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Chapter 114 – Power of the Tai Yi Killing Array

Nie Li was purposely provoking Ye Zong. Previously, at Ye Ziyun’s yard, he was bashed miserably by Ye Zong. Nie Li clearly remembers it; therefore, he has to repay the debt no matter what.

Even if you’re Ziyun’s father, I’ll discipline you on behalf of Ziyun!

Ye Xiu was just about to be the peacemaker, but was choked by Nie Li’s words, leaving him embarrassed.

Ye Zong snorted, “I’ll take a look at how powerful your Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array really is.”

“City Lord, I’ll clear up one point. This is not the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array, but a small killing array of the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array. If this is the completed Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array, you……” Nie Li casted a side glance at Ye Zong, ‘tsk-ing’ shaking his head and said, “are not even enough!”

Ye Zong was angered to the point that his beard was trembling. He even had the intent to strangle Nie Li. As the City Lord, he still needs to have tolerance. He really can’t do anything to Nie Li. Aside from needing Nie Li’s help, there is still a supreme expert standing behind Nie Li.

“What if I break your killing array?” Ye Zong, as a Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualist, naturally has his own dignity. How could he tolerate such provocation from Nie Li?

“If you break this killing array, I’ll call you father,” Nie Li snorted.

Ye Zong stared at Nie Li. Nie Li wants to call him father? Even if Nie Li is willing, he’s not! You want to marry my daughter, fat chance!

“If I break this killing array, you’ll have to distance yourself from my daughter from now onwards!”

“What if you can’t break……” Nie Li looked at Ye Zong in disdain. Wanting to break my Tai Yi Killing Array. You really think that you’re a Legend rank expert? Even if a Legend rank expert came over, he’d still require a lot of effort to break my Tai Yi Killing Array.

“If I can’t break……”

“If you can’t break it, you are not allowed to interfere with your daughter and my affairs,” said Nie Li, looking at Ye Zong with a laugh yet not a laugh.

“Deal!” Ye Zong can’t be bothered with Nie Li’s rubbish. Step by step, he walked towards the Tai Yi Killing Array.

“If a killing array needs the opponent to get near it before it can display it’s power, then it’s flawed.” Nie Li let out a growl. His soul force was emitting out from his body and both of his hands quickly formed a handsign. The entire Tai Yi Killing Array suddenly shook violently, followed by lights that shined on the inscription pattern on the stone pillar.

Rumble Rumble!

The earth trembled.

Ye Zong’s face slightly changed when he felt a tyrannical aura blowing over. This Tai Yi Killing Array is indeed something. However, since he had already made a bet with Nie Li, he’ll definitely not back down. Ye Zong furiously snorted, a majestic soul force swept out from his body.

Ye Zong’s body grew larger, expanding to several times his original size. Both of his arms were constantly getting more robust, his body was covered with black scales. A huge tail also grew out from the back. At the back of the tail were black flames that were burning on it.

Black Scaled Earth Dragon!

The demon spirit that Ye Zong has integrated is actually a Black Scaled Earth Dragon! The Black Scaled Earth Dragon belongs to a dragon-type organism. Having a certain amount of dragon’s blood, it’s second to an authentic dragon tribe. Among the demon spirits, Dragon-type demon beasts are the peak existences. Even the most inferior first graded Dragon-type that only carries a small portion of dragon blood has at least the strength of a Black Gold rank.

“Black Scaled Earth Dragon, Extraordinary growth rate. It’s considered pretty good. But it’s a pity that the one you’re engaging with is my Tai Yi Killing Array!” Nie Li growled. Those stone pillars exploded with dazzling light.


The demon spirits around the stone pillar became violent.

All of them are Black Gold rank demon spirits. Although they have been weakened because they were sealed within the Tai Yi Killing Array, they are still extremely powerful.

Over the last hundreds of years, there are still many Black Gold rank Demon Spirits being collected. However, to utilize those Black Gold rank Demon Spirits efficiently requires Demon Spiritualists that are able to control them. Using foreign techniques, like the Tai Yi Killing Array, to control these demon spirits, is a first in Glory City’s history.

In order to construct the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array, the City Lord’s Mansion basically took out all of the Black Gold rank demon beasts that they have collected over the years.


A gigantic Black Gold rank Abyss Bear demon spirit charged up, fiercely colliding together with Ye Zong’s transformed Black Scaled Earth Dragon.

Boom Boom Boom!

Soul force was constantly being dispersed, turning into frightening shock waves, causing explosions to the surrounding grounds.

Ye Zong felt a chill in his heart. He never thought that this Tai Yi Killing Array would be able to utilize eighty percent of the Abyss Bear. The Abyss Bear has one of the most powerful strengths among demon spirits and is also the hardest to control. Up till today, there wasn’t any Demon Spiritualist that was able to integrate with the Black Gold rank Abyss Bear successfully.

Just an Abyss Bear alone is already extremely tough to handle.

Ye Zong roared towards the sky, opened his mouth and breathed black flames towards the Abyss Bear.

The Black Scaled Earth Dragon carries the corrosion effect of the Dark attribute. If it’s sprayed on any Black Gold rank Demon Spirit, it’s enough to inflict serious injury to it. Although among the demon spirits, the Black Scaled Earth Dragon’s strength isn’t comparable to the Abyss Bear, after Ye Zong integrated with the Black Scaled Earth Dragon, he can release a hundred and fifty percent of the Black Scaled Earth Dragon’s power. While the Tai Yi Killing Array can only display eighty percent of the Abyss Bear’s strength. Under the constant attack, this Abyss Bear is naturally not an opponent of the Black Scaled Earth Dragon.

When the dark flame was about to reach the Abyss Bear, a water screen suddenly dropped, surrounding the dark flame.

Tss tss tss.

Under the water screen, the dark flame was quickly extinguished.

“What’s going on?” Ye Zong’s heart sank and saw a huge armyworm that was emitting a blue luster that was currently bouncing up and down. With a spit, it ejected a column of black water.

A Black Water Armyworm!

This is an extremely horrifying species that lives in the muddy area. Over ninety percent of its body is made of a black and extremely toxic liquid. It’s vitality is also very tenacious. Even if it’s been mummified with decades of time, as long as there is a drop of liquid remaining in his body, it would be able to resurrect itself.

Ye Zong is aware that such a demon spirit existed within the treasury of the City Lord’s Mansion. However, he had no knowledge of when this demon spirit existed in the City Lord’s Mansion’s treasury. This type of demon beast is extremely difficult to kill. A Black Gold rank Black Water Armyworm would require at least a Legend rank expert to kill it. It’s highly possible that it’s left behind by one of the ancestors.

The Black Water Armyworm is simply impossible to be subdued by any Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualist. Even if it’s subdued, it’s impossible to control its characteristics. But now, it has been controlled by the Tai Yi Killing Array.

Seeing the poisonous liquid that it spits out, Ye Zong immediately felt his scalp tingling. If the attack landed, even if he doesn’t die, he’d at least have a layer of his skin removed.

Such a small Tai Yi Killing Array is actually able to control so many demon spirits, and it’s able to let them complement each other to kill an enemy. Such a frightening matter. Even though it’s only able to wave out eighty percent of it’s power, it’s still extremely terrifying.

Just when Ye Zong was about to dodge the Black Water Armyworm, he suddenly realised that he had already been surrounded by dozens of Black Gold rank demon spirits.

Looking at these demon spirits.

Abyss Bear, Black Water Armyworm, Wither Bird, Flaming Snake, Toxic Frog, each one was hard to deal with than the last.

Even Ye Zong never thought that his treasury would contain so many terrifying Black Gold rank demon spirits.

This simply is not a contest of strength, but a gang up. These Black Gold rank demon spirits seemed to be linked to one another, perfectly complementing each other.


Under the gang of so many demon spirits, the Abyss Bear finally found the chance and threw a slap towards the Black Scaled Earth Dragon’s chest.


The Black Scaled Earth Dragon was smashed to the ground. Ye Zong felt the air becoming heavy because the Abyss Bear’s strength was simply too strong. Even though the Abyss Bear only had eighty percent of its power, and the defense ability of the Black Scaled Earth Dragon is frightening, Ye Zong was still smashed to the ground.

Ye Zong roared, and suddenly threw his huge palm over.

At this moment, the Flaming Snake suddenly slithered over, tightly coiling onto Ye Zong’s arm, making him unable to to move.

The Abyss Bear roared, and madly smashed the Black Scaled Earth Dragon’s head.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Having his head continuously smashed, caused Ye Zong to feel dizzy. Even if the Black Scaled Earth Dragon has tough skin and thick flesh, it couldn’t withstand such a bashing!

With Ye Zong’s strength, he wouldn’t even lose when facing three or five Black Gold rank demon beasts. However, when facing dozens of Black Gold rank demon beasts, that knows how to complement each other, how can he fight back?

If Ye Zong were to use his entire strength and used his full potential, it’s still possible to perish together with these Black Gold rank demon beasts.

However, as the City Lord, is doing this worth it? Even if he perished with all these Black Gold rank demon spirits, it wouldn’t do him any good!

At this moment, Ye Zong was feeling very messed up in his heart. Thinking of him being beaten up of several demon spirits and also losing the bet in front of a younger generation, caused his face to be embarrassed and furious. But on the other hand, thinking about how powerful the Tai Yi Killing Array is already, the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array would be even more powerful. That would also mean that Glory City would have another trump card.

Nie Li doesn’t give a damn about Ye Zong’s status as the City Lord. Earlier on, he had been bashed up at Ye Ziyun’s yard without even having his shirt properly worn. No matter what, he still has to recover the debt!

Nie Li continuously operated the Tai Yi Killing Array. The Abyss Bear became even more furious, and threw out punches and kicks at Ye Zong. The Abyss Bear then sat on Ye Zong’s face, squatting up and down a few times.

Seeing this scene, the corner of Ye Xiu’s mouth twitched, his brows continuously shook. Nie Li is really daring. He actually controlled the Abyss Bear to sit on Ye Zong’s face. If this scene was seen by an outsider, Ye Zong’s majestic appearance as the City Lord would be completely wiped.

In all of the history, who would dare to sit on the City Lord’s face?

Ye Xiu felt like he doesn’t know whether to smile or cry. If this continues, Ye Zong will probably go all out on Nie Li!

Ye Zong didn’t want to go all out. Afterall, if he killed the Black Gold rank demon spirits within the Tai Yi Killing Array, it wouldn’t do him any good. On the contrary, it would cause him to suffer a huge loss. However, Nie Li is simply too much! Not to mention that Nie Li was controlling the Abyss Bear to violently beat him up, he even let it sit on his face.

This is simply intolerable!

Seeing the Abyss Bear’s huge butt rubbing on his face, Ye Zong was simply exploding from the anger pent up.

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