TCOSP: Book 2 Chapter 8 – Title, Eternal Ocean Nightmare Prince

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Chapter 8: Title, Eternal Ocean Nightmare Prince

He lost, and he lost without a doubt. Su Yu lifelessly stared at the Blue Nightmare that he had always been so intensely proud of. At this moment, the awe-inspiring Blue Nightmare was so, so painfully haggard!

The Blue Nightmare was haggard due to the ice poisoning, but this also reflected the difficult situation that Su Yu, the Nightmare Palace Number One Egotist, was facing.

Su Yu didn’t think that he was the strongest out of all the Nightmare Palace teens. There were many renowned prodigies that he could only look up to. Yet, all of those prodigies were well known and famous. Everyone within Nightmare Palace knew of them, and even the entire soul pet trainer society had heard of them.

If he were beaten by them, then Su Yu wouldn’t have any emotions.

However, to be beaten by a nameless, almost caveman-like person, such a disparity in expectation was the hardest to bear!

“How is this possible! How can I, Su Yu, lose!!! Teach me a lesson? You absolutely don’t have the qualifications!!”

Finally, Su Yu, who still couldn’t stand the damage done to his ego, madly chanted another incantation to summon two more soul pets!

Dual Summon!

A technique that could simultaneously summon two soul pets!

Two dazzling symbols quickly appeared in front of Su Yu’s face, slowly revealing two mighty soul pets’ bodies!!

A dark grey, four meter long huge wolf brought a strong gust of blood-scented wind with it, violently blowing through the deep chasm and buffeting Chu Mu’s face!

Fifth phase sixth stage Dire Wolf! High class warrior rank soul pet!

The other symbol had an even more imposing aura. Light bursted into existence as lightning fell from above, sending echoes throughout the vast and empty battlefield!

Fifth phase first stage four Winged Electric Snake Demon! Low class commander rank!

Once the two soul pets appeared, their auras immediately pushed forward, causing the Ice Air Fairy to fall back a few steps!

From the high seats, seeing Su Yu summon other soul pets which was against the rules, Xia Guanghan’s brows creased immediately.

Seeing the appearance of the two soul pets, Chu Mu’s expression didn’t change in the slightest. Abnormally calm, he started chanting his own incantation, slowly opening the soul pact summoning symbol for Mo Xie!

Initially, the summoning symbol for Mo Xie was blue, but now it had transformed into an elegant silver!

Silver represented nobility, yet this silver had a captivating red peeking through, representing the unrestricted wildness hidden within the nobility. This was the reflection of the soul pet’s powerful battling heart!

“What’s that?!”

Chu Mu’s magnificent summoning symbol immediately attracted everyone’s attention. As the light faded, six flamboyant tails abruptly unfolded!!

The captivatingly red Demon Fire Evil Flames wantonly jumped around with the unfurling of the six tails. The burning flames caused the temperature around her to spike upwards. The terrifying Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox’s demonic aura blossomed in the rising heat, causing the sand and gravel on the ground to scatter away in a rippling wave around Mo Xie!!

A soul pet’s aura was like the aura of a battling expert. It needed to experience countless battles before slowly forming. Though high ranking species had strong auras, only auras formed through real bloodbaths and killing would have the greatest intimidation!

With three years of prison life, Mo Xie and Chu Mu were both the same- almost always battling. Once a soul pet makes killing a habit, this type of ruthlessness, cruelty, and coldness ingrained deep into their bones would transform into a sweeping aura that locked onto enemies like the strongest of storms!!

Currently, Mo Xie was releasing the killing fox aura within her body without bound. This massive aura almost instantly covered over the auras of the Dire Wolf and Four Winged Devil Snake. Those devilish, silver pupils casted Evil Stare without warning, causing those she gazed at to experience the strongest of shocks!

An astonishing scene appeared! The Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox simply stood there arrogantly, while the Dire Wolf and Four Winged Devil Snake started to shake uncontrollably, losing all their willpower to fight!!

Soul pets who’ve experienced the baptism of killing were on a whole different level when compared to soul pets pampered and fed with soul crystals.Even though Su Yu was the ruthless prince of Nightmare Palace, when compared to Chu Mu and the beast-like aura he had, it was like comparing a rabbit and a wolf!

Xia Guanghan had already stood up, wanting to stop the cheating Su Yu, but it looked like there was no need. Both Su Yu and his soul pets were completely overwhelmed by Chu Mu and Mo Xie in terms of their auras.

If a soul pet trainer had a strong will, then the soul pets who were telepathically connected would similarly have a strong will. In the same way, if a soul pet experienced deep terror, the owner would also feel such emotions!

“If not for Xia Guanghan saying that killing was not allowed, you and your soul pet would be dead ten times over!” Though his clothes were still shabby, Chu Mu had the same powerful killing intent as Mo Xie when he said that coldly.

Soul pet trainers and soul pets were connected by the heart, so imperceptibly, soul pet trainers would gain some of the strong aspects of their soul pets, especially Chu Mu, who had a soul pet ability like Chong Mei that could cast soul pet techniques.

Though he was not casting Chong Mei, Chu Mu’s eyes were currently silver. This silver, however, wasn’t a noble silver, but instead an emotionless yet cold killing silver!

The difference in power and aura made Su Yu even more dazed, causing him to have no more will to battle!

Chu Mu swept an eye at the lost Su Yu and smiled devilishly, but slowly chanted an incantation to retract his Ice Air Fairy back into his soul pet space.

Seeing Su Yu void of any meaning to fight, Chu Mu finally chanted again to retract the brassy Mo Xie back as well.

Chu Mu indifferently walked out of the battlefield towards Xia Guanghan on the high seats.

“Xia Guanghan, this person……who is he, to have an Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox, such a soul pet of immense quality!” Zhou Luling finally recovered from his surprise and asked slightly stiffly.

Zhou Luling had seen many soul pet trainers with heavy killing intent, yet those people often had lots of experience and were already people of fame. But this teen that looked only twenty years old unexpectedly had such a heavy scent of blood, able to scare Nightmare Palace’s Number One Egotist Su Yu enough to make him lose the will to fight. How could such a person be nameless? He should’ve been famous throughout Nightmare Palace long ago!

“You know of the Prison Island within Eternal Ocean?” Xia Guanghan said.

“Of course, if I remember correctly, you walked out of there?” Zhou Luling said.

Yet, when he said that, Zhou Luling suddenly understood. His expression became even more shocked, as he looked with disbelief at the slowly approaching Chu Mu!

“You mean……this teen……”

“King of Prison Island! How could this be, everyone knows that the people locked in Prison Island……this teen looks only twenty!”

An uproar started!!

The Prison Island had one expert every three years, and the expert that survived was named King of Prison Island! This death game had been going on for a very long time. The person who was quickly rising through the ranks, the person with unlimited potential, Xia Guanghan was the King of Prison Island from twelve years ago. At the time, Xia Guanghan was only twenty one, said to be the youngest King of Prison Island in the past few centuries!

“Correctly speaking, he should be eighteen years old. He broke my record.” Xia Guanghan said.

Twelve years ago, when Xia Guanghan became the youngest King of Prison Island, there was a decently sized commotion caused within Nightmare Palace. With the appearance of this new King, another wave of commotions would start!!

An eighteen year old King of Prison Island!

In twelve years, Xia Guanghan’s King of Prison Island record had been broken by an eighteen year old!!

When the spiritually lost Su Yu walked back from the battlefield, he also heard their discussion, causing the shock in his heart to expand even further!

“You really survived on Prison Island for three years and are only eighteen years old?” Su Yu stared at Chu Mu and interrogated.

Chu Mu only nodded without saying more. Walking in front of Xia Guanghan, he said lightly, “Three years ago you said that when I walk out of Prison Island I will receive absolute freedom. Now I want to return to my clan first……”

“No hurry, I have one thing I want you to do. This will not be hard nor will it obstruct you from returning to your clan.” Xia Guanghan said.

“What thing?”

“From today on, you will be the Eternal Ocean Nightmare Prince. Your job – to be Princess Jin Rou’s personal squire.” Xia Guanghan said solemnly.

“Eternal Ocean Nightmare Prince?”

Chu Mu didn’t understand much about Nightmare Palace, and naturally did not understand what that title conveyed.

But, when Xia Guanghan said this, everyone else’s expressions changed noticeably!

Chu Mu didn’t know the title of Nightmare Prince, but they knew!

Nightmare Prince was the highest honor given to the younger generation of Nightmare Palace. In the entire Nightmare Palace, there were countless teen experts, but those who could have this title were very few! Even Su Yu, if not for his father’s position, wouldn’t be able to have such a supremely honorable title.

In Nightmare Palace, if one had the title of Nightmare Prince, one had the power of Vice City Master in any city under the eighth level that was under the control of Nightmare Palace. All men under those wielding significant power had to unconditionally follow any orders given by a Nightmare Prince!

Nightmare City was a tenth level city, while Gang Luo City where Chu Mu’s Clan resided was an eighth level city.

The city’s highest power holder was naturally the City Master. The City Master of Gang Luo City was the Clan Master of Yang Clan. The Vice City Master was Qin Clan’s Clan Master. This meant that the owner of the title Nightmare Prince, Chu Mu, was now equal in power to Qin Clan’s Clan Master!

Such an honor would have taken forever to earn if Chu Mu was still in Gang Luo City. Yet, within three years and after receiving the recognition from Nightmare Palace, Chu Mu’s position completely leapt upwards- he now had greater power than even his own Clan Master!!

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