TDG Chapter 117

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Chapter 117 – Abyss Demon

Other than the Tai Yi Killing Array, Nie Li quickly laid down the Divine Thunder Killing Array. These two Killing Arrays were enough to cover a fifth of the City Lord’s Mansion. Nie Li also left the control imprint in Ye Ziyun’s and Ye Xiu’s soul force. Therefore, aside from Nie Li, Ye Ziyun and Ye Xiu can also use the two great Killing Arrays.

“Nie Li, give the imprint for control of the two great Killing Arrays to the City Lord.” Ye Xiu said to Nie Li, bitterly smiling. Afterall, Ye Zong is the real owner of the City Lord’s Mansion.

“Hmph hmph, passing it to someone like him that doesn’t keep his promises at all, unless he comes to beg me, fat chance!” Nie Li snorted.

Ye Xiu understands that it’s not an easy matter for Nie Li and Ye Zong to reconcile. How is this matter going to be resolved? Ye Xiu is also a little worried. Afterall, it’s impossible for Ye Zong to pull down his face to beg Nie Li. But since he already got an answer from Nie Li, he can go back to report his job.

After Ye Xiu left, Nie Li continued to train in the yard.

The night gradually deepened.

The entire City Lord’s Mansion fell into a dead silence, aside from the footsteps of the patrolling guards and the flapping of wings from the birds.

As Nie Li was practising his [Heavenly God] technique and absorbing soul force. Within the night, the wave of the aura was like a whirlpool, revolving around and into Nie Li’s body. Nie Li’s cultivation speed is simply shocking. It was as though Nie Li, at this moment, merged with the darkness.

At this moment, at a corner within the City Lord’s Mansion, figures appeared one after another. They were all clothed in black, completely hidden in the darkness.

“Have you guys finished investigating? What are those pillars used for?”

“We’re still unsure of that. We only know that that youngster activated the pillars and smashed Ye Zong to the ground.”

“A youngster activated the pillars and actually defeated a Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualist like Ye Zong? How is that possible?”

“I saw it with my own eyes!”

“No wonder Long Sha wants us to come and probe the City Lord’s Mansion.”

“With our current Dark Guild’s strength, as well as grasping some extraordinary techniques, eradicating Glory City isn’t a difficult matter. Why is the Demon Lord still not going to take any action?”

“It’s not difficult to eradicate Glory City? You’re belittling Glory City too much! Those families of Glory City have been passed down for so long, how could they not have some counter methods? Three Major Families, seven Noble Families as well as some declining families. If it’s really in danger of their clan’s destruction, the power that they’ll burst forth is not to be underestimated! This time, we seven brought men over to attack the City Lord’s Mansion, you guys have to be extremely careful and not be careless!” The leading black clothed man snorted, “Aside from destroying that Array, we must also capture that kid!”

“Big Bro doesn’t have to worry. With the strength of us seven, even those Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualists won’t be able to stop us.”

The seven black clothed men had their bodies undergo some transformations. Black Fox, Flaming Tiger, Meerkat, Scarlet Snake, Snow Bear and Snow Wind Corpse Worm. After their bodies had the features of these demon spirits, they hid within the darkness.

At this moment, in a Southern piece of land over at the City Lord’s Mansion, this is the part of City Lord’s Mansion that has the weakest defense. It’s the City Lord Mansion’s Martial Arts Field. Usually in the day, there would be many Fighters training here. At night, it’s an empty space. Adding on to the fact that there’s no buildings here, there isn’t much need to protect it.

Right now, there are sixty black clothed people gathering together, forming a circumference of dozens of meters in the central area. Over at the central area, it was carved with one complex inscription pattern after another.

These inscription patterns were shining with a type of strange blue light. It’s extremely eye-catching in the night.

The sixty people were chanting a complex spell, making the inscription patterns light up one after another.

At this time, three patrolling guards walked over. They passed the corridor far away, saw the blue light and came here to check it.

“Who are you people, what are you people doing here?” The three guards weren’t very alert. In their view, the City Lord’s Mansion is an absolutely safe place. who would dare to cause trouble in the City Lord’s Mansion?

Suddenly, three figures appeared at their backs. *Puff puff* Fresh blood splattered all over.

These three guards were only Silver rank and those that assassinated them were all at least Gold rank experts. They were caught off guard. Not even a sound was made and they fell into a pool of blood.

Those sixty people reacted as though nothing had happened, and continued chanting the spell.

Hong! Boom! Boom!

The ground was constantly cracking.

“Release! Abyss Demon!” One of the leading men shouted, his voice was nearly frantic. That blue light shined on his face, causing his face to look especially sinister.

The grey robes on those sixty black clothed people fluttered without any wind, their bodies floated in midair.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The surface of the Martial Arts Field was full of cracks. Vaguely, lava emerged from the ground. A huge head rose up from the burning lava. The lava was tumbling, many small lava drops splashed onto the ground some distance away and turned into small fiery demons. Those little fiery demons roared, running in all directions. The places they ran passed made the ground burn.

A giant demon that was dozen meters in height rose from the lava like an awakened giant. A huge set of wings grew on its back. Its hand was holding onto a giant flaming sword.

“Hahaha, wreak havoc! Abyss Demon!” The leading black clothed man madly laughed.

At this moment, the Abyss Demon suddenly opened those bell-like eyes of his. The giant flaming sword in his hand swung out. The leading black clothed men instantly perished within the flames, there wasn’t even a scream.

Seeing this scene, the remaining fifty people were scared out of their wits, and immediately
bolted outside.

After this Abyss Demon was summoned, there wasn’t any way to distinguish enemies and allies. Everything in his eyes, will be destroy without hesitation!

Boom! boom! boom!

A fire was raging. The southern side of the City Lord’s Mansion was completely thrown into chaos.

Nie Li, who currently training in Ye Ziyun’s yard, suddenly opened his eyes when he felt the commotion over at the southern area. He looked towards the south. Over there, a fire radiated in all directions, shouts filled the skies. It seems to be in a middle of a battle.

Nie Li’s heart felt a chill. Someone attacked the City Lord’s Mansion? And even caused such a huge commotion?

“Nie Li, what happened?” Ye Ziyun ran out of her building. Looking at the fire radiance scene far away, she was surprised. The City Lord’s Mansion is under attack?

Nie Li slightly knitted his brows. In his previous life, until the demon beasts attacked the City Lord’s Mansion, the City Lord’s Mansion did not experience any attacks. It seems that after his rebirth, it caused a butterfly effect which led to this event. Although the guards over at the Southern area are extremely weak, there isn’t any important place over there. There isn’t a meaning to attack that area!

The only explanation is that they are creating a diversion!

They are trying to attack the Southern area to lure the attention of the guards.

Then the real motive is……

Nie Li’s eyes shined. The opponent’s target, is without a doubt, him! In this period of time, the talent that he has shown is enough to catch the attention of the Dark Guild. Aside from the Dark Guild, the Sacred Family also has thoughts about killing him all this time!

‘Hmph! Never imagined that the Dark Guild would be so willing to spend so much. They’re willing to even attack the City Lord’s Mansion to capture me!’ Nie Li thought within his heart. He looked at Ye Ziyun and Nie Yu by the side and said, “Ziyun, help me bring Xiao Yu to the secret chamber and hide!”

“No!” Ye Ziyun firmly said. How can she do nothing when the City Lord’s Mansion is under attack?

“You’re only at 5-star Silver rank, not the opponent of these guys!”

“What about you?” Ye Ziyun said, anxiously.

“They are after me. However, I have methods to protect myself. I will lure them into the Tai Yi Killing Array and the Divine Thunder Killing Array and strive to kill a few of them!” Nie Li lightly smiled and said, “In this period of time, you should know the power of the Tai Yi Killing Array and Divine Thunder Killing Array. Even your father was smashed to the floor by me!”

Ye Ziyun remained silence for a moment.

“Big brother Nie Li, I’m going with you!” On Nie Yu’s tender face, had an unquestionable firmness.

“Xiao Yu, be good. You will not be of help to me if you follow me, you will drag me down! You first follow Big sister Ziyun. When Big brother Nie Li is done with them, I’ll immediately come looking for you!” Nie Li looked at Ye Ziyun and said, “Ziyun, I’ll leave Xiao Yu to you!”

Ye Ziyun looked at Xiao Yu and nodded with difficulty. She then brought Xiao Yu and ran towards the secret chamber in the yard.

As the daughter of the City Lord, Ye Ziyun’s yard had a complete set of countermeasures. The secret chamber at the yard leads to Ye Zong’s living area. Ye Ziyun understands that she couldn’t be of help to Nie Li, and can only seek for reinforcements from her father.

Nie Li took a glimpse at Ye Ziyun and Nie Yu’s back figures, then immediately merged with the Shadow Devil demon spirit. His body rapidly transformed, blending into the darkness.

The dark night is simply the world of the Shadow Devil demon spirit!

At this time, over at the southern area, a large number of guards gathered. They were swinging their weapons, charging at those little flaming demons and soon entered into close combat battle. A large amount of these guards were all Fighters. Demon Spiritualists only took up a tenth of the numbers. However, those Demon Spiritualists rapidly merged with their demon spirits and became the main force in the battle.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Flames flew all around, weapons were colliding.

The most fearful is naturally, the most powerful Abyss Demon! The Abyss Demon doesn’t distinguish friends and foes. It raised its giant flaming sword and chopped down. A tall tower collapsed. Guards that were wielding bows and crossbows screamed as the tower fell.

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

A dense cloud of arrows flew towards the Abyss Demon from all direction.

The whole area was extremely chaotic.

Together with Ye Xiu, three Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualists already arrived in the area, merged with their own demon spirits and were ready to join the battle.

One of the Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualists looked at Ye Xiu and asked, “Ye Xiu, what should we do?”

This Abyss Demon is an existence that was not beneath a Legend rank Demon Spiritualist. If it wasn’t for the fact that the Abyss Demon is slow, he would have already leveled the City Lord’s Mansion!

Ye Xiu said, after being in silence for a moment, “Lead it towards the west! We’ll kill it with the Divine Thunder Killing Array!”

This is the only method, otherwise, the Abyss Demon will definitely destroy the entire City Lord’s Mansion!

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    1. Actually, this chapter gives yet more reasons why Nie Li is so petty.
      The City Lord can’t activate the killing array which means that if his apart from an authorised user then, he’ll get slaughtered long before someone arrives. By then, the array might be destroyed.

      Also, we are not complainers. We are critics. Critics who find a fundamental problem in the MC’s personality.
      He is basically the same as your standard breed of Xiantia Villain. Bringing in Cartoony villains like the Dark Guild who want to kill everyone for no reason doesn’t make him any less of a generic Xiantia villain.

      This is the essence of the protagonist. He’d rather save face than increase the chances of survival.

      1. I honestly think you’re totally wrong!!
        He has 100% the personality of a Xiantia hero!
        – Gives all for those who treat him well? Check!!
        – Beats to the ground and beyond everyone who treat him badly? Check!!
        – Gives no face for those who look down on him? Check!!
        – 100% honest and not breaking his word? Check!!
        – Always striving for improvement on his own? Check!!
        – Sly and cumming? Check!!
        – Never stepping down or making big concessions? Check!!
        – Womanizer? Check!!

        Problem here is that this series is different from the usual, where usually the MC starts weak or comes from another world! Here he knows the people and is a supreme expert at heart!!! He actually looks down on most of the people here since he has a lot more achievements than them.

        Plus this novel is strong in comedy! MC is kinda pushed in some situations for comedy purpose only! but that’s why we love it so much!!! 😀

        1. Linley isn’t a womanizer. He stuck to Alice until she betrayed him. Then when he got together with Delia, he has been with her for over 9k years now. That’s some loyalty, right there.

        2. No he doesn’t have the personality of a hero.
          He wouldn’t be able to get this far without others cooperating with him (while he refuses to cooperate with anyone) even though noone actually had any need to do so. Noone knows that the city will get destroyed so noone actually has the need to cooperate with him. He would’ve been dead the moment he said something against the sacred family without someone always helping him and yet everything he does is self-centered without respecting anyone. He looks even down on someone like the citylord who dedicated his whole life to the city while Nie Li survived his first life only hiding behind these people he’s looking down on now.
          He helps people? All he did was make people, who would follow him into their death, stronger so they are able to do exactly that, because Nie Li isn’t strong enough on his own which is his own concern.
          He gave Ye Ziyun selfishly a cultivation technique that would revive her, just because HE can’t see her die again.
          He was never honest to anyone the entire time. Sure he can quote facts, but he uses all the knowledge from his previous life for his own advantage while he messes around with everyone without actually ever beeing honest to someone.
          All that knowledge he has is all thanks to him stumbling on that one book. He is nothing spacial. Anyone could’ve found that book, gain that much knowledge and yet he is so conceited.

          The one and only good thing he ever did was a side effect from him getting a lot of money and influence for himself. He made the city a little stronger by giving a little bit of knowledge to the alchemy association.

          1. And he didn’t do that to strengthen the city too. You are right. The city only got stronger because he just wanted money. Not because he wanted to make the city stronger.
            And if he really cared, he would share his knowledge about cultivation with the city and the people he can slightly trust, but he doesn’t. He just gives it to people who would become loyal to death followers.
            And he doesn’t cooperate with anyone either. He doesn’t even help other people. He keeps everything to himself, and only when he makes a significant gain, or wants something, will he act. Wow. Wholly shit. Mind blown.

            Wow. You just opened something new about how much a self-centered selfish spoiled brat Nie Li is, and why he is the worst Xianxia main character I have ever read.

            I have read boring ones, but no one I would ever consider bad. Until now. Its like I’m reading about a Xianxia villain that tries to act like a hero, instead of an actual hero. An anti-hero, so to speak.

            You have figuratively blown my mind away with the points you mentioned, Tetsu.

          2. Maybe he is the villain…
            Maybe the one who killed him in the previous life was a good guy and now Nie Lie will be prepared to kill the good guy.

            Every Scientist/ or in this alchemist knows that SHARING EVERY INFORMATION is the key to progression. Books are ment to share information which people wouldn’t get any other way. If everyone who wrote books were like Nie Li … There wouldn’t be a single book for Nie Li to read and get that knowledge to begin with.
            Nie Li is even a failure as a scholar/master.

          3. Come on, most xianxia heroes started out unremarkable until they acquire some sort of talisman that helps them become insanely strong.. Xian ni, wu dong qian kun, martial god space are just some of them… Heavenly jewel change too..
            Besides, haven’t you noticed it’s all about face with these characters? Nie li knows he can be better than them, it’s just a matter of time.. Of course he’ll have the attitude..
            Plus, didn’t he spend centuries reading books that’s why he knows so much? Sure he used the book, but he took the time to read, it’s not like he got the book then Bam! He got the knowledge.. Noooo, he read those countless books.

        3. Actually he has all the necessary traits for the kind of scrub or stepping stone a true Xian Xia hero would kill:

          -Arrogant attitude to those who are weaker than him? Check
          -Acts like a spoiled brat? Check
          -Thinks he is the best? Check
          -Womanizer? Check
          -Holding extremely huge grudges even if defeated? Check
          -Never learns from his mistakes? Check
          -See’s women as property instead of people? Check
          -Gives no face to anyone? Check
          -Impolite and rude to anyone he doesn’t like? Check
          -Sly and cunning? Check
          -Treats people he can’t use, or people he thinks are worthless like dirt? Check
          -Lies excessively? Check

          Yeah, it works both ways, buddy.

          1. I would even say that he is a worse shen yue/shen fei in this life, because he is actually efficient in beeing the bad guy.
            Nie Li crippled a kid on the trip to the ruins just because that kid couldn’t recognize Nie Li’s talent. Noone would, but Nie Li just had something to proof instead of beeing above it. Nie Li manipulated the leader of that expedition to do his biddings and actually kill people for him on the same trip.
            Nie Li also crippled shen fei out of rage for what his family would do, but had nothing to do with shen fei directly.

            Nie Li was a noone in his previous life and now after tasting a little bit of power he’s drunk of it and abuses it.

            Ye Zong was more than forgiving towards Nie Li. He even said that he would forget and wont punish him for that night after the bet, but Nie Li still kept a grudge towards someone who does everything to protect what he loves.

        4. Also, one more thing. The only things I found funny where when Nie Li didn’t have things go his way, and when he got his butt slapped by the City Lord. That was the funniest part.
          When he is being an arrogant dick to everyone (the soul bird, his patriarch of the clan, the city lord, the female alchemist), its not even remotely funny. All I see is how much of a generic spoiled brat xianxia villain he is being.

          If the point of the series was to show us how much of a xianxia villain trying acting like a hero Nie li is, then the author has 100% succeeded. Comedy, is honestly, not this series’ strong point for everyone who can see the huge discrepancy between Nie Li’s character and the author’s intent, because we can’t find his actions funny at all.

          I will make this comparison again and again.

          Chu feng, who indiscriminately kills anyone aslong as someone related to him offended him, even if they weren’t even connected to that at all is a better and more of a Xianxia hero than Nie Li.

          The guy, who slaughtered millions, innocent or not, is more of a Xianxia hero. He is not arrogant. He knows they are stronger than him, but he has to fight anyways or die. He doesn’t act superior to those that are weaker or inferior to him as long as they don’t offend him. He freely gives resources to practically everyone in the Azure dragon school. He helps a shit ton of people, regardless of whether there is any gain or whether he can trust them, because that is his character. Even if they offended him, as long as they are willing to change their ways, he forgives them, and maybe would even help them.

          He loves women, but doesn’t treat them like property, nor uses them for selfish reasons (except that girl before he fell in love, but he never used love as an excuse to treat them like property), and respects their opinions no matter what.

          1. HedgeMoney and Tetsu
            i agree with you both and i add another thing that proves he is a complete asshole in this life: the way he acts toward his clan leader and the city lord.
            both of them are righteous people who act selflessly for the greater good.
            I would agree with him if they wronged him or were unfair but that’s not the case.

        5. Yeah, there’s basically no difference between a Xianxia hero and villain except for the fact that the story revolves around the hero. I’m not really being negative with this, it’s the same for a lot of old Greek/Roman tales as well.

          >Sly and cumming? Check!!

      2. If the city lord wants to activate it all he needs to do is ask.
        Main characters have feelings want and pride too they dont have to give up every thing for others.
        Nie Li was never concerned with the lives of everyone he was concerned with the lives of every one in relation to the destruction of Glory City by the invasion of the demon beast horde causing Yi Ziyun to die and making him a nomad. people die you can only do your best to save the ones you can saving every life is nearly impossible. Nie Li isnt Naive enough to think he will save every single life.

      3. ?
        He gave the controls to at least two other people. His obligation is met. The City Lord’s personality to me suggests that he’d just as likely be in the thick of fighting, rallying and leading his warriors.
        Furthermore, nobody was actually expecting an attack on the mansion. Even counting Nie Lie’s past life, this is unprecedented.
        The MC is without a doubt a jerk at times, but it’s unfair to call him a villain. He provided a drastic improvement to the medical care of his city at reduced cost (claiming only %30 of the profits of such a patent is still pretty fair), and provided said pills for all branches of the family. And yes he was an obnoxious jerk about it. He still provided plenty of resources to his entire family and drastically changed their fortune.
        He also healed Ning’ Er in a way that prevented her from dieing in the future. Again, he had no obligation to her.
        He forgave two of his childhood enemies and gave them pills at all.
        And he may be petty about it, but he is giving two months of his time to put together a city-saving project, for FREE. Living closer to his girlfriend doesn’t really count as payment. This is the kind of thing you’d pay a person millions or billions to do, even if it’s his ‘obligation.’
        Nie Lie is an asshole at times, you’re right that his personality needs some work, but he’s not a villain. Even the people he verbally abuses wind up better off, which is a trait I’ve seen or heard of in a lot of Chinese tales.

        But if you want to read a Wuxia series where the main character is really polite and usually on the receiving end of douchebaggery, I’d recommend the Cradle Series by Will Wight. You can find all the books on Amazon for either cheap or free if you have Kindle Unlimited.

  1. well that escalated quickly in just 1 chapter.
    last chapter mc’s ass was still sore
    this chapter we get mysterious figures of the dark guild attacking the mansion and they are already rampaging.

  2. Thank you so much. The Divine Thunder Killing Array will now show its might! 😀
    Here demon-demon. Here~ demon-demon. Please come over to the nice Divine Thunder Killing Array~

    1. Thats exactly what i thought when i see the title! But sadly somehow i feel like it isnt going to be cos it looks like a fighter type. No need for more after panda. I ve been dieing to see him integrated with more demon spirits. >_<

  3. Difference from being Superior to someone, and acting like a prick.
    Nie Li acts like an arrogant prick.

    Just because you are smarter than someone doesn’t mean you have to act like everyone is beneath you. That is the attitude of an asshole.

    It would be like talking to a scientist about science, when you only know the basics, and he talks down to you, like you are beneath him, and belittles you. You would think that guy is an asshole. Yeah. That is exactly what Nie Li is doing.

    If someone is wrong, you don’t call them a f*cking dumbass. You tell them how they are wrong and explain it in a way, where you don’t just sound like you are calling them a dumbass. Because that is how Nie Li talks, when he talks to everyone about the shit he knows.

    He treats Yi Zeyun like property. Not a women. But like she is his property. Yeah, clearly a womanizer. He doesn’t think they are equals. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t be sexually harassing her all the time and would respect her opinion when she says she wants him to leave. But he doesn’t. He just does what he wants because in his heart, he already feels she is his PROPERTY. Not lover. But PROPERTY.

    He is also extremely Petty and the most self centered protagonist in a Xianxia novel I have every read. Ever.

    He broke into someone’s pre-teen age daughter’s house, sexually assaulted and harassed her (he stripped naked in front of her and jumped into her bath tub), and the father punished him for it.
    And he has the galls to say that HE was wronged, and the father OWES HIM. Yeah, no. In any world and any time, he would already have been killed for trespassing and sexual assault, or sent to jail, in his case Juvenile hall.

    And when he was being a prick to the father, and decided to hurt him because he feels he owed it to him to hurt him back (he doesn’t admit that he was wrong, when he was 100% wrong and thus, justly punished), the Lord punished him back, by smacking the spoiled brat, like the brat he was. And he has the gall, to again, say that HE was wronged, instead of saying that he wronged the dad (yeah, he pretty much verbally assaulted him and lured him into a trap. If that isn’t entrapment, I don’t know what is.)

    Everything Nie Li has done so far marks that he has a terrible, absolutely terrible character.

    If he was like this in the previous timeline, I don’t know how Yi zeyun would have fallen in love with him, unless she was the type to like douche bags from the beginning.
    He was probably not like this at all in the previous life, and was a better person. His attitude probably turned him into a self centered arrogant douche bag, brat, after he reincarnated.

    Because, if he stays like this, no matter how much I love the side characters, this would be extremely hard to read.

    It says something when Chu Feng, the murderous demon king, has a better attitude than Nie Li, who doesn’t slaughter large groups of people.

    1. if u hate him so much then why u bother read thisnovel in the 1st place

      are u a maschochist or something?

      arrogant or not, its fine as long the plot is interesting

    2. There are some people who understand you and agree about your view of the MC (like myself) the thing is many people who like Nei Li and don’t mind his personality in fact like it(I don’t know why lol).

      what I’m trying to say is those people who don’t like the MC are either quit reading or they just don’t comment because they will get bash on other people who like the MC.

      and as for me truthfully I stop reading this one at chapter 105 a long time ago(because the MC is starting to annoy me) but then again I continue reading this because I finally catch up to ATG and I have no more Novel to Read and at the same time hoping the MC attitude will change and I miss Xiao Ning Er 😀

      I don’t know where I’m getting at
      anyway I just want you to know that you are not alone…

    3. and don’t forget the whole bathtub incident wouldn’t evolved like that if he didn’t undress and go in a girl room when living in a traditional society. hell even in modern time USA and Japan who represent the pinnacle of lenient society a father won’t let you of if he found you like that in his 13 years old daughter room.
      Not to mention that if he had apologized then and explained the situation the father will surely act differently as he was a good impression on his talent both as a alchemist and a demon spiritualist not to mention wanting to have a good relationship with his hidden master

  4. It was at this point, I realized how much for kids, this is.

    Kids are brats. The main character acts like a brat. He acts exactly like that kid from the Sacred Family that acts like Harem member 1 and 2 are theirs. And he acts exactly like an arrogant brat, just like those kids from the sacred family.

    Many of the readers who like the way Nie Li acts are probably brats who think he is justified because they think exactly like him, or if not that, they enjoy reading about spoiled brats act like spoiled brats (which is something I can never understand).

    I think I’ll take a break from this, and ponder a while about why people like reading about such a spoiled, petty, arrogant brat.

    Literally, every other Xianxia main characters do not act like spoiled brats. Because they aren’t good characters, since spoiled brat characters are only good stepping stones or characters for revenge. Literally.

    Its fine to try to create a new character, but you can’t make the main character like the characters you are supposed to hate. We are supposed to hate Sacred Family brats because they act like spoiled brats. But then Nie Li starts acting like that. It doesn’t work that way.

    Maybe the other readers can’t see through this point, or rather, they don’t care and just like reading Nie Li “shock” and “surprise” everyone that underestimated him, and “kick ass with OP skills against people far stronger than him”. But I can’t. I have to analyze the story, and the characters. Especially the characters since they are the most important thing in a genre where the plot and story is practically the same.

    *sigh*. This serious criticism of this series will fall on deaf ears, or get flamed. But whatever. I just had to comment on this. I really did. It irked be to no end, especially when I see that people are actually approving of Nie Li’s spoiled brat behavior.

    1. Try looking at it with less expectations.
      It sure isn’t a literal masterpiece. It repeats itself a lot and sounds like a fanfiction most of the time.

      Think about Nie Li as the bad guy who slowly gains their trust and raises an army to dominate the world.
      That way it’ll be more fun … maybe 😉

  5. I’ve posted many comments. I’m sorry if you read them all. I’m also sorry if I have enraged you all. That was not the point. It was to point out how flawed the character is, and how much of a contradiction there is between Nie Li’s character and the authors intent when he makes Nie Li do certain things, and to justify the criticisms of the main character supplying proof to those criticisms with examples from what he did, what he didn’t do, and how he thinks and acts.

    If my posts enlighten you to his character and you still enjoy it, then by all means.
    If you think I am completely wrong and a son of a b*tch for trying to flame your favorite character, then that is also fine, though I think you are being too much, and don’t reply because I won’t read things without good arguments that make sense.
    If you think I am wrong, and can provide counter examples of my criticisms, then by all means, reply.

    You probably won’t read any of my posts again.

    I’ll come back when Nie Li stops acting like a typical Xianxia villain, if he ever stops (which I doubt). But if he does, can yall let me know?

  6. Here is my theory:

    Sage Emperor = Emperor Kong Ming = Demon Lord

    Things like the hint that Kong Ming had reached beyond legend rank to become immortal, the piece of temporal spirit book in his tomb(that was missing his remains), the dark guild using an artifact of his…. I think this is all foreshadowing it. What if Nie Li was originally attacked by the Sage Lord (who controlled six deity demon beasts) because he had the Temporal Spirit Book? I do not read ahead at all, so I have no idea. Just a theory.

  7. Dark Guild really has become arrogant huh. That Scarlet family really has nerves to be attacking their own city. Its sad that they want to destroy the city too. Really makes no sense.

    Thanks for the chapter.

  8. At this moment, in a Southern piece of land over at the City Lord’s Mansion, this is the part of City Lord’s Mansion that has the weakest defense. It’s the City Lord Mansion’s Martial Arts Field.

    This can be rephrased into…

    The Martial Arts Field in the southern part of the City Lord’s Mansion has the weakest defense.


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