The Divine Elements

Author: Daman


Release Schedule

3 Regular chapters a week are released, usually on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 18:00 (GMT +3)


Synopsis: Anger. Pain. Desolation.

An orphan boy tries to forge his own destiny in order to seek the strength to avenge the deaths of his family, as he shatters the chains of servitude bond to him.

On his eighth birthday, Calron awakened to the weakest known power in the world: the element of lightning. However, unlike the normal golden lightning of other cultivators, Calron’s lightning was an azure-blue color.

Hiding his powers from the world, Calron embarks on a journey of ascending to Godhood and takes his first step into a world of friendship, revenge, and bloodshed.


Xianxia, Martial Arts, Fantasy, Adventure, Action, Romance, Mature, Kingdom Building


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Table of Contents

Book 1: The Blood Legacy

Chapter 1 – A New Destiny
Chapter 2 – A Mysterious Voice
Chapter 3 – Red Boar School
Chapter 4 – Natural Born Genius
Chapter 5 – Disappear
Chapter 6 – Element-Less
Chapter 7 – First Taste of Blood
Chapter 8 – The Twin Demons
Chapter 9 – A Painful Past
Chapter 10 – The First Lesson
Chapter 11 – The Axier Family
Chapter 12 – The Legacy of Blood
Chapter 13 – Transformation
Chapter 14 – The First Breakthrough
Chapter 15 – Defying the Heavens
Chapter 16 – The Thunder Bird
Chapter 17 – Explosive Strength
Chapter 18 – The Formless Fist
Chapter 19 – A Fateful Encounter
Chapter 20 – Big Sister?
Chapter 21 – A New Bond
Chapter 22 – A Fresh Sight
Chapter 23 – The Beast Within
Chapter 24 – The Final Destination
Chapter 25 – A Broken Weapon
Chapter 26 – Thunder’s Hand
Chapter 27 – (Title is a spoiler, so it’s given at end of chapter)
Chapter 28 – Legend of the Past
Chapter 29 – Rebirth
Chapter 30 – Changes
Chapter 31 – The First Spar
Chapter 32 – A Soft Breeze
Chapter 33 – (Title hidden again, look at end of chapter!)
Chapter 34 – Secret Unveiled
Chapter 35 – The Supreme Entities
Chapter 36 – Titan’s Fury
Chapter 37 – Preparation
Chapter 38 – A Summer’s Beauty
Chapter 39 – A Deathly Smile
Chapter 40 – The Violet-Eyed Executioner
Chapter 41 – Order of the World
Chapter 42 – A Rare Elixir
Chapter 43 – The Blood Mist Step
Chapter 44 – The Preliminary Round
Chapter 45 – A Change of Heart
Chapter 46 – The Arena
Chapter 47 – A Shocking Scene
Chapter 48 – Are you a Boy or a Girl?
Chapter 49 – The White Armband
Chapter 50 – Pervert!
Chapter 51 – Entering the Stage
Chapter 52 – Behind the Scenes
Chapter 53 – A Teardrop
Chapter 54 – Yearning a Family’s Love
Chapter 55 – Retribution
Chapter 56 – (Title is a spoiler, so given at end of chapter!)
Chapter 57 – Dilemma
Chapter 58 – The Return
Chapter 59 – I Will Create My Own Destiny!
Chapter 60 – Epilogue


Book 2: The Desolate Mountains

Chapter 61 – Five Years Later
Chapter 62 – The Hunt
Chapter 63 – A Warrior’s Heart
Chapter 64 – A Nightmare
Chapter 65 – White and Grey
Chapter 66 – Rise of the Beasts
Chapter 67 – The Bloodline of a Beast
Chapter 68 – The Will of a Student
Chapter 69 – A Decision Made
Chapter 70 – Departure
Chapter 71 – Revelation
Chapter 72 – A New Territory
Chapter 73 – The First Strike
Chapter 74 – The Cry Of A Beast
Chapter 75 – The White Room
Chapter 76 – Ezkael
Chapter 77 – The First Shape-Shift
Chapter 78 – Conflict
Chapter 79 – It’s Unsightly
Chapter 80 – Visitors
Chapter 81 – Remembering The Past
Chapter 82 – The Howl Of A Child
Chapter 83 – Hope for the Future
Chapter 84 – The Piercing Eyes
Chapter 85 – Companion
Chapter 86 – Intruder
Chapter 87 – Entering the Beast City
Chapter 88 – The Beginning of a Change
Chapter 89 – The Life of a Destitute
Chapter 90 – The Little Birdy
Chapter 91 – The Opponent
Chapter 92 – Lightning in the Sky
Chapter 93 – Plans in Motion
Chapter 94 – Will of Lightning
Chapter 95 – Disappointment
Chapter 96 – Lightning vs Lightning
Chapter 97 – Flow of Lightning
Chapter 98 – Rebran
Chapter 99 – Misfortune from Birth
Chapter 100 – (Title is spoiler, given at the end)
Chapter 101 – News of War
Chapter 102 – The Puppeteer
Chapter 103 – Under The Moonlight
Chapter 104 – Vengeance
Chapter 105 – Turmoil Within The City
Chapter 106 – Chains of Lightning
Chapter 107 – The Search
Chapter 108 – Arrival
Chapter 109 – A New Brother
Chapter 110 – The Two Forces
Chapter 111 – Tragedy Befalls
Chapter 112 – The Start of the End
Chapter 113 – The Forgotten House
Chapter 114 – Epilogue


Book 3: Scion of Raizel

Chapter 115 – Prologue
Chapter 116 – The Beginning of a New Journey
Chapter 117 – Unexpected Visitor
Chapter 118 – Weapon of a Primordial Beast
Chapter 119 – The Elder’s Secret
Chapter 120 – The Ancient Guardians
Chapter 121 – Vilas
Chapter 122 – A Connection
Chapter 123 – Memories of a Soul
Chapter 124 – Descendent of House Raizel
Chapter 125 – Title Hidden (Given at end of chapter)
Chapter 126 – Bond of a Legacy
Chapter 127 – Reunited Brothers
Chapter 128 – The Truth About What Happened
Chapter 129 – Journey to Retrieve the Small Packages
Chapter 130 – Departure
Chapter 131 – The Question That Decides The Future
Chapter 132 – Hidden Plans
Chapter 133 – Selior City
Chapter 134 – Fateful Encounter
Chapter 135 – Unrequited Consequences
Chapter 136 – Retaliation by Blood
Chapter 137 – Opening A Shop
Chapter 138 – The Slave Market
Chapter 139 – Give Me A Name, Master
Chapter 140 – A Deal Struck
Chapter 141 – Fourth Step of the Blood Legacy
Chapter 142 – Calron’s First Creation
Chapter 143 – God Tiles
Chapter 144 – Blood Sacrifice
Chapter 145 – The Azure Pavilion
Chapter 146 – The Beginning of the Legend
Chapter 147 – Lightning Under The Rain
Chapter 148 – Clash Against the Raizel Clan
Chapter 149 – The Worth of Being Protected
Chapter 150 – The Innocent Flowers
Chapter 151 – Patriarch of the Raizel Clan
Chapter 152 – A Danger Approaches
Chapter 153 – Encountering A Familiar Face
Chapter 154 – A Glow in the Darkness
Chapter 155 – The Mark of a Race
Chapter 156 – Preparations
Chapter 157 – Stranger Under Three Suns
Chapter 158 – The Collision
Chapter 159 – The Members of the Raizel Clan
Chapter 160 – The Young Generation
Chapter 161 – The Truth Behind the Six Towers
Chapter 162 – A Strange Connection
Chapter 163 – Family Member From The Past
Chapter 164 – A Promise of Eternity
Chapter 165 – The Night Before
Chapter 166 – It All Begins Now
Chapter 167 – The Eclipsed Sun
Chapter 168 – Two Choices
Chapter 169 – Fighting a Saint Stage Expert
Chapter 170 – The Advent
Chapter 171 – Unstoppable Force
Chapter 172 – The Cry
Chapter 173 – The Charge
Chapter 174 – True Despair
Chapter 175 – Accepting Death
Chapter 176 – Divinity
Chapter 177 – Epilogue


Book 4: The Seventh Tower

Chapter 178 – Prologue
Chapter 179 – A Secret Meeting
Chapter 180 – Revealing the Truth
Chapter 181 – The Origins
Chapter 182 – Acceptance
Chapter 183 – The Ambush
Chapter 184 – Golden Veins
Chapter 185 – The Summons
Chapter 186 – Proposal
Chapter 187 – The Solution
Chapter 188 – Underground Forces
Chapter 189 – Elder of the Outlaw Sect
Chapter 190 – Conspiracy
Chapter 191 – Cage Fight
Chapter 192 – Hierarchy
Chapter 193 – The Four
Chapter 194 – First Display of Power
Chapter 195 – Entering Enemy Territory
Chapter 196 – Signs Of Trouble
Chapter 197 – Spy
Chapter 198 – Successful Mission
Chapter 199 – A Fisherwoman’s Dream
Chapter 200 – Plans within Plans
Chapter 201 – Return of the Lion
Chapter 202 – Rebran’s Story
Chapter 203 – Soul
Chapter 204 – Sparring
Chapter 205 – Future Inside The Beast Skin
Chapter 206 – Clan’s Secret
Chapter 207 – Speech
Chapter 208 – Accusations
Chapter 209 – Choice For The Slaves
Chapter 210 – Players In Motion
Chapter 211 – A Heart’s Loyalty
Chapter 212 – Xin’s Relevation
Chapter 213 – Five Years
Chapter 214 – Unspoken Words
Chapter 215 – The Wave


63 thoughts on “The Divine Elements” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. This may be self explanatory but could someone describe a bit more in-depth about the “Kingdom Building” tag? I assume it means the mc helps/contributes/starts/founds/takes over/ a sect/clan/kingdom. If that is indeed correct what can I expect differently trope wise compared to other novels?

    1. The kingdom building comes around the end of the third book. Don’t wanna give any spoilers, but it will be on the scale of kingdom(s) and instead of the usual fist-to-fist fights, the mc will be using political machinations along with his brute strength to create his empire. Any more than that would come into serious spoiler category 😛

      1. Haha really fast reply! This should prove to be interesting :D. I shall see you when I catch up to the latest releases…..If I am being honest here give me like 4 days lol. xD The binge starts now, thanks again for the reply!

          1. Oh wow, I love it when the MC establishes their own kingdom 😀 Is the progress of the kingdom still focused later-on? Started reading and I’m loving it ^^

  2. Since you have this out in E-Book and Paperback, any chance of it coming out in Audiobook? I can pretty much guarantee that I’d buy it in the format. Im a serious audiobook junky and the description sounds fun.

    If you havent even considered audiobooks, Id suggest talking to about what’s involved and then crunch some numbers and see if it’s worth investing in.

    1. Actually I was going to contact both Tina and you, Daman, about this very subject. I happen to work with (not for but with mind you) Audible. I do reviews for them, however my contact with Audible is on Maternity leave at the moment.

      TDE and Blue Phoenix are definitely audiobook worthy and I’d be willing to throw in my own meager support. I haven’t read Overthrowing Fate yet so I can’t judge it, but if it’s even half as good as BP it’s definitely got potential.

      Let me know if you, Daman, are interested. I’ll get in contact with you and see about reaching out to Audible, though I have no idea when my contact will return as I had experienced a computer failure and wasn’t reviewing audiobooks for a couple month.

      1. Hmm, I did consider it but wasn’t sure it was worth the investment. Similar to print copies, I wondered if there was a real demand in the market for audiobooks. You can contact me at [email protected] if you have any stats or data I can see to reconsider this idea 🙂

      1. If they dream of doing a text-speech program I’ll buy a mike and record in my free time and donate it for free. Please, I beg you, no direct to speech! I’ll donate all my time for free!

  3. How fast is his cultivation? Just wondering how long it will take him to become considered as an expert. Not a fan of very fast cultivation but I hate when it takes like 1000 chapters for him to become strong (not the strongest).

    And does he age? Does he only age by like 1 year in like 200 chapters?

    1. lmao, he cultivates pretty fast. He’s already an adept martial artist around book 3 and his current age in the latest book is around 18-20 🙂

    1. I’ll have to make one T^T
      I still need to finish formatting the chapters, so it’ll take a while to get that out. Instead, I’ll make a small list here to show the cultivation system.

      1-9 (with one being the lowest and 9 the highest)


      Spiritual < Vajra < Saint < Heavenly < yet to be revealed

      I'll make more detailed one once I have more time on my hands. ^^

  4. I don’t know when Im going to have time to read this or where Im going to read it but I just bought it off as my way of saying ‘welcome to WW’. Now, just go make it into an audio book and I’ll love you long time. 🙂

  5. Btw choosing lightning as the looked down upon element wuut, that’s like the author who choose the sword to be the worst weapon in his novel, It just feels strange when the most popular X is reversed.x=(attribute,pwr, weapon etc…), Oh and welcome to WXW ,since I forgot where I left off, I’m gonna have to start from scratch T-T

    1. There is a reason why lightning is considered to be the weakest, but we don’t know if that was always the case… which leaves the question: what made it change? haha 😛

      1. Oh so that’s what your going with, I thought you just made it so that lightning is weakest from the start and that’s it, this makes it more interesting, I think adding this to the synopsis would make it more appealing.

        1. From the very beginning, if i remember right, its explained its the weakest cause its the hardest to evolve. As in, you need to actually find a thunderstorm of rather large proportions and stand in it, while getting hit. And its only while getting hit you can absorb the lightning essence that will allow you to progress further.

          But feel free to correct me, i have mixed stories together before. xD

  6. Hello daman, ive finished all the finished books here and currently waitng for updates on 6 books. in a 10 word sentence, try to convince me why i should read your book and ill be your loyal supporter till the end. I promise!

    1. haha, I don’t know how to convince you. I can say a few words, but stories are meant to be experienced in their entirety without bias. I’ll tell you this, read the first three books of TDE and then decide if you want to continue any further. It’s very different from the usual xianxia you might’ve read and it will become more apparent the further you go in the book. Come back after that and you can tell me yourself if the story was worth it 🙂

      P.S – thats a lot more than 10 words 😛

      1. I like how you go beyond the box, and tell me honestly that its my choice. I didnt wait for your reply though, as i didnt turn on my notifications. But i binge read 100 chapters. Its got me hooked and you got my support! 🙂 keep up the good work.

  7. Currently on chapter 76

    Daman could you please verify this for me.

    Is the azure lightning and the beast bloodline not the same or are they????

    Since it says he always had his bloodline just it was dormant but the azure lightning awaken it. So if there not related then what’s the azure lightning???

    Kinda confused?!?:(

    1. This is a complicated one, as both the Azure Lightning and the Beast Bloodline are connected but different at the same time. This will be explained around book 3, so you’ll find out soon as you continue reading 🙂

  8. I just read the synopsis. Haven’t read it yet. So lightning is regarded as the weakest power in the world? Usually lightning power is rare and very powerful, so this caught me by surprise. Looks interesting though, would read it in the future.

  9. i dont mean to be one of the people that hassle for releases but i really really like your story and have been constantly checking the story since friday and cant help but notice that there hasnt been a release like there should have been, hope everything is ok with you and please release soon 🙂

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