Teaser of Talisman Emperor Chapter 182

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The Blackscale Armored Tiger’s severed tail fell onto the ground and emitted a heavy and dull sound. When this sound entered into the ears of Zixuan, she suddenly noticed that she didn’t die, and when she abruptly opened her eyes to look, the scene before her eyes caused her to feel as if she was dreaming.

An unfamiliar figure had suddenly appeared in the distance. The sword in his hand was accurate, simple, and direct as it successively pierced numerous bloody holes on the body of the Blackscale Armored Tiger, and his movement technique was free, unrestrained, and unpredictable, as if he was playing with a large toy. The primordial variant Blackscale Armored Tiger that had a strength at the Golden Core Realm actually had no room to resist before him.

Who’s this fellow? Did he save me? Zixuan stared blankly at the figure as a strand of vigilance abruptly arose within her heart. Wait, the Emeraldcloud Gorge is a restricted area passed down by my ancestors. Without the Emeraldcloud Command Token, it’s utterly impossible to enter here. How did this person enter? Could it be that he wants to gather the spirit materials in Emeraldcloud Gorge as well?

Dammit! Why is it like this? I took great pains to execute the Nine-Origins Blood Transformation Arts and stimulate this Blackscale Armored Tiger to fall into a berserk state. I ignited my vitality as the price to carry out this strike on the little girl, Zixuan, and I was just about to succeed, yet why would this bastard suddenly appear and interfere? Truly damnable! On the other side, Han Wenjun was furious to the extreme in his heart, and he stared at the figure that was swift like the wind with a gaze that flickered with a sinister and enraged glow.



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