TCOSP: Book 2 Chapter 232 – Eighth rank Wood Type Soul Crystal

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Chu Mu nodded, decisively retracting his Zhan Ye back into his soul pet space and summoning his ice Air Fairy before him. While the Ancient Azure Devil Tree was greatly weakened, it cast a series of ice type attacks.

The Ice Air Fairy’s current fighting strength won’t be much weaker than Mo Xie’s now. Its towering ice crystal can very effectively freeze the Ancient Azure Devil Tree’s body!

“Ice Chain Formation!”

“Mo Xie, Nine Tail Chain!”

With an incantation, the Ice Air Fairy’s ice chains heavily locked onto the Ancient Azure Devil Tree’s body.

Mo Xie’s eight tails became durable fox tail chains that extended to trap the Ancient Azure Devil Tree’s arm, causing its arms to be unable to move.

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