TCOSP: Book 2 Chapter 235 – Kingdom Capital, Li City

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The things Old Li said before was presumably the strongest soul pets of those great factions. Only, Chu Mu knew that he wouldn’t be able to truly understand the power of them, so he only shook his head and rubbed Mo Xie’s smooth fur lightly.

“Wuwu~~~” Mo Xie laid very satisfied in Chu Mu’s arms, not caring about any of what Old Li said before, comfortably shutting her eyes, waving her nine little tails lightly……

Thinking back to the verbal communication between the Empyrean Hidden Cyan Dragon and Mo Xie before it left, Chu Mu sighed with sorrow. He didn’t know if Mo Xie was the “very important thing” that the Empyrean Hidden Cyan Dragon was talking about. If she was……

“How’s the relationship between Soul Palace and Soul Alliance?” Chu Mu asked.

“Normal, they aren’t allies but they don’t fight either. I suggest young master to get closer to Soul Palace. The old fellows in Soul Palace are all stubborn and sly, but they’re also all very protective of their people……” Old Li said.

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