TCOSP: Book 2 Chapter 250 – Exterminating Savage Creatures (1)

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Although Chu Mu really wanted to find out about the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s condition, he knew that right now all of Li City’s experts were focused on it. Even if he knew where it was, he couldn’t move at all. He could only watch the changes from the side, so it was best if he dealt with the ruthless soul pet traininer attempting something against the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon first.

On this day, city official Li Gu had, after adopting Ye Qingzi’s method, specially bought a few cheap soul pets from Soul Palace and threw them onto Western Street to make sure those things were still inhabiting that area.

Late at night, those soul pets released onto Western Street let out miserable shrieks, and quickly became the food for those hungry things.

On the third day, the city guards silently brought their soul pets underground Western Street district. Those who had a rock type soul pet firmly blocked up the sewers that could discharge liquid.

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