TCOSP: Book 2 Chapter 253 – The Hundred Mother’s Master

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Chu Mu knew that it was practically impossible for him to find the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon, but being able to find a small trail fortunately from the gluttonous insect monsters, how could Chu Mu let it slip away so easily?!

It was nearly night time, and the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s perception abilities gradually strengthened as the black night descended. Its perception range also increased from its original 60-70 meter range to 100 meters.

There were five levels in total in the brothel, and each floor was 100 square meters. The descent of the curtain of night meant that this place would become a paradise for the bodies of men and women.

The women on the fifth floor were the brothel’s best. Regardless of their looks, skin, or figure, they were comparable to many young women with superior blood lineage of noble families. Some of them even were the girls from fallen families.

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