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Chapter 116 – Applying Medicine

Although she felt bitter and sad about it inside, she’s not someone that gives up so easily. Even if the one Nie Li likes isn’t her, she will still quietly stay by Nie Li’s side. Until the day when Nie Li pays attention to her. However, she never thought that Nie Li would use god knows what method to move into Ye Ziyun’s yard.

Could it be that even Ye Ziyun’s father, the City Lord won’t stop Nie Li? No matter how she ponders over it, Xiao Ning’er couldn’t figure it out.

Feeling the faint resentment in Xiao Ning’er’s eyes, Nie Li embarrassedly touched his head. He obviously knows about Xiao Ning’er’s feelings towards him, it’s hard to bear a beauty’s grace. Afterall, Ye Ziyun and him have love affinity of two lives. Xiao Ning’er wouldn’t be able to understand, at this point, that kind of love and death fetters.

Nie Li smilingly said, “Hehe, is there a matter that Ning’er came looking for me?”

“I just made some osmanthus cake and wanted to give them to you.” Xiao Ning’er stood there quietly, looking charming and lovely. Usually, in front of others, Xiao Ning’er has that iceberg facade;however, in front of Nie Li, she will show her rarely seen tenderness.

If it were any other guys looking at the current Xiao Ning’er, it’d be hard to not even be tempted by her.

Only now did Nie Li realise the small basket that Xiao Ning’er has been holding.

At this moment, Ye Ziyun appearing on the side pathway. Seeing Nie Li looking at herself, Ye Ziyun turned her head around, pouting.

The atmosphere suddenly became awkward.

Nie Li felt his head aching. Who knows what will happen if these two girls get together. He has never experienced such a situation before; therefore, he has no idea how to handle it.

“Let’s talk inside.” Nie Li took a step forward, suddenly feeling the fiery pain on his butt, he gasped a mouthful of air while hissing.

“Nie Li, what happened to you?” Xiao Ning’er noticed Nie Li’s strangeness and immediately supported him.

“I was beaten up, having my butt blooming.” Thinking about that rascal Ye Zong, Nie Li felt extremely angry in his heart. Ye Zong is a hypocrite, faithless vile person! He plays the rascal when he can’t win!

Ye Ziyun also felt Nie Li’s strangeness. Originally, she also wanted to show some concern for Nie Li, but seeing Xiao Ning’er immediately react to support Nie Li, she immediately turned snorting, turning her face aside. She doesn’t want to bother herself with a playboy like Nie Li!

Hearing the words “butt blooming” Xiao Ning’er’s cheeks flushed red and asked, “Who beat you up?”

“Ye Zong. In this City Lord’s Mansion, aside from him, who else dares to lay a hand on me!” Nie Li inhaled a cold air while hissing. Ye Zong, that guy is really merciless, even now, his butt still feels like it’s burning. That fella used the strength of a Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualist. With Nie Li’s current cultivation now, he still couldn’t resolve it.

“The City Lord he……He hit your butt?” Xiao Ning’er’s head is totally messed up. She couldn’t understand why the City Lord would want to hit Nie Li. Even if he hits him, he shouldn’t be hitting Nie Li’s butt! Xiao Ning’er couldn’t imagine that kind of scene.

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Ye Ziyun was immediately a little nervous while looking at Nie Li.

“My father beat you again? How are you doing?”

Ye Ziyun recalled the previous incident. Her father almost killed Nie Li under anger, but what’s the reason for her father beating Nie Li again? Could it be that her father doesn’t plan on letting Nie Li go?

“Nie Li, you’d better leave quickly. My father might not let you go!” Ye Ziyun said anxiously. She’s really worried that her father might do something to Nie Li.

Nie Li shook his head and said, “Rest assured. If your father really wants to kill me, he wouldn’t just hit me on my butt. He still has something he needs me to do. This time, he couldn’t win against me and played the rascal. I never thought that your father would be so shameless. I miscalculated, and underestimated that old rascal too much!”

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Ye Ziyun had a weird expression on her face. She has no idea what happened between Nie Li and her father.

“Nie Li, I forbid you from calling my father shameless!” Ye Ziyun immediately defended Ye Zong. In her heart, Ye Zong is someone that keeps his promises. He spares no effort for the safety of Glory City, even if he were to die. Although he’s a little strict, there isn’t any problem in his character.

“Fine, I’m in the wrong.” Nie Li immediately apologized. Afterall, Ye Zong is Ye Ziyun’s father. As a daughter, Ye Ziyun naturally wouldn’t allow Nie Li to criticize Ye Zong. Although he said it this way with his mouth, he swore at Ye Zong dozens of times in his heart.

“Nie Li, how’s your injury?” Although Xiao Ning’er has no idea what happened, she knows that Nie Li is injured, and that was caused by the City Lord, Ye Zong. Ye Zong is an authentic Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualist, how badly will the injury be?

Could it be that after coming to the City Lord’s Mansion, Nie Li suffered from abuse? Thinking about it here, tears flashed within Xiao Ning’er’s eyes.

“Ning’er, I’m fine. I’m just having a little difficulty walking,” Nie Li said, after bitterly smiling for a moment.

“Nie Li, do you have any elixirs to treat the injury?” Ye Ziyun softly asked. Ye Ziyun still felt very guilty since the injury on Nie Li was caused by her father.

“I don’t have any elixirs for that, but I do have cream for it. Which one of you can help me apply it?” Nie Li glared at Ye Ziyun and chuckled.

Thinking about the injured location, both the two girls had their cheeks flush red. The place where Nie Li is wounded is the butt! Since when, in their lives, have they done something like this before?

Do they really have to help Nie Li apply the medicine cream?

“The daughter carries her father’s debts. I can only put up with the grievance.” Nie Li said, sighing.

“Nie Li, I’ll help you apply it.” Xiao Ning’er seems to have made a difficult decision. Previously, when her training had sidetracked, it was because of Nie Li that she could get well so quickly and have her cultivation raised so fast. Now that Nie Li is injured, she definitely will not shirk.

“This doesn’t seem good.” Nie Li said, embarrassedly. Although Ning’er and him are very close, they are still not to that extent yet.

After thinking awhile, Ye Ziyun solemnly said, “I’ll do it. Afterall, the injured that Nie Li suffered is caused by my father.”

Nie Li rotated his gaze between Xiao Ning’er and Ye Ziyun. He originally thought that no one would agree to it. He never imagined that the both of them would agree. His head ached from the blissfulness.

“We’ll take a look at Nie Li’s injuries first.” Xiao Ning’er knows that it’s Ye Ziyun that Nie Li is fond of. She can only use her own method and slowly change Nie Li’s heart, not fight with Ye Ziyun.

Nie Li was supported by Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er, one on his left and another on his right and entered into the building. Truth is, although he was beaten up by Ye Zong and still felt a burning pain on his butt, he did not suffered any internal injuries. From that, he could see that Ye Zong was lenient with his hands. For a cultivator, this kind of pain would subside after enduring it a while. He never thought that these two girls would really help him apply the medicine.

Nie Yu blinked her big eyes, looking at Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er. Those weird eyes seemed to have understood something.

“Xiao Yu, you stay outside.”

“Okay,” Nie Yu crisply replied, she ran out and closed the door.

A moment later, strange noises were coming out of the room.


“Ah~ Softer.”

The voice was someone high-pitched, sometimes carrying a hint of comfort. If others were to hear it, who knows what kind of thoughts they would have.

Inside the room, the two girls had their cheeks flushed red like apples. After their slender fingers got some of the medicine, they softly rubbed them on Nie Li’s butt, letting the cream absorb evenly. If they were alone here helping Nie Li to do this kind of thing, they’d be bound to be extremely embarrassed. Because of each other’s existence, they felt a lot better.

The two girls took a glimpse at each other. They couldn’t tell what the emotion was within their minds now.

Ye Ziyun’s heart is extremely complicated. As time goes by, the time Nie Li lived here gets longer and longer. She seems to be gradually used to Nie Li’s existence here. At least when Nie Li is around, she wouldn’t feel lonely. Although she knows that Nie Li likes her and her feelings for Nie Li isn’t up to that liking level, yet, she seems to have many fetters with Nie Li. At the same time, she is also aware that Xiao Ning’er is fond of Nie Li, she also didn’t want to steal other people’s love. This caused her heart to feel complex.

The trio did not speak a word. The atmosphere was charming and embarrassing.

“I remember that the two of you were playmates when you were small, right? Ziyun has always been keeping that bear pouch that Ning’er gave her.”

Nie Li was lying down on the bed, pretending to have said it accidentally.

“How do you know about that?” Ye Ziyun asked, shockingly. She really misses those childhood times. It wasn’t until later, that Xiao Ning’er suddenly didn’t come over to the City Lord’s Mansion anymore. She still remembered the words that Xiao Ning’er told her: We are people of two different worlds. You’re like a princess that lives in the City Lord’s Mansion, and I am only an ordinary girl. There’s a gap between us that can never be crossed.

Ye Ziyun has always been cherishing the bear pouch that was given to her by Xiao Ning’er. That was her most precious memory when she was a child. Because in her heart, Xiao Ning’er was her only friend. Thereafter, the only reason for Ye Ziyun to request to be in the Fighter Apprentice Class is also because of Xiao Ning’er.

Hearing the conversation between Nie Li and Ye Ziyun, Xiao Ning’er’s shoulders trembled and lowered her head. She seems to be in daze, remaining silence and not speaking.

Nie Li hissed loudly and said, “Ow~ Ning’er, it’s painful.”

“Nie Li, I’m sorry.” Xiao Ning’er immediately recovered from her daze and immediately apologized.

“It’s okay, haha.” Nie Li laughed. He seems to understand a little.

Having two girls side-by-side applying medicine for you is still an enjoyable thing.

After a moment, the cream was finished being applied. Nie Li then put on his pants. Thinking about the rascal Ye Zong, he resented him to the point that his teeth were itching. It’s a pity that he is only in the body of a thirteen-fourteen year old kid. Adding on to the fact that he’s Ye Ziyun’s father, Nie Li couldn’t do anything to him. Unless Ye Zong doesn’t interfere in the matter between Ye Ziyun and himself, he will definitely take revenge for it.

For the next few days, not knowing for what reason, perhaps she’s worried about Nie Li, Xiao Ning’er has been coming over frequently to deliver all kinds of food to Nie Li. She’ll also be together with Nie Li and Ye Ziyun in the yard to train.

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