Tang Jia San Shao Day! Welcoming Child of Light & Heavenly Jewel Change!

Hey guys, today is (not really) Tang Jia San Shao day! Tang Jia San Shao is the ‘leader’ of the ‘Four Platinums’ of Qidian, famous for works such as Douluo Dalu, Jueshi Tangmen, and more. We already had one TJSS novel on WW, the sci-fi’ish Skyfire Avenue (starts slow, but awesome good fun). Today, we’re bringing on two more of his novels that were being worked on in the Wuxiaworld forums and on private blogs! These novels are ‘Child of Light‘, 光之子, being worked on by ruze and his team, and Heavenly Jewel Change (天珠变), worked on by Zen!

The reason I have always liked TJSS novels, and the reason why he has been the ‘leader’ of the Four Platinums, is in large part because he is excellent at making characters that you care about (I have to admit, this is an IET weakness, lol!). That’s why we should give a big, warm, Wuxiaworld welcome to ‘Child of Light’ and ‘Heavenly Jewel Change’, and to both ruze and Zen! Welcome to Wuxiaworld!

PS – And congratulations to the few of you, you sneaky buggers, who managed to find out in advance by cleverly testing out combinations of index acronyms!  LOL!!!

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    1. haha, I am just worried if either of these have an OP factor.

      personally can’t get involved much in SFA (at chap35 still) since it starts off with insanely high rep stats about the MC.

      I hope that COL is a bit more relatable :S

      as for the clans… Mine is trying to reach 2 members but the newbie can’t figure out where to find the invite xD

  1. how donations will work for heavenly jewel? he releases chapters in parts. it can take weeks for one chapter. will he take ‘full chapter money’ for one part? and since he arbitrarily decides how and when to cut chapters, it will become really bad really fast.

    and ren. what happened to having to prove themselves for a promotion? i personality dont want this on my front page. maybe add a ignore function so it wont spam me with parts of the same chapter. he didnt meet your requirement for a promotion and yet here we are. i dont like it.

    1. If he doesn’t take sponsored chapters the solution on the site has been it just adds to RWX que and supports the writer of the other novel.

      BTW a lot of TJJS novels have insanely long chapters and deserve to be split as it works like SYWX with 3-5chapters “arcs” being his 1 chapter. The first chapter of the novel is like 6pages. He could possibly change it to 3parts instead of 4 but less is kind of dishonest to the chapter size.

    2. plusik, I already replied to you. TJSS, the author, for some reason, decided to call his chapters ‘1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4’ instead of ‘chapter 1’, ‘chapter 2’, ‘chapter 3’, ‘chapter 4’, etc. These ‘part’ chapters are functionally the same length as, say, full MGA chapters or BTTH chapters. You are being arbitrarily unfair to Zen, just because the author decided to use different terminology for the same thing.

      1. sure whatever. what about my second point? when you started the forum translations, you said only people who prove themselves will be promoted, and you set specific requirements. and he didnt meet any of them.

        1. What kind of requirement is he lacking his translation skills are good, the novel is good and RWX seems to like it, release schedule I dunno but seems to be alright. The only part that I can see any ground on complaint is his English vocab is weaker than RWX but there are very few translators that have both Eng and CH as mother tongues.

          RWX criteria:
          If your translation is good enough (and you show enough consistency and quality, usually at least for 1-2 months or 40-60 chapters), you might be ‘promoted’ to the front page of the website proper at http://www.wuxiaworld.com, with all the perks that entails, including ad revenue! The decision is solely at the discretion of Wuxiaworld staff (meaning me xD). Meanwhile, sharpen your translation chops here!

          Take note that 17 x 4 = 68

          1. Bingo. He has been at it since end of July (3-4 months) and has produced 68 chapters. He more than fulfills all criteria.

          2. wow really? 1/4 of these chapters are parts of chapters, so its not a full chapter. so he only did 17 chapters in 4 months with an irregular release schedule.

            whether he is worthy enough to be on wuxiaworld is going to be determined in the coming weeks. i just want to complain about something and argue. dont mind me/, would be sad to have a Dropped section on the website.

          3. Dude – read what RWX said.

            Those “1/4 Chapters” are as long as a MGA or BTTH chapter.

            If you aren’t even going to read what he says and just keep repeating the same complaints maybe you should realise that you are the problem here.

          4. Dude Ren said that each “part” of a chapter is actually a full chapter, that’s just how the author decided to label it. You said “Okay, whatever” but you still bring it up when Ren has clearly explained that :/

          5. If you look at the authors other works they are all in parts, Game of Thrones has parts as well, it’s not like its a rare occurrence to have chapters split into parts.

          6. i did read heavenly jewel and one 1.1 chapter is clearly not long like stellar transformation,mga ,cd ,atg or other novels . i agree with plustikplus about the chapters. but wether he meets the requirement depends wether wuxiaworld view 1.1 as a full chapter or not .

          7. Besides what’s being translated is Chinese to English. It might take 2 characters in Chinese to make 1 English word so it might be short doesn’t mean character length is short.

          8. I usually only leech and don’t comment, but seriously plusikplus, your whining is so bad and ignorant that I can’t stand it. At least read what others have to say or do some research before you keep acting so high and haughty.

        2. I don’t usually comment but just to let you know chapter 507 of MGA had 7996 letters in it while HJC chapter 17.1 had over 8000 letter so I dont get why you can’t understand why its in parts

          1. too many idiots on their chairs chowing on KFC with their fatasses doing nothing but complaining about others work and unfairly at that.

            each part is as long as a regular chapter on wuxia and these people just keep on biching about how little work the translator does. seriously im so fking disgusted by these people.

          2. I asked him before on his old site. IIRC he said that each part is around 5-7k letters/words. This amount of words for a part is already comparable to a chapter of another novel. Also each chapter has like 3-4 parts which means upwards of 16k words/letters.

          3. I’d like to throw another curve-ball out there. On where Plus..whatever…said some bs about it not counting as a full chapter since its “split up”…has anyone looked at just how long the chapter would be if you put all of CH.2 together it’s 5,441 words total and if you look at CH. 523 of MGA it’s 1,415…ATG CH.236 is 2,524……..although HJC is only throwing out one “Full Chapter” a week its still quite a bit of work I imagine, besides as I see it ZEN doesn’t have the option for sponsored chapters and he is stayin pretty steady as I see it with the weekly output at the moment so whats the big problem?…ok im done with my rant now….keep up the good work Zen…don’t let these other people put you down 😉

  2. Just when SA was the only Xianxia I had left to catch up on you added TDG which I immediately caught up on and now there are 2 new ones lol. Lots more reading to do. Anyone else periodically mix a few of these up? I had to go back and re-read the first 20 ch of ATG because I was mixing it up w/ MGA and sometimes TGR w/ DE. In both cases I started reading the two pairs at similar times which probably didn’t help ><

    Good work as usual guys!

  3. Ohhh
    What a nice surprise, Heavenly Jewel Change is something I just started reading a few days ago. It’s really good. Will it maybe be getting updates more often now?

  4. Nice! Today i was feeling down becaus i read they were quitting translating CoL. Now, it appears they’ll get on Wuxiaworld. I only need LLS and SYWZ , SS to be there and all my favorite LN will be there (but i doubt it’ll happen).

  5. So happy to have you Ruze I was just about to catch up on child of light lol then lo and behold here it is on WW 😛 Ren you must be psychic or some ish 😛 as for heavenly jewel and Zen welcome and congrats I plan on devouring this delectable series soon after 😀

  6. hmm i don’t know its my place to talk here but compare all novel the total number of letters (like 6k-20k letters per chapter) so if he/she decided to do in parts/full chapter its upto translator and their respective teams to decide whether they do in 1 go or parts i read all novels whether its popular or not.

    next point ren decided 3 main chapters and rest sponsored donation upto translators. If anyone fails to do so i am with plusiplus with his viewpoint but chapters are long it has to be done on parts.( coz they will do sponsored on free time ” private time since they taking donations and its like part time job for them ” and regular mandatory ). so 3 chapters each 4 parts so 12 parts in a week with + 8 sponsored parts.

    quality of novels whether its popular or not it depends on skills of translators and authors novel they chose ( machine translation vs genuine translation) and nobody is perfect since our language differs 10% error will be their we are humans after all 90% is good u get good with it too.

    next money is there is there but translators do this coz they love novels and its help authors too.

      1. ye just something author or translator its their choice if they do it parts its confusing for me since chapter length 1 part = 1 chapter of mga u knw
        yipee so happy

  7. wow your site is really growing, ive been following child of light for some time now, and just found heavenly jewel change yesterday till that cliff hanger. Now i can just come here to find both!! good stuff

  8. i would like to say yay two tabs i can now close but i still like the lord xue ying so gotta keep radiant translations open. hah! i guessed right on the last poll that it was moving!!

  9. WOW…just Wow!!! Never thought both novel will be here! Love both MC from HJC and COL – so sly, playful and deceitful! Which are a major contrast with MC’s of Douluo Dalu <3 Thanks Ren and welcome Zen and Ruze & Team 🙂

  10. Welcome to WW, our new slaves!! WW is growing pretty quickly. Ren I hope you wont be too stressed at the workload, if any, by aquiring all these cool novels. Once again, welcome and enjoy your stay here (forever?). 🙂

  11. Wow, if this site continues to grow like that, it will have too many new chapters per day for me to read.

    What’s better is that it’s often series I didn’t read previously, so there is a backlog of chapters too.

    Anyway, welcome to the new translators, looking forward to reading what you translated and what you will translate in the near future.

  12. Anyone mind telling me who the ‘Four Platinums’ are?
    Well, he already said the first one but I can’t recall who the other three are.

    Please, and thanks.

  13. Welcome to wuxiaworld

    TJSS questions, what order did he writes his novels?

    Just read child of light and planning to read hjc Monday at work.

    Rating of novels so far
    TGD: epic setting. Starting chapter were good. Then MC becomes very unreadable in terms of his stalker part of his personality.
    MGA: Meh. People say MC offends everyone, but it just the settings were everyone get offended wayyy to easily
    COL: decent setting, but doesn’t uphold to the same TJSS standards when compared to DD, of which I hope CoL is an earlier work to explain that. When I say same standards, I mean starting royal academy. Before, story defined his MC as safety first, and light is a defensive magic. Yet latter, the barrier magic has the same offensive power when fighting other elements magic… I understand against those weak against light, but where his safety first personality?
    CD: decent until midway point, where it just become villain x, bland family love
    SFA: I’m sorry, that too high level for me

    No major flaws
    KS (dark translation, also TJSS novel)

    Must read: ISSTH

    1. I can’t appreciate Douluo Dalu due to the inconsistencies in the translation and the long awkward sentences. I understand that the translator is taking a literal approach and try to follow closely to the author’s sentence structures. But it puts me off 🙁
      I tried picking it up a few times since I like the plot, but the English makes me drop it every time…

      1. Please go check out the prologue and the first 10 chapters of the novel on the google drive folder. I have tried to edit them to the best of my abilities, while keeping the meaning of Bagel’s translation. It has a rustic feel to it compared to Ren’s slick CD translation style, but it gets progressively less awkward and more engaging the more you go into the story. Do tell me if you like the re edited chaps 😀

  14. Welcome both, glad to see you, I’ve been looking at GEMS (fabulous ~taric) and it’s been on my next to read list so seeing it move is just perfect timing for me ^^ and, he’s my favourite light mage, no regrets… 😀

    Just a small thought, thanks to the recent expansion of WW the “Recent Posts” bar can become filled quite quickly (great news) and I thought that if it was expanded by 3 or so posts it’d keep a similar timescale for it’s rotations

  15. I really really apologize if this is the wrong place for such a comment, I could not for the life of me figure out where the “contact us” button/info might be!

    Are you guys recruiting? Do you need fresh blood? 😀 I’ve been translating for a few years now and mostly focusing on the game storyboard and localization category, but lo and behold this amazing site combines two of my faves.

    Again, apologies if (and yes most likely) this was the wrong area, please let me know if I should take this up privately with someone. I’d love to speak further.

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