Teaser of Talisman Emperor Chapter 162

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Chapter 162 – Taking Revenge

The Darchu Dynasty possessed a vast territory and abundant resources, and its four territories, namely the southern territory, eastern sea, central plains, and northern barbaric lands covered an area of 50 million km. An unknown number of sects were settled in this area, and many cultivators cultivated in secret here. As the ruler of the Darchu Dynasty, Huangfu Zhong Ling could be said to be supreme and possessed monstrous authority.

Bei Heng was only the Supreme Elder of the number one sect of the southern territory, the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect. In terms of status, he was completely unable to compare to even a thousandth of King Chu’s status. At this moment, when he heard such shocking news, the awe in his heart was obvious. In his eyes, the figures of Bai Wanqing’s group of three had instantly become extremely tall and boundlessly respected.

“Please pass this jade slip to him once he wakes up.” While Bei Heng was shocked to the point of speechlessness, Bai Wanqing had already made a Soundsaver Jade Slip, and she passed it over.

How could Bei Heng dare dally? He hurriedly received it and carefully put it into his storage Magic Treasure before saying with a smile, “Don’t worry Fellow Daoist, leave it to me. May I know if Fellow Daoist has any more instructions?”

Bai Wanqing thought for a moment before withdrawing another command token and passing it to Bei Heng. “This is my token. No matter if it’s you or Chen Xi, so long as you’ve encountered trouble, feel free to come look for me at the Dark Reverie’s Bai Clan.”

The Dark Reverie!

Bei Heng was once again shocked in his heart as a magnificent world of legend surfaced in his mind. That world was extremely beautiful, powerful, and grand, a miraculous place that possessed countless legends and innumerable extraordinary experts, at that place…



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