TCOSP: Book 2 Chapter 41 – Commotion in the Auction House

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Chapter 41: Commotion in the Auction House

Chu Mu and Chu Ning chatted for a bit before Chu Ning took Chu Yishui off to train her new soul pet. Chu Mu himself simply left the house and went towards Gangluo City’s largest trade fair.

Chu Mu easily found the signal that Ting Yu had left for him, and he found Ting Yu in the VIP room of the trading fair. Ting Yu was just sitting there, patiently waiting for the auction of the Demon Tree’s Heart

“Young master, you’ve returned.” Ting Yu saw Chu Mu walk up and she immediately smiled as she approached to welcome him.

“How have the things been managed?” Chu Mu inquired.

The night he massacred the Yang Clan territorial housing, Chu Mu also conveniently ransacked the entire area for valuables. Because many of the things were easily recognizable as the Yang Clan’s, Chu Mu gave them to Ting Yu to convert it all into liquid assets secretly.

“I’ve sold them all. Young master’s share is 2,000,000 gold coins, with the rest being split to the killers.” Ting Yu said.

“En, good.” Chu Mu nodded satisfactorily.

Robbing the Yang Clan once was enough to earn 2,000,000. Such deals were still pretty exciting to Chu Mu.

“Young master, you have 3,200,000 gold coins in total. The Heavenly Demon Tear you wanted has been concocted already, costing 100,000 coins. The sixth rank bug and beast duo type soul crystal was 250,000 here, costing 50,000 more than in nightmare city. Also, with your order, I bought Ink Gemstone worth 250,000 that can improve your armored soul pet’s defense. After all these expenses, there’s still 2,600,000 gold coins leftover. Currently, I’m auctioning for the Demon Tree’s Heart. It seems that there aren’t many rich and overbearing people in Gangluo City. The price is only 700,000 right now, and currently no one has called higher.” Ting Yu said.

“En, take these two rings with you, sell all the soul pets within it. In the last space of the ring is a soul pet for you. Put it in your own soul capture ring and sign a contract with it once you are strong enough.” Chu Mu then gave two soul capture rings to Ting Yu.

“Can’t sign now? Can it be that young master is gifting me a commander rank soul pet?” Ting Yu’s eyes immediately lit up.

Chu Mu nodded and said, “This hunt, I targeted mostly commander rank soul pets. There are a few warrior ranks, but none were fitting for you.”

The auction continued on. Luxurious wood type strengthening soul item such as Demon Tree’s Heart didn’t seem to have much of a market in Gangluo City. What should be worth nearly one million gold was only worth 700,000 currently.

The Demon Tree Heart’s effects were very obvious. It was able to make a warrior rank soul pet’s plant type strong enough to compare with commander rank soul pets. Such an item was only encounterable by luck and not by demand. Too bad there weren’t that many people in Gangluo City willing to pay such a great sum for a mere warrior rank soul pet. With 1,000,000 gold coins, they would probably rather buy a commander rank wood type soul pet.

“Let’s do 750,000. Even if we have to remove our soul pet contract, it would take at least a year to recover. Let’s buy it still.” Yang Clan Clan Head’s second son Yang Mantian slowly said.

Yang Mantian had one child named Yang Shang. Yang Shang’s strength was just shy of Yang Luobin. He had a warrior rank wood type soul pet. Since the nominations were coming in only two months, to let his son Yang Shang get a better score, Yang Mantian naturally had to painfully pay a big sum!

“800,000 gold!!!”

Yet, what made Yang Mantian’s face go dark was, at almost the moment he called for 750,000, the mysterious VIP seat called for 800,000, showing an attitude determined to win.

Yang Mantian wasn’t the treasurer of Yang Clan. Especially after the Yang Clan lost a valuable sixth level territory not long ago, his liquid assets had shrunk considerably. The clan head only gave Yang Mantian 500,000 gold to increase his son’s strength. For the purchase of the Demon Tree Heart this time, Yang Mantian would probably have to pay the other 500,000 gold.

“Father, this Demon Tree Heart is very important to me, and its real price is about 1,000,000 gold anyways. We should just skip 850,000, and call for 900,000. Otherwise, if we just keep raising the price like this, we’ll lose even more.” Yang Shang suggested.

Yang Mantian naturally understood such auctioning logic, so he nodded and acted lavishly by calling the high price of 900,000!

Originally, he thought that once 900,000 was called, this Demon Tree Heart would most likely be his. However, at almost the same instant that the auctioneer cried out 900,000, the price of 1,000,000 appeared, immediately subduing all the members of the large clans present!!

This auction was very grand, so many important members of the four big clans were all there. The Yang Clan had the Yang Clan Head’s secondary son, Yang Mantian, leading. The eldest son of the eldest son of the clan head, Yang Luobin, was also there.

The Zhou Clan’s clan head Zhou Ju was the one that came, bringing along Zhou Shen, the young thug-like master of Zhou Clan.

The Qin Clan sent Qing Menger’s father, Qing Chang, and Qing Menger, who wanted to join in on the fun. They also sent many wealthy members that wanted to purchase soul pets, soul items, and soul crystals for their younger generations.

The Chu Clan’s representative was the treasurer Chu Tianheng, along with his son Chu Xing and Chu He, who lost his father early in his life.

The Demon Tree Heart really did make everyone’s eyes red. Needless to say, however, with anything that costed over 500,000, the Chu Clan would need to think very very carefully, so it was impossible that they would pay such a huge price.

The Qin Clan’s younger generation didn’t have anyone well-versed with wood type soul pets, so they just symbolically raised the price.

The Zhou Clan didn’t want to compete with Yang Clan, so they simply backed off. As for the other rich powers, no one seemed interested.

What should’ve been a 700,000 coin upset ended up with a high price of 1,000,000, even after Yang Clan jumped prices to show their determination in getting it. Such a situation was definitely rare in Gangluo City. Instantly, everyone was trying to guess which wealthy person was this lavish and courageous!

1,000,000 gold coins wasn’t something Yang Mantian could just procure from nowhere. Though he was very angry, Yang Mantian still didn’t dare to raise the price any further. He was only able to watch resentfully as such an important soul item was taken by the mysterious rich man.

Today’s biggest auction was this Demon Tree Heart, so all the clans stayed to see who would buy it. After it was bought, they naturally had no interest in staying. They all told their family henchmen to stay and buy the rest of the items at a reasonable price.

“The person in there, someone able to pay 1,000,000 gold without even blinking, isn’t common in Gangluo City, so you must be a reputable person, is it possible to see you?” Yang Mantian’s wasn’t that generous. As he was leaving the auction house, he immediately very “politely” asked to see who it was.

In reality, all the other clans also wanted to know who this lavish man was. After all, 1,000,000 gold was definitely not a small sum.

Yang Mantian stood outside the door, and the other clans also halted their step, watching this position.

The door slowly opened, and a huge commotion started in the auction house as no one thought that the person who bought the Demon Tree Heart with 1,000,000 gold was a pretty girl that didn’t even look 20!

Yang Mantian was slightly struck dumb, his eyes staring at this apathetic feeling woman, and he couldn’t say anything for a long time.

“Any problem?” Ting Yu looked up and at Yang Mantian, her tone indifferent.

Though Ting Yu herself only had a third level title in Nightmare Palace, she had still met countless powerful characters within the palace. In a small place like Gangluo City, Ting Yu was indeed enough to deal with these people.

“This young lady, I am Yang Luobin and I just felt a rush of impulse to get to know a pretty lady like you, so……” Yang Clan’s eldest grandson Yang Luobin reacted pretty quickly and he stepped up, putting on a gentlemanly appearance.

Yet, just as this self-believed charming person stepped up, the Devil Attendant behind Ting Yu stepped up between Ting Yu and Yang Luobin with a body full of cold air, saying with a frigid tone, “Dare to take one more step forward and you will die!”

Yang Luobin’s smile immediately went stiff. Feeling this Spirit Teacher’s killing intent, he couldn’t help but back off.

The Yang Clan’s people all stared dumbfoundedly at the two Devil Attendants behind Ting Yu!

Yang Mantian also knew how to recognize people. From the coldness given off by the two Devil Attendants he knew they definitely weren’t anyone ordinary. Even in the Yang Clan, they could be considered to be top tier experts. The fact that such people were like servants following behind this girl was enough to show this mysterious girl’s different identity!

“If you have no issues, just get out of the way, don’t block my path!” Ting Yu said coldly to the people of Yang Clan.

Yang Mantian also knew that, in Gangluo City, there sometimes were powerful figures that passed by, some which even the Yang Clan couldn’t afford to offend. Yang Mantian didn’t want to cause trouble, especially with someone so obviously holding a position that wasn’t simple.

Ting Yu naturally put on an arrogant look and walked past the ill-willed Yang Clan. The two Devil Attendants didn’t even need to disguise themselves. As killers, even under everyone’s watch, they were still their frigid and imposing selves, tightly following behind Ting Yu.

Ting Yu exited everyone’s view, as high-profile as ever, before people recovered from their disbelief. Everyone except for one person, who still stared at Ting Yu who had two experts guarding her……

This person was of course Qing Menger. Qing Menger was also the only person to know that Chu Mu was a member of Nightmare Palace.

“Menger, what’s wrong?” Qing Chang looked at Qing Menger’s weird expression and questioned.

Qing Menger shook her head and said to her father, “Father, you go back first, I want to look around a bit longer.”

“Sure, don’t stay for too long.” Qing Chang didn’t think much and left with his subordinates, specially leaving a few henchmen to accompany Qing Menger.

“Little sister Menger, did you specially stay because there was something you wanted to tell me?” Yang Shang also didn’t leave immediately. Seeing Qing Menger stay, he immediately moved closer and said solicitously.

Qing Menger was the wooing target of many youth in Gangluo City. She was counted as Gangluo City’s little angel. There were four reasons why Qing Menger was so popular and well received within young people.

Number one- Qing Menger was naturally gorgeous. There almost wasn’t a single girl that could compete with her looks.

Number two- Qing Menger herself was the princess of Qing Clan and had a noble position. If anyone married her, they would gain the support of a big power like the Qin Clan.

Number three- Qing Menger was the Luo Region Sect’s famous female disciple. The Luo Region sect wasn’t something a little Gangluo City could compare to. Even the Old Yang Family’s reputation wasn’t as great as Luo Region Sect’s, so Qing Menger was the target of many people for social climbing.

Number four- Qing Menger’s character was something everyone knew; good temper, never delicate, and being around her felt like being immersed in spring wind. This was the reason she was called little angel by many clan teens.

The reason Qing Menger stayed in the trade fair was obviously not because of this narcissist in front of her. After rolling her eyes towards Yang Shang, Qing Menger walked towards the room where the mysterious girl exited.

Yang Shang was treated without interest, so naturally he didn’t follow, in case he made the little angel dislike him.

“Mister Chu, you’re in there, right?” Qing Menger specially sent away her subordinates before walking into the room.

Chu Mu was indeed in the room. Telling Ting Yu to deal with all trading matters was so he didn’t need to overly expose himself too early. But Chu Mu also knew that Qing Menger had definitely guessed his identity, so when he heard her call for him, he didn’t hide, but instead walked straight out.

“What’s the issue?” Chu Mu looked at Qing Menger and said.

“I……I just wanted to……” When Qing Menger looked at Chu Mu, her face reddened a little, especially when she remembered how she called Chu Mu a scoundrel of Nightmare Palace right in front of him.

“I still need you to help keep me my identity as a member of Nightmare Palace a secret.” Chu Mu said plainly to Qing Menger. After speaking, he didn’t stay for any longer, and he walked straight towards the exit of the trading center.

Qing Menger used to be very good friends with Chu Mu. Once the news that Chu Mu was assassinated had spread, Qing Menger also cried for a long time.

Four years passed, and Qing Menger had already slowly forgotten this painful memory. However, she didn’t expect that Chu Mu would suddenly appear in front of her, and had changed so much in four years. Qing Menger still found all of this hard to believe.

Over the past few days, Qing Menger always couldn’t sleep well. Former events always floated into her mind, happy and pure.

Then, she thought of the few days in the forest gap, and she always felt a weirdness in her heart. Thinking about it over and over again, Qing Menger felt that what she said in the forest gap must have hurt Chu Mu, or else Chu Mu wouldn’t have refused to visit her a single time in the month after.

Realizing this, Qing Menger felt like she had to apologize to Chu Mu. It must have been very difficult for Chu Mu to escape death, and he was probably forced to join Nightmare Palace too……

Today, after seeing Ting Yu, Qing Menger guessed that Chu Mu would probably in here. The smart her quickly guessed that Chu Mu didn’t want to easily reveal his Nightmare Palace identity, so he made Ting Yu cope with the crowd

Yet, when Qing Menger ran over to apologize, what she saw was an unbelievably apathetic face. This teen reeked of a detached attitude. When those black pupils stared at her, they didn’t show any emotion. This disregard and aloofness made Qing Menger feel unprecedentedly wronged.

If Chu Cheng was just purely Chu Cheng, Qing Menger might not have felt this bad. But the teen in front of her was her best friend from four years ago, Chu Mu. Remembering that this friend of hers was now treating her like a stranger, Qing Menger couldn’t control her emotions any longer, and tears quickly wet her face as she started sobbing quietly……

Chu Mu’s hearing was very good. Hearing Qing Menger’s cat-like murmuring, he turned around and saw a beautiful girl standing elegantly, with a face stained with tears, looking pitiful.

“How are you crying again……” Chu Mu felt wordless. Didn’t he say nothing at all? How was she unfathomably crying again.

Qing Menger felt Chu Mu spoke very strangely, not trying to comfort and instead being impatient, and started crying even harder.

“You’re older now, yet you still cry, this is a public place, have you no shame?”1 . Chu Mu walked up and wanted to wipe the tears off her face. Yet, he suddenly remembered that she had called him a scoundrel, so his movement froze and, after a while, he put his hand back down.

In reality, Chu Mu didn’t mind Qing Menger’s previous sentence. If not for the exact same situation now, Chu Mu totally wouldn’t have remembered. Qing Menger was just overthinking things.

Being called shameless, Qing Menger’s face immediately became red again, wanting to cry, yet was too shy to continue……

“Despicable, how dare you bully my sister Menger, kid, you don’t want to live anymore!!”

Suddenly, a rude voice intruded. Right after, a dark yellow clothed Yang Shang casted Wind Riding towards them, looking like he wanted to ferociously slam into Chu Mu.

Chu Mu stood without moving as Yang Shang rushed over. Suddenly, a star-like radiance appeared on Chu Mu. This radiance instantly morphed into a translucent soul armor right before Yang Shang came into contact with Chu Mu, creating a force that sent the angry Yang Shang flying!

Sixth level soul armor, valued at 5,000,000 gold. How could such a treasure be affected by a trash-like Yang Shang. After Yang Shang slammed into the soul armor, he flew back and straight into the auction house, falling right at the auctioneer’s feet. This caused the sexy auctioneer to cry out in alarm and create a wave of panic among the people who stayed!

Qing Menger was dazed, astonishingly looking at Chu Mu’s slowly fading Starlight Soul Armor.

“That……that’s soul armor!”

Soul clothing was definitely the most luxurious of all items. Especially those made for soul pet trainers. Even Qing Menger only saw monumentally important people in Luo Region Sect wear such items. Additionally, Qing Menger could tell that the soul armor on Chu Mu was definitely not just the normal quality third or fourth level stuff!!

“Bas……bastard!!” Yang Shang’s face was black with anger. Under everyone’s shocked gazes, he suddenly stood up and started summoning his soul pet!

A blood red sign slowly projected onto the floor. A ghastly blood light rose from the symbol. Immediately after, a huge Blood Winged Trioptic Beast majestically appeared. Its dense air of blood crazily diffused through the entire auction house!

“Fifth phase fourth stage Blood Winged Trioptic Beast!!!”

“The Yang Clan really put down a lot of money, giving such a soul pet to their third generation!!!”

After the beast of blood appeared, it caused another uproar of alarmed sounds!

“Properly teach this guy a lesson!” Yang Shang didn’t even see what Chu Mu used to push him off. This auction place still had many large clan members. Being hit in front of so many people, where would Yang Shang put his face, especially in front of his beloved Qing Menger!

The fifth phase fourth stage Blood Winged Trioptic Beast’s appearance immediately subdued everyone. Everyone looked as the deadly soul pet fly over their heads, yet they didn’t even dare to breathe too loudly.

“What’s the matter?” Chu Tianheng who stayed in the auction area immediately furrowed his brows, watching the direction where the Blood Winged Trioptic Beast flew.

“It’s…’s young master Chu Mu!” A clan henchman immediately recognized Chu Mu and cried out.

“What!” Chu Tianheng’s expression changed. However, watching the fifth phase fourth stage Blood Winged Trioptic Beast approach Chu Mu, there wasn’t enough time for him to summon his own soul pet to rescue Chu Mu!

Watching the Blood Winged Trioptic Beast flying over full of killing intent, Chu Mu’s expression was still stern, and he very calmly casted an incantation……

If it were before, if someone attacked Chu Mu, Qing Menger would definitely be the first to stand up for him. Yet, maybe after the days in the forest gap, every time they met danger, Qing Menger didn’t view it as danger anymore, because all she had to do was hide behind Mister Chu, and she wouldn’t even have to summon a soul pet before the danger was resolved.

So, this time, Qing Menger still didn’t summon a soul pet, completely habitually hiding behind Chu Mu.

“Mo Xie!”

Finishing the incantation, the fireless Mo Xie quickly appeared in front of Chu Mu. Her ridiculous and gorgeous six tails completely opened up, becoming a scary Six Tail Lock and firmly slamming into the Blood Winged Trioptic Beast!!

Mo Xie had already reached the sixth phase fourth stage, so the power of the Six Tailed Lock was even stronger. As the tails swept past, the massive Trioptic Beast flew back just like its owner, arcing through the auction house and landing in the centre, rolling over to Yang Shang!

The incomparably strong Blood Winged Trioptic Beast was blasted straight out of the sky. At this moment, the entire house went silent!!

“It’s the rare Six Tailed Demon Fox!!!”

“What stage and phase is this Demon Fox, why can’t I tell……”

“I think its a fifth phase sixth stage Six Tailed Demon Fox!”

After the silence, discussion erupted everywhere!

Though Mo Xie extended her body, she still kept her Pitiful Appearance’s disguise. Though she was sixth phase fourth stage, she disguised herself as fifth phase sixth stage, not even casting her evil fire demon flames.

“Chu Mu!!”

“Young master Chu Mu……”

Chu Clan immediately ran in front of Chu Mu, yet everyone stopped midway and looked astonishedly at Chu Mu’s Six Tailed Demon Fox!

“Chu Mu??”

“The Chu Clan’s fourth son’s son?”

“Chu Mu, wasn’t it the guy that had his first soul pet run away, causing him to be unable to summon his own soul pet even at the age of fifteen?”

“Didn’t he die four years ago?”

Hearing Chu Mu’s name, the crowd’s discussion were renewed with vigour!!

The matter of Chu Mu, almost everyone in Gangluo City knew. Seeing the Chu Clan calling this astonishing teen as Chu Mu, they were even more shocked!

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  1. Despite how it sounds in English, it is supposed to be affectionate


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