TCOSP: Book 2 Chapter 239 – Night City Scare

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The center city’s west city had already continuously had people move out of there and temporarily live in different places. After all, after the serial killing incident, each one cruel and dangerous, the citizens without fighting strength naturally didn’t dare to live there.

In the recent days, the Li City’s aerial guards had also increased surveillance on the middle city west street. These soul pet trainers that fly in the air to maintain order could occasionally see some strange shadows dash from one alley to another, disappearing like a black cat.

Yet, they had no idea what they were, and were only able to assume that they were little animals that were lost that people owned.

It hadn’t even entered deep night when the western street had already become very cold and empty. There were about three teams encircling the skies of the western street. They didn’t fly too high. After all, if they flew high, they wouldn’t be able to detect any abnormalities.

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