The Charm of Soul Pets (宠魅) – Index

Charm of Soul Pets cover imageAuthor’s Synopsis: Cloud birds that soar through the blue sky; Terrorblood wolves that roam the wastelands ruthlessly. Dream beasts that dart through the moonlight forests; Ghost kings that dwell on foggy cliffs. Ocean spirit beasts that haunt the depths of the boundless oceans; thousand-eyed treants that stand unyielding on precipitous peaks.
Sword Beetles, Sunset Eagles, Ancient Wood Demons, Chaotic Thunder Sprites,  Cursed Demon Fox: Ice… Plants, Beasts, Elementals, Undead, this is the eccentric, variegated, beautiful, and stunning world of soul pets!

Our protagonist, a soul pet trainer, had at first a young, mutated soul pet – a Moonlight Fox. In unending fights, it mutated into the stronger Evil Flamed Six-tailed Demon fox and the even higher leveled Queen Flamed Nine-tailed Firefox!
Under the companionship of this soul pet, he walked on the path to become a king, catching precious and rare soul pets, and never ceasing his endeavor to becoming the very best!

TL Synopsis: Many islands dotted the vast oceans of this world. However, some of these islands were a lot more sinister than the rest. These islands, known as Nightmare Islands, were true nightmares to all but the strongest and most fortunate. Children were kidnapped and thrown on these isolated islands by the Nightmare Palace. There, they were forced to sign soul pacts with evil soul pets: Nightmares. These devils slowly devoured the souls of their trainers to grow stronger. If the children did not cultivate fast enough, then their souls would be devoured whole, leaving only an empty husk behind.

Chu Mu, the protagonist, was an heir to the Chu Clan, but due to a plotted murder, he was thrown to the island, sentencing him to almost certain death. Dancing on the edge of life and death, he struggled to survive with a small Moonlight Fox he captured. When he finally escaped the devilish foremen on his island, he couldn’t help but let a breath out. But little did he know, the experience was only a beginning to a fated journey with his little Moonlight Fox…


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Author: 鱼的天空
Translated by: Chongmei Translations Group

Table of Contents

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    1. It probably wouldn’t have been added to WuxiaWorld if it was bad, right? Personally, I enjoy it. Why not read a few chapters, or look at some reviews on NovelUpdates?

      1. While most of the novels are top tier, TERROR INFINITY and such are also here.
        God only knows how it got such good rating in NovelUpdates but the comments in there paint a clearer picture. Such a waste of time.

      2. Yea, but there are bad novels (in my opinion) on Wuxiaworld. Just wondering you know if this is the majority not the minority.
        For e.g
        Martial God Asura
        Ancient Godly Monarch
        Ancient Strengthening Technique
        Sovereign Of the Three Realms
        True Martial World

          1. Calm down, no need to be raging. I will express my opinion and give you the reason behind them and you can do the same , like civilized men/women.
            Opnion- SOTR is bad
            -The battles and the fight scenes have become very bland and very boring
            -There are so many words constantly being repeating and the same things are being said over and over again. And some chapters can be completely skipped without any loss of information. The wasted space in the chapters has grown and/or even surpassed DBZ levels.
            -It has slow pace. Not the good kind but the bad one.
            -Very forgettable cast of characters and they have no depth. Just there to make us fell hatred for a character or root for them, they are very shallow.

            These are the problems that I have with the novel.
            Now tell me you opinion and your reason.

          2. I personally REALLY like AGM and MGA, with very little interest in SOTR. That’s what opinions are about.

          3. I think MGA is just the same as SOTR = boring and bland

            —they deem to over reiterate characters that are only meant to cause foul emotions and doesn’t actually have any significant contributions to the overall story.

            —battles are boring and doesn’t have any excitement and when the enemy is stronger, the author of both stories will write out certain blockades by a [lucky encounter] and then after that lucky encounter, the MC are back on being the KING OF THE WORLD

            —only the MC had the right to experience LUCKY ENCOUNTERS and their cultivations and how they improve in strength are all based on lucky encounters and not actually based on their own efforts on searching and planning anything to improve

            —TMW and MGA is very conceited. Their MCs are always written to be talented and that they fought their battles all based on their own strengths… ows? When the MC in TMW was written as to have “scoured the backwater lands of the Wilderness into becoming a heaven’s proud son [alone]” I actually stopped reading almost immediately. His strength was gained from LUCKY ENCOUNTERS and these lucky encounters only happened to the MC and not to anyone else.

            Personally, these kinds of developments are really boring and doesn’t actually have any kind of impact to the readers.

            It was one thing if it was written of as [having born with LUCK] on his side like Yun Che where he was born with the “Heavenly Luck” –at least that way, his encounters are justified since the world and circumstances were written with precision and planning, unlike TMW and MGA that, whenever the MC is winning or losing, a strong character [WILL ALWAYS] (and without miss) appear to either stop the deathblow or side with the MC to land a decisive mental blow to the forces that defies the MC.

            It’s really infuriating that the concept of hardwork is written off as that, disregarding the fact that they are all strong because they encountered many things that many people didn’t.

            Like I said, it was okay if the author chose to write it down as LUCKY ENCOUNTER. at elast that way, there was justification as to how things developed… but NO. They always write it down as if this LUCKY ENCOUNTER didn’t happen and that it was the MC’s choice how they became strong.

          4. To add on to Reddcliffe’s comment.
            The /best/ part is when characters like this are fighting against a sect’s “genius” and the author uses exposition to shame that character for being pampered with pills and resources that they didn’t earn. And how virtuous their protagonist is, when they basically murder people like this for fun; often starting fights with no actual reason or going out of their way to provoke them.

            I want to scream, “Yeah!? And how is the protagonist any better? All of their power came from lucky events, stolen goods and pills literally no one else can get their hands on!”

            While I find WMW to be average because the Magi are (il)logical and basically evil puppy kickers because “oh they’re soooo evil” at least the author doesn’t try to shill Leylin so hard.

          1. SOTR failed at quite a lot of things, especially in keeping a normal pace in the power ups of the MC.

          2. You know, never really liked it for some reason. Read until the gang went to the new country?? The whole time I just for some reason never really liked it. But you know I have my different tastes and people have theirs.
            BTW, these are the novels that I read, can anyone give my GOOD recommendations, that have about 50 chapters done and have a decent translation releases.

            My novels that I read-
            A Will Eternal- laughed my ass off, was reading it one time in my school library, looked like a idiot trying not to puke. Cuz you know I was holding my hand over my mouth trying not to burst out laughing and I was crying.
            Absolute Choice- good and funny but AWE takes the cake for that title
            A Mortal’s Journey to Immortality- slow but like the development and the plot so far, realistic and a nice change of pace as we have a normal MC.
            ATG- cliche and repetitive but for some reason, maybe cuz of the good writing and the setting, is really good.
            DE- do I need to say anything?
            ISSTH-do I need to say anything?
            Martial World- nice and a good story even though it is kinda cliche. But is really fun to read.
            Rebirth of The Little Thief- reincarnating into the past, always loved this genre so it’s good.
            Regrenade Immortal/Xian ni- do I need to say anything?
            Spirit realm- nice story, developed characters and overall a good setting.
            TDG- My first light novel that I read and reincarnating into the past, always loved this genre so it’s good.
            Warlock of the Magus World- do I need to say anything?
            Breakers- nice story, developed character and a game setting.
            Reincarnator- really,really good story telling and remember reincarnating into the past, always loved this genre.
            King of The Battlefield-do I need to say anything?

            So with these can you plz give me some book recommendations?

          3. I personally think that making the list of “bad” novels and “good” does not make sense, while I could put all the novels you mentioned as “bad”, in the “good” ones.

            Personally, I like all of them, either the Xanxia, the Xuanhuan or the Harem. The issue of preference, for example: monogamous pairs can be seen on a daily basis, so I prefer to read about harems (who does not want to dream ;P).

            But for example, I do not like DE, maybe because the main female interest was killed at the very beginning, although the IET has a tendency to write episodical romance…

            Maybe my opinion is a bit different because I have read many low quality Japanese novels, but let’s focus on whether or not, we ourselfs like sepcific novel or not.

            Without creating “lists”

          4. I would agree with that opinion and I think you would be surprise on how many people there are of similar opinion.

        1. I agree with almost all of them. BTTH has reclaimed some of its popularity for some reason, but I can’t bring myself to read it again. As for TMW, I have a good opinion about it. Especially the dao couple. For example tell me another xianxia where the love interest remains a strong companion for the MC? For your list I’d like to add WDQK, at least the first 150 chapters are a disaster.

          1. Yea I missed WDQK in the list.

            PS- check out my comment before yours and give me a good recommendations? Seems like U and me almost have the same tastes.

          2. God, WDQK is horrible. Not only are none of the characters even remotely likeable or at least slightly believable, the power level inconsistency, constant retconning, and seeming immortality of even the weakest mob characters is ridiculous. There is no need to even say anything about the atrocious translation quality.

          3. Please don’t mention WDQK… Not that it has no merits but even if it does, they are small and should be subsumed by the many demerits. If something like WDQK is acceptable, how can you anticipate anything good after people find out they dont need to put in any thought and effort?

        2. I can’t write a reply on your last comment for recommendations, so I will write here.
          First I would like to say that Breakers fails at keeping up with the political conflict, creating a discrepancy between what it promised in the beginning and what it delivered. So I would not recommend it in the long term. Reincarnator is also a story that over complicates the plot. TDG became the joke of all xuanhuan, as even the author gave up on it. RoTT is all over the place, so don’t expect anything special from it. But from this I can at least understand what you like. So I will give you a few novels to read.
          1) Emperor of Solo Play. Virtual reality novel that instead of giving the MC some important backstory instead relies more on what a virtual reality novel should be, in other words, items, grinding and backstabbers.
          2)Stellar Transformations, also from IET, it is completely translated. I also believe you have finished reading Coiling Dragon, which is completely translated on this site.
          3)Douluo Dalu, if there is a story that tries to reach perfection, then this story is that one. It is a dramatic story with a strong plot and awesome characters.
          4) Dungeon Defense, if you enjoy an MC that is not righteous but is extremely talented, then you will put this novel in your top 3.
          5)Galactic Dark Net, the beginning doesn’t seem to fit with the rest of the story, but at some point you get attracted to the MC’s personality and way of thinking.
          6)Skyfire Avenue, the story that a gentleman would adore and a boy would hate. It deals with class and with honor. + Awesome robot fights.
          7)Release that Witch, one of the most appreciated novels in recent times. Expect a heavy plot that deals with politics and society rather than power ups.
          8)Swallowed Star, same author as Desolate era but with a modern setting and a very likable MC. The love story is still trash as it is in every novel.
          9)The Legend of Sun Knight. In my opinion Absolute Choice is too much of a parody. Instead, this one will send you sides into the orbit.
          10) Emperor’s Domination, a well thought plot. Especially the backstory which is truly the only one that manages to explain why the MC powers up so fast.
          That’s about it for now. It should take you a while to finish them.

          1. I really appreciate your replay and the time and thought you put into it to satisfy my desire, thank you. I have been looking for some quality material to read so thanks.
            -Breaker is average and I only read it cuz it’ s decent and that I don’t have any other novels to read.
            -Reincarnator is actually good, in my opinion, as
            +it is story-driven and there are no filler stories here.
            +No Harem
            +No Annoying Sidekicks, -love a lone wolf main
            +Not alot of Xianxia cliche
            +You get to see the difficulties and hardships that is driving the main protagonist.
            Honestly you should read it (if you haven’t) till the translated chapters.
            -TDG – I am a bit biased for TDG because it was my first novel. Not good but not bad.
            -RoTT-like I said I like reincarnating into the past even if it’s all over the palce.
            – Emperor of Solo Play- read it till chapter 90, waiting till chapter 150 so I can binge read.
            -Stellar Transformations- finished it.
            -Douluo Dalu- well you see the I can stuck in a dilemma , I have read till the recent chapter of the manhwa and if I read the LN from the chapter after the manhwa I will miss the character developments and their names and everything.You know not going to be fun. And if I start from the beginning then it will just be boring as I already know what is happening and is going to happen.
            -Dungeon Defense- have read it – is really good.
            -Galactic Dark Net- haven’t read it , going to start soon.
            -Skyfire Avenue- haven’t read it , going to start soon.
            -Release that Witch-haven’t read it , going to start soon.
            -The Legend of Sun Knight- read it waiting for more chapter so I can binge read it.
            -Emperor’s Domination- haven’t read it , going to start soon.

            Thanks for the recommendation , probably going to keep me busy for 1-2 days.

          2. This is great we need more of these good and bad lists to give people better understanding and options
            I really recommend “Release That Witch” and “Emperor Domination” from your list

            ED: Good plot, has the most dominant MC ever, should satisfying most xianxia readers with blood lust of seeing MC utterly destroying all his enemies.

            RTW: has fantastic plot, interesting characters, refreshingly different from all the xianxia, MC relies on his knowledge and the support of people and witches who loves him. About the only xianxia/fantasy that can actually be made into a live action show.

          3. As someone who has completely different tastes, I don’t want to argue, although I agree that these authors maintain a very high level of writing, although personally I think that the novels do not have to be artistic in any case, but mainly pleasant to read ( For me novels just have to give me pleasure). However, I always wanted to ask the question to you, which tastes I see are different from mine, namely:

            It is known that Xanxia evolving from Wuxia is based at least in part on Chinese mythology, their thinking, and the realities of more or less ancient Chinese, knowing that, it is well known that there were some noble sages dedicated to their vocation and bloody rulers conquering everything around them. .

            So, the question to you is: If you were in the place of the main characters, having their power and their length of life, are you really able to say that you would be so noble, unselfish or unwilling to entertain yourself or just fool around with womens etc, as you show, mentioning novels like DE or TME?

            Even today, famous actors or politicians, sometimes changing women as gloves, some even, as someone who nicely put it “jumps” to theirs bed, no mentioning the main character, even in our world people are the same.

            With all these factors in mind, (although my question is purely theoretical because the answer would be different now, and different if someone else had actually come up with the situation) I think that the expectation of the unanimity and total devotion, especially in a situation where life It lasts a few thousand years, IS a not realistic approach.

            I understand that this is a bit of our Western culture, I once read an interesting book, I do not remember the title anymore, but the main problem with it was that with modern technology people stopped growing old and dying, which caused problems, especially in marriage when says “until death does not separate you,” it led to quite interesting conclusions and ideas … solutions from the spouses. Interesting reading.

            For me, everything you mention as “bad” is part of the xianxia genre, if you don’t like it… why you read Xianxia?

            Speaking seriously if you like reading what are you saying you like, I advise reading:

            Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss,
            The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady,
            Poisoning the World: The Secret Service Mysterious Doctor is a Young Beastly Wife, The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss, Stunning Edge
            or Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Wife

            I’m not kidding at all! Those are pretty good novels that will fit you if you do not mind the female point of view of the main character (quite refreshing I have to admit)

            Well, that’s all I can think of so far.

          4. WOWOWOWOW, how could you guys miss “THE DARK KING”?????!!!!!
            It’s such a good novel, although i was a big fan of all these wuxia and xianxia novels but you know it’s getting old and repetitive with what the authors are doing. MC accidently found a hidden treasure or cultivation boost in the lower realm and bam next thing you know it he is up there in the upper realm living as a legend. And there is something i really dont understand in most novels….why all ancient stuff found are all treasures??? I mean ok i get it resouces age their effect lvl up as well, but like weapons and tools or cultivation books????? So basically you are telling me the world was going like a downward slope as they never progressed at all for thousands of years so dependable on past achievements???
            I mean yea, the dark king also has some cliche parts but overall it’s good shit. He has something to back up his sudden change of mentality or his knowledge/opness, like we know his knowledge is op because the whole world had a massive set back it’s justified and explained unlike some novels…you shall not be named, also he went through some reasonable set backs to know everything is two faced. Unlike most novels i used to read when something doesnt go MC’s way he will just destory them, like why?? Can’t you just ignore them and move on or something??? I mean like do something more productive rather then beating endless amount of cliche idoitic, arrogant, mr bully your girl retards that takes up 50% of the chapters…..this is just an exaggeration dont take it too seriously, but you get my point.
            So yea, DK is some good shit, not to mention the update rate is super fast.

          5. if u guys like dominant mc’s then u should read paradise of demons and gods on gravtales

          6. Hey man… I can’t read chinese but can you tell me what happened to TDG? I thought that the reason it had been this way is because the author is waiting for the manhua to catch up or are there many other things unspoken in the chinese site of the story?

            Also, I would like to ask about Skyfire Avenue.

            I’m writing a robot story so I am kind of looking for good robot/pilot stories out there. Have you read the Unicorn Gundam Jap LN? are the robot fights in SA as detailed and as awesome as the ones in UNICORN?

            Also, where can you read the Legend of Sun Knight?

            I’ve only read the Manga around 2012 but I don’t know where the Novel is. But dude, I really am a fan of the Poor Sun Knight who was the ideal boyfriend but not the ideal husband unlike his peers.. It’s funny and hilarious in the Manga but I don’t know if it’s the same story as in the Novel version.

            Please send me your reply my wordpress blogemail @

        3. So disappointed with you, guys, caz you made ” a fast judgment” when you’ve read only 50 (or at most as far as tls) chapters so far and you claim that novel is bad.
          Will say something to make pple who is pondering to give some of them a try:
          First 150 (or more) chapters of SOTR are mostly introduction or the begining, the MC is weak yet he strives to survive and make it out of the tiny place he was reincarnated. I’d call these chapters “to abdicate the mundane”. Next there is an arc when he makes it into a sect. From here it goes more interesting but not so good yet, the real thing or the real begining, as I think, starts from chapters 600-800, I don’t remember correctly, from there it can be considered top lvl novel, caz it doesn’t drop up the lvl till the end
          Honestly, first 300 or so chapters weren’t so good, it’s like a common saying but I don’t think similar so I just say it’s depending on preferences. The story goes interesting from 100 empires war arc till the very end, which is somehow… well, won’t spoil 😛
          P. S. just say I think it’s the best xuanhuan story ever.
          It’s more about characters development than pure martial arts as it was in MW. There is more comedy, more dramma, etc. I think it will give you more emotions. I want to say that the author of TMW and MW realy did good job. You can see two novels share the same univers but they are somehow different… it’s that makes him the great author

        4. I would really like to add a point against your view about TMW and SOTR.

          Both of them belong to the category of novels where you must stack up chapters and binge read them to understand their charm.

          While each chapter individually are sometimes mediocre and sometimes good, only when you read the whole novel will you understand the charecter development, and story progress.

          For example – SOTR is a prime example of this mainly because the truly interesting points are in the subtle details that you will notice when you read the whole story while still keeping it in your active memory and will reading ahead because when they are read together it gives us more that their sum because of all the derivations and asociations you can make. Remember even though Jiang Chen is a million year old monster and has ton of theories, you can’t be the winner of the wimbledon if you have never held a tennis bat even if you are the foremost athority on the knowledge of the game. Jiang Chen loves martial arts and it is his million year regret not being able to practice it. The growth of his dao heart is something very subtle and has to be felt more than read. Same goes for his relations and conflicts he sees. He doesn’t have the experience dealing with these first hand because the martial dao was sealed of for him and he was but an outsider. Jiang Chen has a calm and peacefull dao heart that hides countless variations and viscitudes while also having the quality of youth.

          Mostly This is one amazing novel that you shouldn’t take at face value and give it a fair chance after it has build up a decent stack of chapters.

          When it comes to TMW, it has the same attribute where it narrated the story over a long chapter count but by no means does it have a very slow progression but rather it feels slow and having less content because of the author’s skill in making the chapters very easy to read. This is the one novel I would definetly advice to stack up on chapters with. Each chapter precipitates all the details on the whole story and if you have patience, all your questions will be answered when the time is right while also keeping the whole story interesting for everyone. Like the previous one this novel’s MC character development is also hard to notice but it is still there. You will immediately notice if you go back to the previous chapters in increments of 100, how the MC has changed from the the beginning of the story. And all this is discounting from the fact that TMW’s main plot will only most like start from now on from after chapter 1000. This novel is designed such that when you read the whole story, everything will fall into place and make a beautiful picture.

          As for BTTH, while it is not a great novel, I would count this among the chapters I would read in my spare time when I have nothing else to do or read as it does have good qualities and a semi – unique MC.

          As for the others I would mostly agree with you but I would still read AST because of all the hard work segments and martial art comprehension segments but the MC irkes me in his attitude, mindset (which is always evolving so we have hope here) and romance (Can we even call it that at this point?) pretty much the same issues with ATG but in different ways. AGM, the author wrote this and PMG so he’s most probably as sadomasochist and MGA well, there are points on both sides of the argument, but I give it a 1.5 on a scale from -5 to 5 where 0 is neutral. It is still readable and understandable in that stories universe.

          1. Dropped SOTR after the silly event where MC fell into enemy’s plot (The “f***ing” incident) like ok… The nearly omniscient MC, reincarnated and shit still fell through that!? And how did he not sense the enemy’s coming into close proximity!? And why the hell didn’t he put wards or talismans that could warn him whenever’s anything is strange? By knowing that he’s being hated(really hated him, like his opponents wanted to skin him alive) why wasn’t he alert with his surrounding, he shouldn’t have been a naive MC that would think, after that show of strength of his, enemies would just started avoiding him right? I’m like, author! “God of this light novel -san,” did this really have to happen!?

        5. Well, the only good novel that got me VERY hooked are Swallowed Star, Ultimate Evolution and Galactic Dark Net… those new chapters got me hooked very hard!

        6. so based on your comments :

          +No Harem
          +No Annoying Sidekicks, -love a lone wolf main
          +Not alot of Xianxia cliche
          +You get to see the difficulties and hardships that is driving the main protagonist.

          try this one :
          Fairly unknown , but I like it a lot since it feels fresh.

        7. I can’t find the reply button on the concerned post so I reply here (those are the novels I recommand you), There’s long live summons that is great, it has absolutely no logic whatsoever on the growth of the MC but it is extremely funny, about terror infinity originaly I thought it had a huge potential but as of now I just think it’s kinda good
          I like the 3 “douluo dalu” too, there are never situation that are too awkward and the novels keep surprising me, I really think it’s a great one
          but as for rebirth of the thief I read the mtl up to the end cause I found the novel great at the start but honestly mad snail rushed it in the exact same way as TDG on the end and it gets very repetitive

        8. AST is not bad “saint”.
          I quite enjoy it personally.You can also enjoy this novel if you just focus on the harem building and dont expect some other stuffs.

        9. Subjective. Dont ever name novels that you think are bad. I like most of the novels here BECAUSE of their faults… for you to just call them bad is just antagonizing all of their fans and you damn well know that. dont act like your the calm and rational one when while typing your response you have a good idea of what people are going to say.

        10. Uh, True Martial World is a great novel. So is BTTH. Would never lump those two in with those others. You must be on some sort of crack or you didn’t get very far in either I guess. They’re not even remotely close in quality. I’ll admit that SOTR is a little worse than the other WW novels, but it’s still better than those other ones you listed other than BTTH and TMW… seriously don’t hate on things without reading them properly. I mean, you can feel free to do so, but you’ll lack any sort of rhetorical appeal if you do that…

          1. I have some reasons druv, I did read the books and I am not just judging before I read it.
            Here are my reasons for BTTH. I liked it until 200c but after that the plot is predictable and I heard it get’s better after 600c but I can’t read through it because=
            – nothing unique to any of it, it has the generic auction house, to the old dude in the ring, to the alchemy, to the mc from another world. I am OK with cliche’s but the novel doesn’t offer anything unique to it.
            -author of this novel drags and far-stretches the chapters so much
            -author waste so much time in describing every beauty and most of them are 2-D and have no personality and most of the females that MC encounters are forgotten as soon as the side arc is over.
            -extremely repetitive

            For TMW, it suffers from the same problem as BTTH as the novel ispretty good for the first 300 chapters but it goes down hill and then I heard it turns really good after 850c and I can’t read it because.
            -too much empty trash talk.
            -repetition- tournaments,tournaments,tournaments and even more tournaments
            -way too much filler
            -really slow

            I do like the novels but after some time it get’s boring. But I know other people have different tastes and I said before in my comment , in my opinion, so sorry if I rubbed on you the wrong way.

          2. LOL how did this comment section turn into a discussion section. Interesting thoughts though :O

        11. I recommend you to read.
          1- History Strongest Senior Brother, the Mc is someone reincarnated from earth who reincarnate 2 times, in the novel there are a lot reincarnators, op MCs and cross worlders.
          2- History strongest founder, the prequel of the novel about, with reincarnators, op MCs with the same fate as Ji Ning or the bs of Yun Chen he.
          3- Chat Cultivation Group, is modern time cultivation with lot of lolz and lmaos XD.
          3- Swallowing Stars, if you liked Coiling Dragon and Stellar Transformation this one is for you.
          4- Close Combat Mage, is a prodigy boy, without a super treasure or legacies just his own cultivation method.
          5- Seven unfortunate lifetimes, 2 cloud soul mess up the fates of the heavens and are punished to live in the mortal realm as a couple for 7 lifetimes.
          Well If you to read some interesting things go read in volare translations.

        12. I couldn’t figure out how to respond to the list of good novels, so I’m responding here, but have you read Immortal Executioner and Limitless Sword God?? Similar to TDG in premise, but less (pointless) drama.
          Others are –
          The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich
          God and Devil World

          Also, the following are not xianxia, but
          Your and My Asylum,
          Dungeon Defense,

        13. The biggest problem I have with BTTH is that the author(s?) literally have written the same thing over and over again. WDQK and TGR are almost exactly the same story with some trivial differences. Honestly, they’ve gotten better with each iteration, but I have a hard time stomaching any of them.

        14. A lot of people looking down on these novels in this particular thread saying “author bias, MC same as cheat using pills and lucky encounters / unnatural powerups and whatnot” you guys are looking at it from too narrow a mindframe. Sure, some of these MC’s may have lucky encounters but they really have only 1 defining encounter that sets them up for a good go. After that, most of their ‘lucky’ experiences are based off of them taking risks and using wit/skill/etc. to get them the rest. A lot of novels in this genre have a theme of ‘destiny’ where the MC’s continuous build-up of karma – them making more connections and having more risks succeed grants them more future success. Half of these characters wouldn’t be half as strong without these risks and chances they take and if they relied on only their own hard work the whole story would just be about an average cultivator who died at 1000yrs bc they started out bottom rung. Although i totally agree with AST, the few chapters I made it through before my brain melted into a puddle of stupidity made me feel like a 5yr old author managed to journal a dream he had.
          Also, although i am sticking up for the novels i do agree with them being pretty mediocre. I DO think that SOTR shouldnt be grouped the same though. With the MC in this novel, at the stage the novel is at right now. Its like placing a university math professor in the same test as a bunch of 6th graders. Sure his powerups are big but its his knowledge from his past life that allows him to have that advantage now. The techniques that he has are things that will still be strong at the end of the novel. like a wood stick vs a chainsaw. obviously he will win big. Towards the later parts of the book when the opponents he faces level out the playing field it should seem less one sided. We should also see the more personable characters resurfacing. He is climbing in to a bigger world so fast the author would be wasting time giving all the temporary side characters a memorable personality right now. I believe there will be more depth revealed in characters that last and resurface towards the end. Its still early-> opinions

        15. i kinda enjoy TMW and read MGA has a guilty pleasure. something about watching MC shit all over everyone else and not give a shit is oddly enough very satisfying

          1. i think it is best that we thank the author and the translators first. haha. Without them, there are no novels to read. XD

        16. Personally, I think that STOR has a nice plot story but the repetitive quotes and line?? It’s killing me… *pulls my hairs out* same goes to MGA although both novels couldn’t stand up to Er Gen masterpiece it still entertaining to read if we ignore the quotes and taglines that just makes me want to punch their MC in the face sometimes

    2. well since we are putting lists here I’ll put my list some of the novels on my list are just bad in my opinion and some I just hated the mc so much that I couldn’t read any further
      the bad novels:
      emperor domination
      The ones I enjoy (the good ones):
      issth: dropped it now so I can read it from where I stopped till the end
      WMW: I hate the mc but not to the point where of dropping the novel I can tolerate him
      Undefeated God Of War: this one might not be so popular but it’s really good it’s on translation nations and its different from the other xianxia
      CSG : this one might not be for everyone but I enjoy reading it
      RMJI: this one i started reading last week and i enjoyed it so far

      1. TMW and MW aren’t bad. If you think they’re bad, give an explanation. Otherwise, I don’t gaf about your opinion and neither should anyone else except you…

        Also, I recommend TKA and ZTJ from Gravity. Those are really well written IMO.

      2. I find Emperors Domination to be hilarious. Its almost as much of a mystery novel as it is Xianxia as you never really know how he is going to deal with any situation until its over. The whole OP MC thing is put into a way different perspective than the others I have read and rather entertaining. Plus unraveling the MC past as it goes along is more or less what keeps me reading it

    3. Ok – based on your list I’d actually recommend True Martial World to you. (In spite of the fact you put it on your “bad” list) I found it more like a cross between Xiania and a slice-of-life story. The battles are few and far between – but the fights play out the way REAL fighters would. They have stated limits/reasons and no one fights to the death or permanently cripples people for no reason. And when they DO escalate the violence beyond reason, there are clear character motives for it. (And in-world consequences to the escalation)

      That means that most of the story is “filler”. Or what would be filler in other stories. *coughATGcough* But when TWM stops to smell the roses – they are worth smelling. The world is as detailed and rich as some western novels even! The pace is slice-of-life slow tho. Reading ATG and TWM back to back gives me mental whiplash from the speed changes.

      And lastly – I’d recommend TWM for the female characters! They have agency, personal goals and plenty of them do NOT jump into the hero’s bed. The chemistry between the hero and his (currently only) woman is wonderfully solid and they partner on far more than a physical level.

      The author doesn’t forget about plot threads either. But it might take a VERY long time to show up again. Been quite a few chapters that specifically mention a dropped plot thread just to remind the readers “don’t worry – the author hasn’t forgotten!”. This is one of the few stories I think could earn a harem ending. (Although it looks like the author is going for monogamy)

      1. I second this rec. That novel is amazing. It gets really good as you read more of it. I promise. :p It actually develops a real plot in addition to all the wonderful comedy.

      1. LLS is more comedy and has body cultivation. though the capturing is similar (lls uses a grimoire, while CSP uses “souls”). CSP is much darker with pretty much no comedy at all. if the petss die, there are consequences. the pets don’t need to follow orders and if they are strong enough, can even run off forever. this means that the pot slot is taken up forever and even has other consequences down the line. just think of lls as fun, comedy, while csp is dark, tragedy.

        1. nice, thats exactly the kind of story i like, thats why Renegade Immortal is one of my all time favs, the dark fantasy aspects put it a step above happy go lucky stories like cd and stellar transformations

  1. the autor synopsis is so crappy:o
    i was hyped by the subject and the title but his synopis just gave me the will to give up.
    Is this how novels are presented in china?:/ i’m surprised someone started to read that after that presentation,
    the TL synopsis is so much better!

    1. Yeah, author synopsis are often really bad because they write it before they really hash out the main plot and characters. If you read the author synopsis for Emperors Domination or Absolute Choice, they’re not even related to the story, they’re just similar ideas.

  2. Saint CrimsonSaber, you should read Destruction of a Triad Boss Trilogy, it is a short, yet meaningful story.

    I also recommend Great Demon King and Forty Millenniums of Cultivation, especially the latter.

  3. I will surely read this, the TL synopsis is pretty cool and make me curious, and there is a fox, evolution and there’s romance and tragedy. Let’s start reading !

  4. I like chicken, he likes beef
    She loves pork, while his boyfriend is a vegetarian

    In my mind, Wuxiaworld is a buffet – up to each to choose his/her fare…

  5. Am I the only one who read the description and thought “so this is basically a wuxia version of Pokémon” loool hmm conceptually I’m intrigued since I’ve been a fan of the 9-tailed demon fox notion for a long time and that was before Naruto even got me started ?

  6. The story doesn’t feel very smooth. The powerups feel really fast and sudden, which in the long run won’t be very satisfying. Our character isn’t really fleshed out in the first 25 chapters. People aren’t even rude to him for a reason initially, but the author invents reasons later. These interactions seem really forced. We don’t know much about him, but he’s the only MC we have. All in all, I would give the story a 3/10

  7. Every individual got different taste, as well as many common, I didn’t like BTTH (reading only manga), as for MGA, AGM, AST and others its good for me. I can’t say for others, but for me, what I care for reading is that how the plot goes and on, also really didn’t care about cameo characters. Btw, TDG is my best, also wanna see my list.

  8. Really enjoyable, this story has quickly become one of my favourites. Its hard initial setting was done really well, I’ve seen too many stories botch it. Can’t wait for more!

  9. I appreciate everyone suggestions… Personally I enjoy WDQK… Not because it was intricately written- No! But for it simplicity. Sometimes you really just want to relax when reading a story and go for the simple ones.. I love simple stories (The presumed bad ones). And i also love the intracately written ones ( The presumed good ones). Most of these however fall short of my expectations . When it comes to emotional content (Since it claims to be better i expect them to be)… Kill … Kill … kill.. takes the place of emotional content in character development… And sometimes the story becomes a bit windy… That said I enjoyed all these novels good or bad. I will like to use this oppurtunity to thank the translators/writers. Thank you.

  10. Helluva! It’s one gore-ish Pokemon story hahaha Love it! I kinda imagine myself having one, tho. Riding with a Sawsbuck-like Moose with long, extending horns and cherry blossom leaves. 🙂

    To the transaltors: Good job! Continue the gore! haha

  11. I like this story so far, I’ve reread it since I caught up and I find that a good way to get a real read on a story. It does have it’s faults, in my case the author skims over parts of the story I want to read more about. It makes it hard for me to get a good feel for them this way. I feel like he’s off on an adventure we’ve been left behind. But still I love the critters and even though descriptions can be a bit weird it’s fun imaging what they look like. Sadly all the Pokemon remarks have screwed my brain! lol

    1. 🙂 I’m glad you like it! while the author may have some flaws, I still think he does some fantastic world building. I’d encourage u to keep up!

  12. A Pokemon “catch them!” type novel – with violence and blood. Has potential to become a worthwhile novel. Creature illustration would help a lot though.

  13. are there a wiki site on this??

    i want to read chu mu’s adventure as sort of recap
    his soul’s pet and the given nickname (which is different in pokemon’s ash)
    and chu mu’s soul pets stats, abilities, levels, etc.. 😀

  14. I basically dont know anything if a novel is good or bad..If i dont like it then i dont read it.if i like it then i dont give a damn about the plot, the story telling or something. as long as i enjoy reading it then its good..and i give my thanks to all of the translator here..ofcourse that includes translator of the novel that i dont read :).. Thanks for the Effort….

  15. Thanks for your great translate!But I’m so sorry that mo xie is a boy,in Official setting book.
    And his name read:mo ye
    Looks like you are misunderstanding it.
    (I’m Chinese)

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