Tales of Demons & Gods (妖神记) – Index


Killed by a Sage Emperor and reborn as his 13 year old self, Nie Li was given a second chance at life. A second chance to change everything, save his loved ones and his beloved city. He shall once again battle with the Sage Emperor to avenge his death. With the vast knowledge he accumulated in his previous life, he shall have a new starting point. Although he started as the weakest, without a doubt, he will climb the steps towards the strongest.

Cultivating the strongest cultivation technique, wielding the strongest demon spirits, he shall reach the pinnacle of Martial Arts. Enmities of the past will be settled in this new lifetime.

“Since I’m back, then in this lifetime, I shall become the King of Gods that dominates everything. Let everything else tremble beneath my feet!”

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Chapter 1 - 50

Chapter 1 – Reborn
Chapter 2 – Ignorant
Chapter 3 – Punished Standing
Chapter 4 – Million Demon Spirit Coin?
Chapter 5 – Alchemist
Chapter 6 – Xiao Ning’er
Chapter 7 – Daoyin Technique
Chapter 8 – A Girl’s Heart
Chapter 9 – Goddess’s Breakfast
Chapter 10 – Book of Divine Lightning Flame
Chapter 11 – Threatened
Chapter 12 – Soul Realm
Chapter 13 – Testing the Innate Talent!
Chapter 14 – Heavenly God Cultivation Technique
Chapter 15 – Guidance
Chapter 16 – Demonic Magic?
Chapter 17 – Thrown Out
Chapter 18 – Inscription Master?
Chapter 19 – Childrens of Influential Family
Chapter 20 – Purple Haze Grass
Chapter 21 – Usage of Purple Haze Grass
Chapter 22 – Ice Phoenix
Chapter 23 – Murder!
Chapter 24 – Set Off
Chapter 25 – Winged Dragon Family
Chapter 26 – Soul Forming
Chapter 27 – Leave it to me!
Chapter 28 – Huyan Lanruo
Chapter 29 – One Punch
Chapter 30 – Contest of Soul Force
Chapter 31 – Snow Sakura Demon Spirit
Chapter 32 – Relic
Chapter 33 – Archery Skills
Chapter 34 – Spirit Grade Demon Beast
Chapter 35 – Luring the trouble
Chapter 36 – Numerology
Chapter 37 – Emperor Kong Ming
Chapter 38 – Remnant Pages
Chapter 39 – Abstruse Gemstone
Chapter 40 – Shadow Devil Spirit Lamp
Chapter 41 – Shen Fei
Chapter 42 – Age does not reflect one’s knowledge
Chapter 43 – Alchemy Master?
Chapter 44 – Passed…
Chapter 45 – Elixir’s Formula
Chapter 46 – Nie Li’s master?
Chapter 47 – Year examination
Chapter 48 – Heavenly Sacred Border
Chapter 49 – Strength Test
Chapter 50 – Fist Strength
Chapter 51 - 100

Chapter 51 – Exploded?
Chapter 52 – Humiliation
Chapter 53 – Return home
Chapter 54 – Miracle Meridian Hands
Chapter 55 – Physique of Heavenly Marks
Chapter 56 – Assassinate
Chapter 57 – Who Killed Them?
Chapter 58 – Genius Class’s Student?
Chapter 59 – Director Yang paying a visit
Chapter 60 – Reverse
Chapter 61 – Tease
Chapter 62 – I have money
Chapter 63 – Auction
Chapter 64 – Use it himself
Chapter 65 – Elixir
Chapter 66 – Dumbfounded
Chapter 67 – Competing auction
Chapter 68 – Unrivalled Treasure
Chapter 69 – Sky High Price
Chapter 70 – Competing
Chapter 71 – Have it’s brilliant uses
Chapter 72 – Refining Demon Spirit
Chapter 73 – God level growth rate
Chapter 74 – Fanged Panda
Chapter 75 – Combat Skills
Chapter 76 – Forgiveness
Chapter 77 – Tournament
Chapter 78 – Treasure
Chapter 79 – Soul Weapon Katar
Chapter 80 – Long time no see
Chapter 81 – Bet
Chapter 82 – Fanged Panda’s first battle
Chapter 83 – You let me win
Chapter 84 – Playing something small
Chapter 85 – Barely
Chapter 86 – Fallen unconscious
Chapter 87 – Demon Spirit Strengthening Pill
Chapter 88 – Legend
Chapter 89 – Snow Queen
Chapter 90 – Into the City Lord’s Mansion
Chapter 91 – Living together?
Chapter 92 – The City Lord Arrives
Chapter 93 – Confrontation
Chapter 94 – One Year Pact
Chapter 95 – City Lord is very helpless
Chapter 96 – Really want to stir the Sacred Family?
Chapter 97 – Into the Heavenly Sacred Border
Chapter 98 – Have me as your teacher
Chapter 99 – Unfilial descendent
Chapter 100 – Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword
Chapter 101 - 150

Chapter 101 – Devouring Demon Spirits
Chapter 102 – Soul Puppet
Chapter 103 – Intercept
Chapter 104 – Captured for trial
Chapter 105 – Cause
Chapter 106 – Ye Xiu
Chapter 107 – Not free
Chapter 108 – Exchanging with your daughter
Chapter 109 – Not a chance
Chapter 110 – Laying the Ten Thousands Demonic Beast Array
Chapter 111 – This is what you’ve said
Chapter 112 – Talk with me
Chapter 113 – Of course it was on purpose
Chapter 114 – Power of the Tai Yi Killing Array
Chapter 115 – Dirty old man
Chapter 116 – Applying Medicine
Chapter 117 – Abyss Demon
Chapter 118 – Fooling the enemy!
Chapter 119 – Killing Array
Chapter 120 – A pretty good young man
Chapter 121 – Kill
Chapter 122 – Misty Leaf Herb
Chapter 123 – City Lord’s young master
Chapter 124 – Banquet
Chapter 125 – Gift
Chapter 126 – Fight?
Chapter 127 – Clash
Chapter 128 – Biological?
Chapter 129 – Suppressing
Chapter 130– Ruins
Chapter 131 – Golden Horned Land Dragon
Chapter 132 – Katar
Chapter 133 – Tempting
Chapter 134 – Xiao Xue
Chapter 135 – Ten Millennium Spatial Array
Chapter 136 – Netherlamp Behemoth
Chapter 137 – Yin-Yang Blast x2
Chapter 138 – Village?
Chapter 139 – Blood Crystal
Chapter 140 – Demon Lord?
Chapter 141 – Silver Winged Family
Chapter 142 – Sikong Yi
Chapter 143 – The outside world
Chapter 144 – Testing medicine?
Chapter 145 – Gold rank
Chapter 146 – Lei Zhuo
Chapter 147 – Raging flames of the Black Dragon
Chapter 148 – Raging flames of the Black Dragon 2
Chapter 149 – Blizzard Spiritual Gem
Chapter 150 – Inscription Scrolls
Chapter 151 - 200

Chapter 151 – Exchange
Chapter 152 – Old man
Chapter 153 – Divine Explosion Inscription?
Chapter 154 – Surprise attack
Chapter 155 – Your opponent
Chapter 156 – Where is home
Chapter 157 – Return
Chapter 158 – Demon Lord?
Chapter 159 – Demon Beast Horde
Chapter 160 – Beast horde arrives
Chapter 161 – Wicked idea
Chapter 162 – Fierce battle
Chapter 163 – 2-star Gold rank
Chapter 164 – Raging Flames of Explosion
Chapter 165 – Used to it
Chapter 166 – An accident
Chapter 167 – Seen it all
Chapter 168 – Beauty is fragile
Chapter 169 – Draconic Tongue Herb
Chapter 170 – Treasury of the City Lord’s Mansion
Chapter 171 – Space-Time Demon Beast?
Chapter 172 – Unable to repay favour
Chapter 173 – Furious bashing
Chapter 174 – Hide as much as possible
Chapter 175 – Gift
Chapter 176 – Monster!
Chapter 177 – Help getting out of embarrassment
Chapter 178 – Revolt?
Chapter 179 – Prestige
Chapter 180 – To confuse right and wrong
Chapter 181 – Real intentions revealed
Chapter 182 – Great Battle
Chapter 183 – Snow Wind Spiritual God
Chapter 184 – Even in death, I will have no regrets
Chapter 185 – Gui Sha
Chapter 186 – Spiritual Constellation Technique?
Chapter 187 – Confrontation
Chapter 188 – Journey
Chapter 189 – Heavenly Fate Plateau
Chapter 190 – Exchange
Chapter 191 – Don’t need it anymore
Chapter 192 – 3-star Gold rank
Chapter 193 – Towards the Black Spring?
Chapter 194 – Mysterious Inscription Pattern
Chapter 195 – Fire Spiritual God
Chapter 196 – Give it a try
Chapter 197 – Divine Body
Chapter 198 – Sensing the Laws
Chapter 199 – A trace
Chapter 200 – Backer
Chapter 201 - 250

Chapter 201 – Dreamcloud World
Chapter 202 – Master of the Nether Realm
Chapter 203 – Remnant map?
Chapter 204 – Done?
Chapter 205 – Senior Inscription Master?
Chapter 206 – Mysterious Demon Beast
Chapter 207 – Ye Mo
Chapter 208 – Structure of the power of law
Chapter 209 – Father and Son
Chapter 210 – Sister goddess
Chapter 211 – Demon Spirit Devouring Technique
Chapter 212 – Wu Man
Chapter 213 – Trapped
Chapter 214 – Unusual transformation
Chapter 215 – Soul Array
Chapter 216 – Mysterious Egg
Chapter 217 – Alliance Leader’s Position
Chapter 218 – Vengeance
Chapter 219 – Two wrong don’t make a right
Chapter 220 – Legend rank expert?
Chapter 221 – The second piece?
Chapter 222 – Two brothers
Chapter 223 – Green Poison Pearl
Chapter 224 – Spiritual Origin Fruit?
Chapter 225 – Zombie Jiao-dragon
Chapter 226 – Enemies on a Narrow Path
Chapter 227 – Yin-Yang Blast x10
Chapter 228 – Tian Ling
Chapter 229 – Xiao Yu
Chapter 230 – Disturbed Peace of Mind
Chapter 231 – Broken Divine Spark
Chapter 232 – The entering method
Chapter 233 – Ancient Tomb
Chapter 234 – Draconic Ruins Realm
Chapter 235 – Divine Feathers Sect
Chapter 236 – Wings of Law
Chapter 237 – Frost Chaos Sword
Chapter 238 – Seizing the Law by Force
Chapter 239 – Lesson
Chapter 240 – Demon Lord
Chapter 241 – Disciple Selection
Chapter 242 – The Anatta Mental State
Chapter 243 – Black Infernal Refining
Chapter 244 – Celestial Qilin
Chapter 245 – Soul Seal
Chapter 246 – Stewed Demon Phallus
Chapter 247 – Soul Seal
Chapter 248 – Confrontation
Chapter 249 – Probe
Chapter 250 – Zhu Long
Chapter 251 - 300

Chapter 251 – Jin Dan
Chapter 252 – Soul
Chapter 253 – Master of the Nether Realm
Chapter 254 – Becoming a Disciple
Chapter 255 – Previous and Present Lives
Chapter 256 – Desert Palace
Chapter 257 – Enemy Attack?
Chapter 258 – Hostage
Chapter 259 – Rage
Chapter 260 – Hope
Chapter 261 – Bid farewell
Chapter 262 – Gift From Nie Li
Chapter 263 – Skysoul Institute
Chapter 264 – Spiritual Root
Chapter 265 – Test
Chapter 266 – Results of the Test
Chapter 267– Spiritual Stone
Chapter 268 – Ying’er
Chapter 269 – Acupuncture
Chapter 270 – Venerable Redsoul
Chapter 271 – Spiritual Flames
Chapter 272 – Master Bei
Chapter 273 – Poisoned?
Chapter 274 – Reasonable
Chapter 275 – Soul Brand
Chapter 276 – Saint Soul Board
Chapter 277 – Master
April Fools Insert: Chapter 278 – Memories
Chapter 278 – Rank Change
Chapter 279 – Long Yuyin
Chapter 280 – Three Lashes
Chapter 281 – Where to Lash?
Chapter 282 – Who’s the Trash Now?
Chapter 283 – You asked for it!
Chapter 284 – Blocked
Chapter 285 – A Chicken Feather for an Authoritative Token
Chapter 286 – Heavenly Fate
Chapter 287 – Physical Strength
Chapter 288 – Clash
Chapter 289 – Confrontation!
Chapter 290 – The farther the better!
Chapter 291 – Senior and Junior Apprentices
Chapter 292 – Soul Scales
Chapter 293 – The Sin of Greed
Chapter 294 – Settling for Second
Chapter 295 – Demon Spirits For Sale
Chapter 296 – Li Xingyun
Chapter 297 – Reality
Chapter 298 – Master and Disciple
Chapter 299 – Face to Face on a Narrow Path
Chapter 300 – Respect
Chapter 301 - 351

Chapter 301 – Reward
Chapter 302 – Refining Demon Spirits
Chapter 303 – Bloodwing Saint Jiao-dragon
Chapter 304 – Ning’er’s Visit
Chapter 305 – Ye Clan of the Skyblaze Sect
Chapter 306 – Long Tianming
Chapter 307 – Holy Maiden and Holy Son
Chapter 308 – A Rich Good-For-Nothing
Chapter 309 – Tricked
Chapter 310 – Arrangement
Chapter 311 – Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting
Chapter 312 – The Four Arts
Chapter 313 – Profound Understanding of Dao Intent
Chapter 314 – Sword
Chapter 315 – Supreme Sword Intent
Chapter 316 – Selling words
Chapter 317 – Probing out
Chapter 318 – Abyss Winged Draconic Falcon
Chapter 319 – Hierarch Skycloud
Chapter 320 – Full of Sincerity
Chapter 321 – Counterfeit
Chapter 322 – Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains
Chapter 323 – Dispute
Chapter 324 – A good show
Chapter 325 – Brother and Sister
Chapter 326 – Dragon Bone Winged Tiger
Chapter 327 – Successor’s Position
Chapter 328 – Second Fate Soul
Chapter 329 – Total Annihilation
Chapter 330 – Opening of the Demon League
Chapter 331 – Medium Grade Deity’s Lake
Chapter 332 – Formally Becoming a Disciple
Chapter 333 – Heaven’s Divination Technique
Chapter 334 – Mantis Stalks the Cicada
Chapter 335 – Bastard
Chapter 336 – Failed to Steal the Chicken
Chapter 337 – Opening the Meridians
Chapter 338 – Taking
Chapter 339 – Surrounded
Chapter 340 – Ancestral Sword Intent
Chapter 341 – Countermeasure
Chapter 342 – Hierarch Skycloud
Chapter 343 – Taking in a disciple
Chapter 344 – Threatened
Chapter 345 – Li Yufeng
Chapter 346 – Slashing the Price
Chapter 347 – Purchase
Chapter 348 – Challenge
Chapter 349 – Saint Blood Draconic Falcon
Chapter 350 – Grade 6 Artifact Armour
Chapter 351 - 400

Chapter 351 – New Assessment
Chapter 352 – Frost Dragon Beast
Chapter 353 – The Third Demon Spirit
Chapter 354 – The Center of Attention
Chapter 355 – Suppressing with power
Chapter 356 – I Quit
Chapter 357 – The Big Five
Chapter 358 – Probe
Chapter 359 – Back Spikes
Chapter 360 – 5-fate
Chapter 361 – Assassin?
Chapter 362 – Die While Fully Knowing
Chapter 363 – Pick One of Two
Chapter 364 – Five Years
Chapter 365 – Wait!
Chapter 366 – Doesn’t Benefit Themselves, but Others?
Chapter 367 – One Who is Sincere
Chapter 368 – Heiyun Deity’s Lake
Chapter 369 – Taking Drastic Measures to Deal with Situation
Chapter 370 – Reinforcements
Chapter 371 – Escaped?
Chapter 372 – Origins
Chapter 373 – Treatment
Chapter 374 – Void Spiritual Array
Chapter 375 – From the Tiny World
Chapter 376 – Wu Yazi
Chapter 377 – Thousand Illusionary Array
Chapter 378 – Demon Blood Sacrifice
Chapter 379 – Void Illusionary Divine Palace
Chapter 380 – Accidental Encounter
Chapter 381 – Trouble
Chapter 382 – Following
Chapter 383 – Sneak Attack
Chapter 384 – Outer Hall
Chapter 385 – Illusion
Chapter 386 – Celestial Bound Inscription Pattern Array
Chapter 387 – Unlucky
Chapter 388 – Life Gate
Chapter 389 – Holy Son Li Huo
Chapter 390 – Silver Fate Soul
Chapter 391 – Spiritual Void Wall
Chapter 392 – Encounter with the Demon Lord, Again
Chapter 393 – Mysterious Aura
Chapter 394 – Ancestral Master Daozang
Chapter 395 – Reincarnation
Chapter 396 – Ganges Crystals
Chapter 397 – You Cannot Take It With You
Chapter 398 – Two Holy Sons
Chapter 399 – Balance
Chapter 400 – Broken Array?
Chapter 401 - 450

Chapter 401 – Secret Path
Chapter 402 – Skyspirit Stone Array
Chapter 403 – Trapped
Chapter 404 – Take! Take! Take!
Chapter 405 – Hierarch Blacknether
Chapter 406 – Black Flames
Chapter 407 – Out of Options
Chapter 408 – Passed?
Chapter 409 – Hiding
Chapter 410 – Fate Star
Chapter 411 – Opportunity?
Chapter 412 – Time and Space
Chapter 413 – Hear Me Out
Chapter 414 – Betrayal right before the battle!
Chapter 415 – Fishy
Chapter 416 – Sky Origin Divine Clan
Chapter 417 – Pursue
Chapter 418 – Secretly Cultivating
Chapter 419 – Set Off
Chapter 420 – A wicked person will be bedeviled by someone of the same kind
Chapter 421 – Sky Origin Divine Clan
Chapter 422 – Master-Slave Contract
Chapter 423 – Business
Chapter 424 – Arrogance to Deference
Chapter 425 – Supreme Divine Techniques
Chapter 426 – Pursuit on the Border
Chapter 427 – Fleeing
Chapter 428 – Emperor Tian Yuan
Chapter 429 – Treasures from Heaven and Earth
Chapter 430 – The Inheritance of Tian Yuan
Chapter 431 – Leaving
Chapter 432 – Frightening Medicinal Effects
Chapter 433 – Acting Sect Master?
Chapter 434 – Divine Medicine
Chapter 435 – Seat of the Sect Master
Chapter 436 – Accident?
Chapter 437 – Dreamland
Chapter 438 – Contest (1/2)
Chapter 439 – Contest (2/2)
Chapter 440 – Joining the Fray
Chapter 441 – Dao of Dragon Realm Experts
Chapter 442 – Sect Master Nie
Chapter 443 – Sealed
Chapter 444 – Sealed
Chapter 445 – Subsidiary Sect
Chapter 446 – Paid in Blood and Sweat
Chapter 447 – Provoking the Almighty
Chapter 448 – Life As Such
Chapter 449 – Demon God’s Sect
Chapter 450 – Godslayer Artifact
Chapter 451 - 500


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  1. i would find it surprising if the reason the temporal book fused with nie li its because hes the reincarnation of the expert who owned it in the first place, the one the six original gods killed, which resulted with sage emperor owning 3 pages.

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    anyway thanks for translation.
    Btw I know 4 $ is not much but I hope it’s enough for coffee.

    1. So if you haven’t caught wind of the controversy, short version is the author dropped the # of chapters to like 1 per month, where as in the beginning, there were multiple chapters released PER DAY. His pace started declining end of summer 2016 and has dropped to 1 a month.

      THe controversy thread summarizes and points out the evidence, but he did this with this with the previous book he was making before TGA: got bored of book, rushed story in the later third giving the main character rapid power gain, while he instead focused on new book. However, the last one he still finished the old book, this one he’s been pushing the manwhua (manga comic version) of TDG while the novel has stalled. Look at the release dates / comment dates of the past few chapters, then compare to how the old ones were multiple per day.

      Also to note, lots of former translator’s and staff on his developement/publishing team have left due the author pulling this crap.

      1. Aish… we really can’t blame this on the mighty translator.

        Besides, aren’t we still addicted to TDG even if we bash the author no matter where and when? TDG is really such a very good story that even if it seems to be rushed right now, we still look forward to what will happen with his revenge for Zhiyun’s father’s murder, the future of his Dragon Wing retainer, completion of all the monster slots of his Heavenly God Technique, collection of the TDSB pages, the legacy war between him and the other monstrous legacy candidates, and yeah, no matter how much we really do hate the author right now for making us wait so long for an update, we really still do have to admit that we always look forward on how Nie Li will, ehem, satisfy his two goddess love interests… especially now that he had just visited them on the Heavenly Note Sect.

        sigh… I gotta admit that I also feel the same frustration like you guys feel but you know what… Thyarea is still doing a really good job for us with the translation of new TDG chapters.

        In the end, TDG is still worth the wait.

  3. Waaa I feel grateful for finding this website. I come from the manga (chapter 124), could someone point out to me which light novel chapter this corresponds to?

    Thanks for the translation!!

    1. Roughly 109/110. But as a suggestion read from the beginning. All of the manga that I have seen have chapters that are about 10 pages long. This will give you the very basic understanding of the story and plot but as with most things the original has more descriptions and explanations. Happy reading.

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  6. question: how old is nei li at present on chapter 453?

    im guessing 20 or 21. help me deduce the months or years he spent on glory city, subsidiary realms, nether realms, and draconic ruins realm. thanks!

    1. He’s 16 or 15 actually…it was stated that he and Ziyun would marry at 16 and they left for Glory City at 14. A year later Nie Li got in the eastern district and now we are 6 to 7 months after that whivh puts him at 15/16.

        1. Wait…he was 13/14 at the start of it so now hes 16/17 lol birthdays should maybe be given to make sure…I’m not even sure they have birthdays in this series.
          Thx for the link, very usefull.

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      doulou dalu, the 1st should be close to finished translating or already finished and can be found on other sites, the second is called Unrivaled Tang Sect here(haven’t read this tho, so I don’t know if it’s any good).
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          Doulo Dalou’s pacing different from this story and the [reincarnation] element on DD is toned down into becoming somewhat a little sluggish. But all in all… the story is really fine and detailed.

          Oh, yeah, before I forgot, all of the male leads and supporting male characters in DD are softies so if you’re a fan of tough guy MCs, DD is not for you. Almost every 10-20 chapters, a male MC always cry or gets teary eyed because of something squishy to the heart. Its a novel made for bishoujo characters… you know what I mean? The story is good, yeah, but the exaggerated softness of the male characters and the violent background of the story is really a sore in the eyes. But over all, you’d read the story for “the story” and not for the characters’ teary-eyed moments. Just skip on them. They’re not human. They’re softies. Bahaha…

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    BUT I have given up on this because the update is soooooo long. I don’t even know if the Author still plans to finish this?

    1. Thanks for the heads up. Was skimming the comments on if I should start this series or not. Saved me a headache. And sorry for everyone who’s disappointing at this author on slow releases. I suggest Warlock of the Magus World, Everyone Else is a Returnee, Reincarnator, The Desolate Era, Praise The Orcs, Emperor of Solo Play, and The Dark King.

      The Dark King has horrible translation, but it’s an amazing story. Up to chapter 500+. . . Just the first 100ish or more chapters need to be completely re-translated based on how bad it was conscripted into English. And I totally hope Wuxiaworld Picks up The Dark King and re-translates/someone re-edits the whole bloody thing. (Post apocalyptic sci-fi LN with an Anti-Hero/Evil MC)

    1. 1 chapters per month….so we usually all come out. unfortunately, we still like the story. It was my 1st wuxia web novel, so it has a spot on my list but far from a perfect novel.

      Currently I’m reading Emperor Domination, It is very similar to TDG but crazy better in terms of plot and character development.
      Thanks for whoever recommend it !!!

  11. Hi, I was just wondering. Would you consider translating Star Martial God Technique (manhwa name)? I think you would be the best, since you already know how Mad Snail writes. BTW: thank you for your work, because of you and your job was my time in hospital bearable.

  12. I became really addicted to TDG after watching the 3D “anime” first 6 episodes and saw the novel and decided to read it. I have finished reading everything yesterday, but today i’m sad to see that this novel is not receiving much attention from the author anymore.

    It’s clear how the author rushed the end of the last arc…what happened to the dispute for the 1 in line successors? What happened to the central district? What happened to Li Yufeng? The way how Long Tianming was arrested was very forced too, i doubt the author was planing to do that when he started this whole arc.

    I think the author was going to make Nie Li deal with all the problems and make his friends step up to be the first in line successors while also finding Long Tianming weakness (maybe some proof about him having a deal with the demon sect) and then use it against Tianming after the fight for the sect master seat. Like that, Tianming’s arresting wouldn’t have felt forced, but i think all of this would take maybe more 150+ chapters so the author decided to cut it all and finished the arc faster.

    It’s really sad to see such a great novel getting abandoned like this. The chapters of TDG were bigger before, but i noticed that they became smaller after some part and i also got to know that the chapters in the beginning were released twice a day instead of once a month like they are now.

    I hope the author can regain his motivation to keep writing TDG and proceed with the story like the way he was before. I would be delighted to have more chapters to read right now. =/

    1. kek, you should check what you claim …
      I also found the number 1115 on the page does this mean there are 1115 chapters in the chine version?
      i you throw the latest chapters preview text in google translate you’ll see it’s chapter 454 -,-

      The last chapters are released around first or second of every month, but this month there is a delay. 😐

  13. I’m frustrated with all the snarly comments about the author. You don’t know if he signed contracts that forced him to write a different book, or work on the manhua, or have issues in his personal life. Writing is hard work especially for these chinese webnovelists that are treated like machines by their fans.
    Maybe he’s really sick, or has burn out, or contract obligations that are forcing him to release slower. That other book he was writing he only worked on for 4 or so months and hasn’t updated it since last September. And maybe he’s not bored, maybe he just doesn’t know how to finish his story arks at the end of his books. So they come out rushed. Or maybe there is so much pressure that he needs a break. Have some compassion, they aren’t machines, they have a hard job and given the type of books these are, most of them are off the cuff and that makes things harder twords the end of a book. Plus you don’t know what’s going on in his home life. And most of you aren’t buying the raws you are reading it for free, and also, I don’t know if you know this, or not but writing 3 to 5k every day for years on end can cause burnout, and illness. Just be thankfull you don’t have to wait for the book to come out, and you get to read it as it’s being written. Which by the way is harder on the author, and doesn’t give them any opportunities to make a better copy, you all are basically reading a first draft of a book as it comes out, normal authors spend time working out the kinks these guys don’t get that chance. Anyway that’s all I’ve got to say. I hope you all have a good day.

    1. No, but the author is releasing one chapter per month and he has already released one this month so we still have to wait a few more days for the next chapter.

  14. I don’t really like reading but curiosity bring me here, tdg storyline is just like playing an rpg game… Hoping to see the ios/android tdg mmorpg version sooner! Good luck guys!

    1. Coiling Dragon. Although i’m still half way through it, i’m totally hooked. It’s really good.

      The best part is that CD is already finished so you can just go and read everything.

    2. Heard “Emperor Domination” is very similar to TDG but better in some aspects, i haven’t started reading it myself so dont take my word for it, give it a read 🙂

      1. I’ve read it and I’ll confirm it’s pretty similar.
        The huge difference is that ED main character is way more overpowered and as such you won’t have all the “same ground” interaction between the MC and the surounding characters.

        But it is still the only one I found where the main character keep interaction with compagnons.

        By the way, “Sovereign of the Three Realms” is even more similar (like way more).

  15. the writer of this novel mad snail was working for qidian but then he began a new novel called “star martial god technique” for another publishing company called shenqi, so he might be forced to finish his novel with qidian or pay for contract bridge and that is why he’s working so slow

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