TCOSP: Book 2 Chapter 236 – Speed and Dodging, Li City Chase

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“What if I lose?” Chu Mu glanced at the soul pet under Miss Sha.

The soul pet Miss Sha rode was a Light Unicorn. Full of flowing silver hair, it wasn’t tainted by a single speck. Noble and holy, it created a perfect contrast with Chu Mu’s evil and handsome Night Thunder Dream Beast.

“If you lose you lose. Don’t want anything from you, I just want to compete against your Night Thunder Dream Beast.” Miss Sha said.

This Miss Sha should be an expert of the young generation. Her Light Unicorn was a strengthened seventh phase commander. For people able to have such a soul pet, 500,000 was just a small number.

“Forget about the 500,000, just help me find someone.” Chu Mu just remembered, in such a large city, even if he had made made a meeting with Ye Qingzi, he still didn’t know how to find the two. Seeing as these young masters and lady should be well known within Li City, he could ask them to help out.

“No problem, there isn’t anyone in Li City I can’t find.” Miss Sha let out a confident smile.

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