TDG Chapter 133

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Chapter 133 – Tempting

However, Ye Han, at this moment, did not bother about the wounds on his body. He roared and leaped. He swung the entire hammer tail down.

Nie Li never imagined that Ye Han would be so insane. After exchanging a move with Ye Han, he still felt the numbness coming from his hands.

The Golden Horned Land Dragon’s hammer tail was coming down again, emitting explosive sounds.

At this moment, Xiao Ning’er, Lu Piao, Du Ze and the rest were drenched in a cold sweat from worrying about Nie Li.

“Nie Li, watch out!”

If Nie Li were to be directly hit by the hammer tail, with Nie Li’s current 5-star Silver rank’s cultivation, even if he doesn’t die, he’ll be heavily injured. Ye Han is no longer going easy.

Nie Li suddenly rolled. The Golden Horned Land Dragon’s hammer tail grazed his face, causing Nie Li to feel a stinging sensation on his face.

Nie Li’s eyes suddenly flashed a ray of chilling light.

Gravity Field!

Nie Li suddenly increased Ye Han’s gravity by at least two folds. Ye Han’s body fell to the ground with a bang, and raised the dust into the air.

Ye Han was struggling to get up, shaking his head. Although the Golden Horned Land Dragon has high defensive capability, it couldn’t withstand such an impact, and became a little disorientated from the concussion. At this moment, Nie Li was standing about one meter away from Ye Han.

After a period of insight, Nie Li gained a more profound understanding towards all of the Fanged Panda’s combat abilities. He gathered his energy into his right fist. A white colored energy accumulated onto the top of his fist. That shining white light was as bright as lightning.

Although the Golden Horned Land Dragon’s body is filled with spikes, its rib area doesn’t have any spikes and Nie Li targeted that area.

Thunder Strike!

Nie Li threw a punch out, and ruthlessly hit the Golden Horned Land Dragon’s lower rib cage.

Beng! The sound of a bone breaking was heard.

Because of the strength of this force, Ye Han’s body flew into the sky and heavily fell onto the ground.

Although there’s a wide difference in Nie Li’s and Ye Han’s strength, everytime Nie Li dodged, it looked as smooth as water. His ability to grasp his enemy’s point was excellent. Whenever he used his combat abilities, they were all perfectly timed. Moreover, the place where the Thunder Strike hit is right at the weak spot of the Golden Horned Land Dragon.

Since the start of the battle, Nie Li was well aware of all of Ye Han’s combat abilities and weaknesses. Even if Ye Han underwent a mutation, those weaknesses still remained. Furthermore, Ye Han’s fighting skills is far from Nie Li’s.

Ye Han’s rib bone was fractured. The pain caused his face to be twisted. He held onto the wounded location and stared at Nie Li, his gaze was like a wild beast.

“You’re not my opponent, just admit defeat,” said Nie Li, calmly looking at Ye Han.

The onlookers were all stunned, their expressions are weird. They obviously felt that Nie Li’s strength is far from Ye Han’s, so why is Ye Han so vulnerable before Nie Li? Even when he underwent the mutation, he was easily blown away after one punch.

Just what exactly is going on?

Xiao Ning’er, Lu Piao, Du Ze and bunch had been together with Nie Li for so long. After pondering awhile, they eventually figured out how Nie Li defeated Ye Han. Nie Li’s forte is casting the Gravity Field when the opponent is unprepared. When the opponent’s movements are affected, he’ll then launch a punch at their weak spot.

Even if the opponent is well aware of Nie Li’s fighting technique, Nie Li’s attacks are very hard to guard against. Furthermore, Ye Han has never experienced combat abilities such as Gravity Field.

Xiao Ning’er, Lu Piao, Du Ze and the rest, also had new insights towards their own combat abilities.

Ye Han raised his head and looked at Nie Li. Both of his eyes were crimson red, his heart was filled with resentment. He’s completely unable to accept the reality that he lost to Nie Li. His own strength is obviously several levels higher than his opponent’s.

All along, he has been the number one genius in Glory City.


Why did I lose?

Ye Han’s fists were tightly clenched. His sharp claws dug into his skin, causing him to feel the sharp pain and allowed him to feel his existence a little. His heart was filled with grievance. It’s Nie Li that stole his City Lord position, he wished for nothing else but to kill Nie Li.

Ye Han’s eyes were filled with a chilling intent as he stared at Nie Li and said, “Nie Li, don’t rejoice too early. If this debt is not repaid, I, Ye Han will not be a human.”

Nie Li can clearly feel the resentment in Ye Han’s heart. A scheming person like Ye Han, once he’s able to recover, will be extremely terrifying to deal with. Nie Li understands a little more as to why Ye Ziyun wasn’t willing to mention Ye Han in his previous life. With Ye Han’s character, even if Nie Li didn’t appear, he also wouldn’t be able to sit in the City Lord’s position.

Only Ye Han’s talent got the appreciation of Ye Zong. However, he doesn’t have the attitude to get the elders of the Snow Wind Family to accept him. Furthermore, If Ye Han were to suffer a setback, he’ll definitely take revenge with resentment.

Nie Li looked down at Ye Han, his body releasing a terrifying soul pressure. That terrifying murderous aura caused the surrounding temperature to fall by a few degrees.

“Ye Han, I don’t care how you think in your heart. If you were to sit still and do nothing, then you’ll still have a chance of survival. If you insist on seeking death, then I don’t mind giving you a ride. There are some people that you’re absolutely unable to match against. I have never treated you as my opponent, because you’re simply not worthy.”

In Nie Li’s view, only the Sage Emperor is worthy of becoming his opponent. It doesn’t matter if he’s against Ye Han or the Sacred Family, they’re all too inferior.

Nie Li’s gaze was as sharp as a knife, directly penetrating into his heart. Ye Han felt a terrifying chill to the point that he retreated from it. He vaguely had a feeling that Nie Li went easy on him. For just a moment, he had the intention to retreat. However, the next moment, the resentment in his heart began to surge.

The City Lord position that he’s yearned of for so many years, does he have to give up here?

Ye Han deeply swept his eyes at Nie Li, held onto his chest and left like a wounded wild wolf, his back looking lonely. The onlookers all split a path for Ye Han.

Seeing Ye Han’s back figure, Nie Li knows that Ye Han wouldn’t just let it go like this. However, Nie Li couldn’t do anything to Ye Han in front of so many people. However, if Ye Han still refuses to stop, Nie Li will definitely take action against him.

Even if Ye Han does have some evil intentions, Nie Li will use all of his strength to make it so that Ye Han will never be able to get up for the rest of his life.

The onlooking students of the Holy Orchid Institute all watched Ye Han leaving, then turned their heads and looked at Nie Li. They couldn’t help feeling afraid. Ye Han was the number one genius in the previous batch of the Holy Orchid Institute. Rumor has it that he had defeated 2-star Gold rank experts when he was just a 1-star Gold rank, and now he has a 3-star Gold rank cultivation rate. Yet, Ye Han lost.

What made others to be shocked is that, Ye Han is twenty years old and Nie Li is just fourteen years old.

Just how sick is this…?

Right now, the title of number one genius of Glory City will probably fall into Nie Li’s hands. Very quickly, Nie Li’s name will spread throughout Glory City.

Nie Li retracted his gaze, looked at Xiao Ning’er, Lu Piao, Du Ze, Bunch and said, “Let’s go.”

Although Xiao Ning’er, Lu Piao, Du Ze and rest were shocked that Nie Li was able to defeat Ye Han, that only lasted for a moment. They were already used to things like this. Anything that happens around Nie Li, isn’t anything shocking.

Under everyone’s gaze, they left.

Holy Orchid Institute’s forest

Ye Han was using his soul force to reconnect the broken bone. He bit his teeth and placed the medicine onto the wounds.

A charming voice was heard, “Tsk tsk, once the number one genius of Glory City, now nothing more than a dog, licking your wounds. How pitiful.”

“Who?!” Killing intent flashed across Ye Han’s eyes, and a sharp knife appeared in his hand.

“I only want to give some care to you, you don’t have to be so fierce.”

A figure walked out from the side of the forest. Her figure is slender, and was emitting a frightening charm from her whole body. This person is the original Fighter Apprentice Class’s substitute teacher, the one that was chased away by Nie Li, Shen Xiu.

Looking at Shen Xiu, Ye Han coldly snorted. He and Shen Xiu were classmates back in the Holy Orchid Institute. They didn’t have a good relationship previously, but they did speak a little. Therefore, Ye Han has some impression about her.

“It’s you, what do you want?” Ye Han coldly snorted. Because Shen Xiu’s cultivation is far from him, he doesn’t put Shen Xiu in his heart.

The corner of Shen Xiu’s mouth slightly curled, and said, “As the foster son of the City Lord, you’re willing to give the City Lord’s position to someone else?”

Ye Han coldly replied, “It’s none of your business.”

“Tsk tsk, you’re just as cold as you used to be. I don’t understand, what’s so good about that brat, Ye Ziyun. What caused you to have a soft spot for her?” Shen Xiu smiled and said, “If I were to say, I have methods to get you up to the City Lord’s seat and also to get that brat, Ye Ziyun, would you be interested?”

Ye Han swept his gaze at Shen Xiu with a surprised look, then coldly said, “Your Sacred Family is unable to even help yourself. Think about your matters before mine.”

“My Sacred Family has been in Glory City a thousand years. We’ll naturally not fall so easily. It’s not that easy for the Snow Wind Family to suppress my Sacred Family.” Shen Xiu proudly said, “As for you. You’re only a foster son picked up by Ye Zong. Even if Nie Li doesn’t appear, you don’t have the qualifications to be the City Lord. Hahaha, laughable.”

“You!” A fierce ray of flight flashed across Ye Han’s eyes. He’s like a fierce wolf, slashing the knife towards Shen Xiu.

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