TCOSP: Book 2 Chapter 243 – Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s Transformation

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Once the bounty has only a base reward, it means the event’s danger factor couldn’t be easily estimated. The lowest danger factor’s price would be the base reward.

And if the danger factor raises, the price would definitely go up. How much it goes up would depend on the event’s true danger level and the harm caused to those who finished the mission……

Chu Mu indeed needed a large sum of money. Of course, Chu Mu was also certain that the level of this event was definitely higher than 10 million, meaning it very likely would be beyond his ability.

Of course, after Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi returned to the medicinal store, Ye Qingzi returned to making medicines to first get rid of Ye Wansheng’s poison.

Chu Mu also took out 29 million gold to buy the Natural Wood Blood Crystal to strengthen the Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

Natural Wood Blood Crystal, as its name, is something that could make wood type soul pets learn Natural Wood Crystal with a high likelihood. This soul item usually took a long time before one appeared in the trading center. If not for Ye Qingzi reminding, Chu Mu may very likely have missed this transaction and would need to wait a long time until he could buy it again.

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