TCOSP: Book 2 Chapter 240 – Strange Demon Claw

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Ye Qingzi stood up and slowly walked to the medicinal room. After a short moment, she picked out a large and transparent medicinal jar.

Inside the medicinal jar was some liquid. Within it, there was a beast claw. The beast claw’s outer skin was a strange color, and it was full of keratin, kind of looking like scales…..

“This is the claw of a savage creature that I hurt a few days ago. This organism is very special; no matter if it dies or loses body parts, as long as any part of its body leaves the main body, it would quickly become a black powder. The real reason we can’t find evidence on what type of soul pet it is is because of this. Only under the submergence of liquid can we really keep its corpse……” Ye Qingzi said.

With Ye Qingzi’s words, Dong Qing finally understood. That was the reason why they clearly found traces of soul pet trainers in battle, yet they couldn’t find even a scrap of evidence. It was no wonder his aerial guards couldn’t find any clues. These strange soul pets had self destruct abilities built into every one of their body parts.

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