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Hey all, I know, I know, all the ranking stuff has been confusing.. blah blah blah. I get it! Well the good news is… eventually, the author gets rid of a lot of the excess and just goes by ranks (aka standardizes stuff). In the mean time, I went ahead and got an infograhic made for everyone! 🙂 I guess I’ll use this page to add some extra information later too!

(just click the pic for better quality, dunno why wp is weird like that)

Soul Pets are displayed as X(1-?) Phase X(1-9) Stage

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  1. A question, wouldn’t it be easier for you in the translations to have the stage with just a dot after the phase?

    Phase 6.4 (current Mo Xie). I dunno for other but sometimes when reading a confuse the phase with the stage… (fast reading).

    Just a thought.

    Thank you for the ranking system 🙂

  2. Thank you very much for this infographic, it is useful in order to keep track on the different levels in strength. If I may make a selfish request, can you make an infographic about the different cultivation ranks among cultivators as well as how many soul pets a cultivator can have at each rank and possibly what level of soul pet they usually get at each rank (for example if I remember correctly a Spirit Teacher usually contracts with Commander level pets)?

      1. Yes exactly! I’m glad I made some sense this time, that is not always the case 😛 But yes same thing but for humans, along with the number of Soul Pets they can contract at each rank, and how many they can summon at a time. I personally find the human cultivation ranks more confusing than the Beasts, not sure how it is for everyone else though.

  3. Could you also add Chu Mu’s current status (i.e. his pets and ranks/phase/stage, cultivation level, techniques etc). You could add the current stats at every time skip so we could see the improvements he’s made easily.

  4. I feel like you need to put a link for this page in the index
    I had to google it to find it again

    Also there are so many mistakes in all the chapters where they use rank/phase/stage wrong
    going to be a pain if anyone is ever going to edit it :s

  5. MMMOOOOOONNN FFFOOOXXX!!!!!! I made you graphs, though they kinda suck and I don’t know specifics so the suck even more, but the shouldn’t require too much tidying. Here it is fer ye face…


    {edit} I tried to make it the best, but I failed because I did a quick skimming of the chapter titles to see which had the information I needed to work it out so no in-depth reading was done and I think I did a sucky job as stated previously.

    P.S. the name was made from dragon and chronicles so its the dragon chronicles 😀

    1. Add up a little colour and put an ‘s’ on plural forms and it would be fantastic!!
      As regards for the skills Chu Mu has, I think the mains are the most important! =)
      Great job man!

      1. Ok, Thanks a lot and as I said before I didn’t go into rereading the entire thing so I don’t have all of his skills but I will put in his *SPOILER, unless you already know then I feel kinda dumb*

        Half-devil form for anyone who cares

    2. Updated per Random user No. 1 thoughts and opinions


      did some more in-depth readin for yall so be happy cause I think I have no where else to add stuff for now so I still need more Feedback because feedback is yummy in my tummy. derp. also I used colors on the trainer rank based on the pet ranking up there /\ and I tried to smooth it out so the transition of colors isn’t so rigid and stuff that needs some small bits of info are white and totally incomplete stuff is gray.

      Hope this is better cause I did what ever I could.

      {edit} crap forgot about the “s” on the plural nouns

          1. i think you should update your graph and change chu mu’s 1st soul pet to literally taking up 2 spaces instead of making it look like it isn’t. so right now he is at 2nd remembrance with potentially 10 soul pets but has his 1st soul pet taking up 2 spaces leaving him with 8 spaces left. he now has 7 soul pets, counting zhan ye and the ghost king, the empyrean cyan dragon egg is not counted as he did not contract with it as he was afraid of what would happen if ppl saw him with the offspring of the dragon, so effectively, chu mu has 1 space left for a new monster as was said in one of the recent chapters.

            on a different note, the flow chart showing cultivation is nice and understandable but i feel like the flow chart springing off from chu mu could be better optimized, instead of a flow chart, it might more easier to put it down as a table maybe, effectively splitting them apart so that it would be easier to put down descriptions of each soul pet, skill, special technique so ppl could refer to it and it would be easier for you to update.

          2. Thanks aiseas213 for the input, I haven’t read/ caught up in a while and I need to do that. expect a newer version before the new years. I don’t actually know though because of school and I need to read books everyday (both online and offline), so it may be hard for me to catch up fully so don’t get your hopes to high up.

            On the table idea, I don’t really want to change its current format but if i have to add more space just to make it more detailed, I will, but I won’t do some insane and crazy rewind time stuff to get all the moves and basic “statistics.” But I will try and implement those other ideas for you.

  6. gonna start a second row for the conversations about my new chart from this comment. Use the last comment to can reply to that is mine and reply to it if you have a idea to add to the list or a opinion about the chart itself

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