TCOSP: Book 2 Chapter 242 – A Case With Boundless Danger

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A savage creature with intelligence!

It was so terrifying that it could target city guards. It was able to use the lives of ordinary civilians to set a trap and make the soul pets of the city guards that protected the safety of this city into food.

Such a frightening species existed in this bright and flourishing city, inhabiting the small alleys that people frequently walked to and fro in. While taking a walk at night or even deep in the slumber of dreams, there was a chance that they could pass right by you. Whether they took your life or not was all predicated on their dreadful scheme…

Chu Mu’s heart was heavy. It wasn’t that he hadn’t seen death before, but the intelligence of these creatures made the hairs on Chu Mu’s back stand up. It was like the catastrophic-like desolate  hibernation from back then had arrived…

Ye Qingzi wanted to say something, but upon thinking about the devastating things that had just happened, an ineffable emotion surged up in her heart, and she could only silently follow beside Chu Mu.


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