Teaser of Talisman Emperor Chapter 157

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Chapter 157 – Turning Disaster Into Good Luck

How terrifying!

Although he was 50 km away, Chen Xi still felt a strong energy pressed down towards him, causing his limbs and bones to be stiff and heavy, and his breathing instantly became difficult as well.

“Formidable! This fellow at least possesses a cultivation at the 6th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm, and he has already overcome the Void Heavenly Tribulation. Otherwise, it would absolutely difficult to grasp the Spatial Grand Dao to such a perfect extent!” Bai Heng’s burning gaze revealed boundless yearning.

Chen Xi knew that amongst the nine waves of heavenly tribulations, every wave was different. For example, the sixth wave, the Void Heavenly Tribulation, rained down with Void Lightning that contained boundless spatial tearing and compression energy, and it was extremely terrifying. But so long as a cultivator safely overcame it, the cultivators grasp towards spatial energy would attain a whole new level, and with slightly more cultivation, the cultivator would be able to thoroughly grasp the Spatial Dao Insight and would be able to casually tear open space and carry out spatial teleportation to instantly move 5,000 km.

Obviously, since the old man in the distance was able to stand proudly in the space that fluctuated and shattered like a sea, he’d surely have overcome the sixth wave, the Void Heavenly Tribulation, and grasped the numerous profundities of the Spatial Grand Dao.

With this old man making a move against them, the Starnet Palace will probably be unable to escape their doom this time… Chen Xi sighed emotionally in his heart. If he possessed strength like this, he’d probably have annihilated the Su Clan countless times. Why would he need to endure until now?

“Hmph! You’re going too far! So what if you’re an Earthly Immortal? Since you dare offend my Starnet Palace, then all of you can stay here forever!” It was at this moment, that a loud shout that was like thunder abruptly sounded out above the faraway palace. Then, an old man in a luxurious robe with golden markings and who had sunken eye sockets and a face covered in wrinkles flew up into the sky. He held a jade decorative item that glowed brightly with silver light as it emitted a myriad of chilly fine lights.

With a gesture in his hand, a beam of light gushed out with a bang before charging into the sky, and the sky that was originally sky blue and clear instantly fell into darkness, revealing a myriad of fist sized stars that were dazzling and resplendent.


A wave of ear piercing and sharp sounds of airflow rubbing together instantly resounded out in the entire sky above Falling Star Mountain. Accompanying this sound was 107 blazing bright beams of light shooting out at the same time from the 107 peaks on Falling Star Mountain, and they shot into the pitch black sky before charging into the myriad of stars.

Instantly, the entire heaven and earth changed in appearance.

The color of night assaulted them with a myriad of stars hanging in the sky, and it was as if they’d entered into the boundless world of the milky way. Falling Star Mountain was covered in graceful rays of starlight that were chilly, quiet, and filled with an ancient aura.

The Starnet Palace had vanished, the Myriad Star Peak had disappeared, and even Tie Yunzi and the disciples and elders had all vanished within the misty starry sky, seeming as if they’d evaporated into thin air.


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