Tales of Demons & Gods (妖神记) – Index


Killed by a Sage Emperor and reborn as his 13 year old self, Nie Li was given a second chance at life. A second chance to change everything, save his loved ones and his beloved city. He shall once again battle with the Sage Emperor to avenge his death. With the vast knowledge he accumulated in his previous life, he shall have a new starting point. Although he started as the weakest, without a doubt, he will climb the steps towards the strongest.

Cultivating the strongest cultivation technique, wielding the strongest demon spirits, he shall reach the pinnacle of Martial Arts. Enmities of the past will be settled in this new lifetime.

“Since I’m back, then in this lifetime, I shall become the King of Gods that dominates everything. Let everything else tremble beneath my feet!”

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Chapter 1 - 50
Chapter 51 - 100
Chapter 101 - 150
Chapter 151 - 200
Chapter 201 - 250
Chapter 251 - 300
Chapter 301 - 351
Chapter 351 - 400
Chapter 401 – 450

Chapter 401 – Secret Path
Chapter 402 – Skyspirit Stone Array
Chapter 403 – Trapped
Chapter 404 – Take! Take! Take!
Chapter 405 – Hierarch Blacknether
Chapter 406 – Black Flames
Chapter 407 – Out of Options
Chapter 408 – Passed?
Chapter 409 – Hiding
Chapter 410 – Fate Star
Chapter 411 – Opportunity?
Chapter 412 – Time and Space
Chapter 413 – Hear Me Out
Chapter 414 – Betrayal right before the battle!
Chapter 415 – Fishy
Chapter 416 – Sky Origin Divine Clan
Chapter 417 – Pursue
Chapter 418 – Secretly Cultivating
Chapter 419 – Set Off
Chapter 420 – A wicked person will be bedeviled by someone of the same kind
Chapter 421 – Sky Origin Divine Clan
Chapter 422 – Master-Slave Contract
Chapter 423 – Business
Chapter 424 – Arrogance to Deference
Chapter 425 – Supreme Divine Techniques
Chapter 426 – Pursuit on the Border
Chapter 427 – Fleeing
Chapter 428 – Emperor Tian Yuan
Chapter 429 – Treasures from Heaven and Earth
Chapter 430 – The Inheritance of Tian Yuan
Chapter 431 – Leaving
Chapter 432 – Frightening Medicinal Effects
Chapter 433 – Acting Sect Master?
Chapter 434 – Divine Medicine
Chapter 435 – Seat of the Sect Master
Chapter 436 – Accident?
Chapter 437 – Dreamland
Chapter 438 – Contest (1/2)
Chapter 439 – Contest (2/2)
Chapter 440 – Joining the Fray
Chapter 441 – Dao of Dragon Realm Experts
Chapter 442 – Sect Master Nie
Chapter 443 – Sealed
Chapter 444 – Sealed
Chapter 445 – Subsidiary Sect
Chapter 446
Chapter 447
Chapter 448
Chapter 449
Chapter 450



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        1. The Schedule for Raws is Once a month (mostly first half of the month 01-15)
          Thyaeria translates it a day or two after the release of raw
          So no schedule tbh we can only wait :3

  1. [email protected]

    Anyone inform the translator about new ch plz

  2. i would find it surprising if the reason the temporal book fused with nie li its because hes the reincarnation of the expert who owned it in the first place, the one the six original gods killed, which resulted with sage emperor owning 3 pages.

    1. I would recomend Against the Gods. It is really good. I first read TDG and searched ,like you, a novel as good as it and found ATG. On the beginning ATG is not so good but if u insist on it u will fall in love.

    2. highly recommended >>>> Emperor’s domination… why? because im Li Qye! (you’ll know it when you read it) Againts the God is also good and very much like TDG. very knowledgeable of their past and great in alchemy and medicine. also a womanizer. but ATG has a slow 40 chapter start but you will eventualy like it.

  3. Does anyone know in what time cycle does author release chapters??? I’am so addicted to this now (read all 452 Chapters in 3 days ) and i need more if possible 😀
    anyway thanks for translation.
    Btw I know 4 $ is not much but I hope it’s enough for coffee.

    1. So if you haven’t caught wind of the controversy, short version is the author dropped the # of chapters to like 1 per month, where as in the beginning, there were multiple chapters released PER DAY. His pace started declining end of summer 2016 and has dropped to 1 a month.

      THe controversy thread summarizes and points out the evidence, but he did this with this with the previous book he was making before TGA: got bored of book, rushed story in the later third giving the main character rapid power gain, while he instead focused on new book. However, the last one he still finished the old book, this one he’s been pushing the manwhua (manga comic version) of TDG while the novel has stalled. Look at the release dates / comment dates of the past few chapters, then compare to how the old ones were multiple per day.

      Also to note, lots of former translator’s and staff on his developement/publishing team have left due the author pulling this crap.

      1. Aish… we really can’t blame this on the mighty translator.

        Besides, aren’t we still addicted to TDG even if we bash the author no matter where and when? TDG is really such a very good story that even if it seems to be rushed right now, we still look forward to what will happen with his revenge for Zhiyun’s father’s murder, the future of his Dragon Wing retainer, completion of all the monster slots of his Heavenly God Technique, collection of the TDSB pages, the legacy war between him and the other monstrous legacy candidates, and yeah, no matter how much we really do hate the author right now for making us wait so long for an update, we really still do have to admit that we always look forward on how Nie Li will, ehem, satisfy his two goddess love interests… especially now that he had just visited them on the Heavenly Note Sect.

        sigh… I gotta admit that I also feel the same frustration like you guys feel but you know what… Thyarea is still doing a really good job for us with the translation of new TDG chapters.

        In the end, TDG is still worth the wait.

  4. Waaa I feel grateful for finding this website. I come from the manga (chapter 124), could someone point out to me which light novel chapter this corresponds to?

    Thanks for the translation!!

    1. Roughly 109/110. But as a suggestion read from the beginning. All of the manga that I have seen have chapters that are about 10 pages long. This will give you the very basic understanding of the story and plot but as with most things the original has more descriptions and explanations. Happy reading.

  5. anybody know how to contact madsnail? i really want to have a chat with him and tell him get his ass back on finishing this novel… he really chose a fitting name for himself as he is working at a snails pace…

  6. I have a question:
    Cult of the Sacred Runes is also the same author of Tales of Demons & Gods, and unlike the latter, it turns out to be completely finished with 667 Chapters, currently has 235 Chapters sub in English with a very low release of only 3 chapters every 15 Days or less, could translate Cult of the Sacred Runes so that the author returns Tales of Demons & Gods, also counts as a prequel to Tales of Demons & Gods since it is based on the same world but before the wise emperor ^^ I hope They all like the idea ^^.

  7. question: how old is nei li at present on chapter 453?

    im guessing 20 or 21. help me deduce the months or years he spent on glory city, subsidiary realms, nether realms, and draconic ruins realm. thanks!

    1. He’s 16 or 15 actually…it was stated that he and Ziyun would marry at 16 and they left for Glory City at 14. A year later Nie Li got in the eastern district and now we are 6 to 7 months after that whivh puts him at 15/16.

        1. Wait…he was 13/14 at the start of it so now hes 16/17 lol birthdays should maybe be given to make sure…I’m not even sure they have birthdays in this series.
          Thx for the link, very usefull.

  8. Pills! Pills! Pills! If a single pill (martial dao level pill) can jump off to 2 stages, then all big five of divine feather sect should be a pinnacle expert by now or maybe in a highier realm. Any body feel me?

    1. wowowowowo.. really hype.. thanks.. I really appreciate this.. ultra thanks.. this animation was really good.. I never thought Nie Li was so handsome in this animation..

  9. Im so scared and restless right now.. just finished reading until chapter 376 -wu yazi- after a week of reading.. and Im realize Im near the latest chapter.. I dont want to be caught in cliff hanger and waiting for new chapter.. hhuhuh.. damn.. what should I read after I caught up this novel? any suggestion.. ? I love this kind of type of novel.. actually this is my 1st novel on internet.. before I reading manga and found this TDG manga on recommended top list ..so I read it and really enjoying it and some people said go read the novel of it so I tried and voila.. !! become the fan of this novel..huhuhu

    1. If you enjoy this type, I’d recommend
      doulou dalu, the 1st should be close to finished translating or already finished and can be found on other sites, the second is called Unrivaled Tang Sect here(haven’t read this tho, so I don’t know if it’s any good).
      I Shal Seal The Heavens
      Emperors Domination

      1. Thank you.. I already caught up latest TDG and suffering from the cliffhanger for the first time to the point I felt like want to cough up a mouthful of bloods..hahaha and I already start reading ISSTH up to wang teifeng leaving the sect and pause because I got exam in next 2 weeks.. but I enjoy reading ISSTH..

  10. better to drop this novel for now and come back after 10+ years…slow pace and small chapters…at this rate after 10 years 12*10=120 chapters..this novel is not getting anywhere..

  11. This is the second novel that I have read after Coiling Dragon. I enjoyed reading this since it has a great plot, etc.
    BUT I have given up on this because the update is soooooo long. I don’t even know if the Author still plans to finish this?

    1. 1 chapters per month….so we usually all come out. unfortunately, we still like the story. It was my 1st wuxia web novel, so it has a spot on my list but far from a perfect novel.

      Currently I’m reading Emperor Domination, It is very similar to TDG but crazy better in terms of plot and character development.
      Thanks for whoever recommend it !!!

  12. Hi, I was just wondering. Would you consider translating Star Martial God Technique (manhwa name)? I think you would be the best, since you already know how Mad Snail writes. BTW: thank you for your work, because of you and your job was my time in hospital bearable.

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