for?

“Okay, let’s continue forward.” Nie Li lightly smiled. Even if the Scarlet Ghosts are overwhelming, they wouldn’t be able to pose much of a threat to them. Once the Scarlet Ghosts gather up, they can use the blood burst demonic bottle to clear them up. If they are small in number, since they only have a cultivation of 1-star Silver rank, they’re unable to pose any substantial threat to them.

Suddenly, Wei Nan realised something, leaped to the center of the pile of Scarlet Ghost corpses. A tiny, pea-sized object caught his attention. It’s emitting a faint luster within the darkness.

Wei Nan held onto the thing, puzzled by it, and said, “Nie Li, I’ve found something. What is it?”

Nie Li curiously took the item from Wei Nan’s hand. The moment he took it and looked it over, he was shocked in his heart. What is this thing doing here?!

“What is it?” Du Ze and bunch were also a little curious.

“This is a Blood Crystal!” Nie Li inhaled a deep breath and said, “Blood Crystals are a type of extremely strange ores. After being swallowed and refined by demon beasts, it could generate a surge of endless power, it even has the ability allowing them to raise in rank. Aside from that, the Blood Crystal has another usage. By sealing it within the body of low-grade demon beast, it could forcefully raise the growth speed. However, the demon beasts produced this way would become extremely brutal.”

No wonder the Scarlet Ghosts here are so insane. Generally, the Scarlet Ghost likes to group up to hunt for prey, however, their guts are extraordinarily small. When encountering a prey in groups, they would usually tail them until their prey’s physical strength was exhausted before attacking. However, these Scarlet Ghosts simply attack the prey as soon as they see it.

“You’re saying that these Scarlet Ghosts have Blood Crystals sealed within them? But, why were we only able to find one Blood Crystal?” Du Ze curiously asked.

“The one that laid out this realm only captured a small amount of Scarlet Ghosts and sealed the Blood Crystals within them. The Scarlet Ghosts after that should be reproduced subsequently.” Nie Li said, “However, due to the first generation of Scarlet Ghosts already being violent, the later generations would also be extremely violent.”

“So that’s the case. It’s no wonder that with so many Scarlet Ghosts, we only found one Blood Crystal.” Du Ze and bunch understood what’s going on.

Among several hundreds of Scarlet Ghost, only one of them was from the first generation of Scarlet Ghosts. How long have these Scarlet Ghosts been flourishing for then?

He never thought that he would be able to find such good stuff like the Blood Crystal here. They are even rarer than a Legend rank Demon Spiritualist. Seems like the person who did this should be a powerful and wealthy individual, since he used Blood Crystals on these Scarlet Ghosts.

Aside from the previously mentioned uses, the Blood Crystal also has another special refining usage for it. By getting rid of the impurities within, they can be used to aid the rise in cultivation and greatly enhance soul force. Even a Legend rank Demon Spiritualist would get some great effects from it.

In his previous life, Lord Ye Mo probably got quite a decent amount of Blood Crystals from this location!

“We’ll get more Blood Burst Magic Bottles!” Nie Li said. Since Blood Crystals can be obtained here, he’ll not be polite. Luckily within his interspatial ring, he has also brought many crystal bottles.

Lu Piao caught a Scarlet Ghost, restrained its limbs and grabbed ahold of its hand. The Scarlet Ghost screamed. The voice pierced the sky and soon, a group of Scarlet Ghosts came running towards their direction.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Blood Burst Magic Bottles constantly exploded, annihilating wave after wave of Scarlet Ghosts.

Nie Li and bunch found a lot of Blood Crystals on the ground. Roughly within several hundreds of Scarlet Ghosts, there would be one or two Scarlet Ghosts that carried a Blood Crystal within them.

After obtaining dozens of Blood Crystals, Nie Li didn’t waste any time and immediately began to remove the impurities from the crystals. Since he already has all the ingredients he needs in his interspatial ring, he just began refining them.

The Blood Crystal slowly melted into the chemical compound that Nie Li had made. The black coloured impurities precipitated to the bottom. Nie Li placed in another chemical compound in and the Blood Crystal quickly recondensed, turning into purer crystals.

“Take one each,” said Nie Li as he passed a Blood Crystal over to Du Ze, Lu Piao and bunch, giving everyone one each.

As according to Nie Li’s instructions, they kept the Blood Crystal with them. From time to time, they would draw out a trace of soul force from the Blood Crystal and refine it. The pure soul force in the Blood Crystal made some notable improvements to their cultivation.

The group hunted Scarlet Ghosts while moving towards the mountainous direction.

Just then, at the mountainside, two lights were shot into the endless sky.

“What’s that?” Everyone was slightly surprised.

They originally thought that those lights were fire lights of a village. They never imagined that two of the lights would fly towards the sky. Just what exactly is happening?

Du Ze walked to Nie Li’s side and asked, “Nie Li, are we still moving forward?”

He sensed a faint amount of danger. Those lights couldn’t be some kind of strange creature, right?

Xiao Ning’er raised her head and couldn’t help asking the same question.

“We’re still going.” Nie Li firmly said, nodding his head.

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