TCOSP: Book 2 Chapter 251 – Exterminating Savage Creatures (2)

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The water was filling up fuller and fuller. Adding on the fact that the sewage pipes on west street were all blocked, the speed at which water was entering was far faster than the speed at which water was coming out. Very quickly, the entire underground area in this street area was submerged, leaving no space for air.

As the entire underwater tunnel system was filled with liquid, the water level at the Gluttonous Insect Monster’s lair was also two thirds submerged.

The tunnel itself wasn’t long, and with hundreds of Gluttonous Insect Monster, when there was only two thirds space, almost all of them hung themselves on the ceiling. Some even used their long arms to grab onto companions, their body already submerged in the water.


One Gluttonous Insect Monster didn’t hold on tightly and slipped into the water. After letting out a stream of frantic screams, its four limbs constantly slapped at the water, creating splashes.

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