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Hey all, I know, I know, all the ranking stuff has been confusing.. blah blah blah. I get it! Well the good news is… eventually, the author gets rid of a lot of the excess and just goes by ranks (aka standardizes stuff). In the mean time, I went ahead and got an infograhic made for everyone! 🙂 I guess I’ll use this page to add some extra information later too!

(just click the pic for better quality, dunno why wp is weird like that)

Soul Pets are displayed as X(1-?) Phase X(1-9) Stage

10 thoughts on “Extra Information!” - NO SPOILERS

  1. A question, wouldn’t it be easier for you in the translations to have the stage with just a dot after the phase?

    Phase 6.4 (current Mo Xie). I dunno for other but sometimes when reading a confuse the phase with the stage… (fast reading).

    Just a thought.

    Thank you for the ranking system 🙂

  2. Thank you very much for this infographic, it is useful in order to keep track on the different levels in strength. If I may make a selfish request, can you make an infographic about the different cultivation ranks among cultivators as well as how many soul pets a cultivator can have at each rank and possibly what level of soul pet they usually get at each rank (for example if I remember correctly a Spirit Teacher usually contracts with Commander level pets)?

      1. Yes exactly! I’m glad I made some sense this time, that is not always the case 😛 But yes same thing but for humans, along with the number of Soul Pets they can contract at each rank, and how many they can summon at a time. I personally find the human cultivation ranks more confusing than the Beasts, not sure how it is for everyone else though.

  3. Could you also add Chu Mu’s current status (i.e. his pets and ranks/phase/stage, cultivation level, techniques etc). You could add the current stats at every time skip so we could see the improvements he’s made easily.

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