Teaser of Talisman Emperor Chapter 160

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Chapter 160 – Breakthrough



Five elements!




Countless profound and colorful comprehension of these ten types of Supreme Grand Daos were like tidewater as they rose and fell rhythmically in Chen Xi’s heart. But these comprehensions were all scattered, scattered like precious pearls that had fallen all over the ground, and only by finding a ‘string’ to string them all together would it be able to form the most moving necklace in the world.

This ‘string’ was bitter and diligent cultivation, day and night of continuous comprehension and visualization, and persistent searching and exploring.

When the black and white vortex appeared, Chen Xi instantly awoke from that profound state. However, he noticed to his astonishment that the circulation of the Shaman Energy in his body was already out of his control and was utterly impossible to stop.

This feeling was like he was in a boundless and vast sea, and no matter how he struggled, he was unable to escape the fate of being slapped by the waves and could only gradually move off into the distance with the waves.

Moreover, Chen Xi felt that his flesh, blood, and skin were like a fermenting ball of dough that bulged and expanded, and it was ceaselessly filled with the baleful energy of the stars from the outside world, to the point it was virtually about to explode.

Why is it like this?

I was obviously absorbing the baleful energy of the stars earlier!

This won’t do, if this goes on, then I’ll sooner or later by blasted open by this baleful energy of the stars…


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