TCOSP: Book 2 Chapter 229 – Marsh Corpse Hand

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After resting for an entire day, Chu Mu continued to advance.

He followed the dark forest’s path where it was dusky like a black night. Chu Mu even wondered if some departed spirit world soul pets would appear in this corrosive aura of the dim forest.

Departed spirit world soul pets normally were enveloped by the aura of death, and slowly absorbed this aura from the abandoned corpses in the wild, manifesting into a creature.

Chu Mu had very few contact with departed spirit world soul pets, and he had very little understanding of them. It was said that there was a large piece of land that was habitat to countless departed spirits on. That place was filled with departed spirit world soul pets…

After passing through a muddy patch of earth that was like a swamp, Chu Mu could clearly feel the density of the death aura. This dense death aura made breathing much harder.

“Gezhi Gezhi~~~~~~”

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