【TDG】Chapter 112

Yo…Thyaeria here! I gave up my Panda site and brought TDG with me over to WW. I have to thank all those that gave me a warm welcome on the comments! Ren originally invited me to join WW few days back, however, I was going to get my own server so I declined and postpone the join. But well…, I don’t really like troublesome stuff so I gave up on the server and moved to WW earlier than what I have planned. Next, English isn’t really my first language, so please ignore any English mistakes. Not really a wordy person :/ So yeah xD

Some changes to TDG to take note~

– Names will be changed from Ye Zi Yun to Ye Ziyun. Basically, it makes remembering names easier for readers and Ren suggested it xD
– Me and my editors are re-editing the previous chapters to make them much better. We’ll be re-editing all the previous chapters once every 100 chapters.

TDG Chapter 112

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  1. Wow for ch 1-100: 842 replaces on Ye Zi Yun
    Zhu Xiang Jun 8x
    Xiao Ning Er 535

    Not sure if there were other names off the top of my head that needed to be replaced though

  2. Thanks, though maybe on the pages that show the links, rather than using the short form, maybe use “Tales of Demons and Gods”… cause when going through, it looks similar to “The great ruler”…]

    TDG and TGR… so just on this link page, why not use the full title?

  3. Thanks for editing past chapters. I keep getting confused because of the tense issues…Wonderful story so far. Thanks for the ████████████. This will be my replacement for CD after it is finished

  4. Thanks for the chapter.
    I started reading TGD on your panda site last week and was hooked! Love your work. To think you’ve now relocated to to this site… well that makes keeping track easier!

  5. Thanks,
    just a thought, TGR and TDG are both 3 letter acronyms starting with “T”, it’s probably me being a lazy skumbag, but especially as the chapter numbers are both in the 100~teens it’s possible to mistake them, would it be possible to make them look a little more different, e.g. TDandG, or TD&G or Tales of D&G or some such…
    thanks for considering it

  6. Hey can you guys change the title for the update section for tgr and tdg so they don’t look so similar. TGR can be just Ruler while TDG can be Tales or simply have one of them fully typed out. Other titles works too as long as we can separate them. (Another suggestion use the MC’s name ie “Nie li’s tale (TDG)” or “MuChen journey (TGR)” then have the title at the end of the name. Thanks)

  7. welcome to Wuxia World Thyaeria! i was hoping to offer my help with your server migration and website development but i think it was a better decision that you moved to WuxiaWorld. Not that having your own site is any less, but being in a wider community of translators and readers should give you less of a hassle.

    Also, thank you Ren for welcoming him @Wuxiaworld! TDG is a great piece and this should rope high number of views and support for the site.

    KUDOS Thyaeria and TDG!

  8. Be very welcome =D and don’t mind the language, the chapters are very well done and easy to understand at least till the point I am and I have had some nice laughs with translator/editor rants in them, just out of curiosity what is your mother language Thyaeria?

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