Teaser of Talisman Emperor Chapter 156

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Chapter 156 – Netherflame Soul Refining

On the vast and flat space before the palace stood countless Starnet Palace disciples at the moment and a few tens of seniors who wore luxurious robes with star markings and possessed extremely terrifying auras. Among them, the most outstanding and conspicuous was a middle aged man in gold robes and a star crown, and he was the Sect Master of Starnet Palace, Tie Yunzi.

At this moment, when they heard Bai Wanqing’s words that were filled with boundless hatred, everyone from Starnet Palace had grim expressions, and they were extremely enraged as they started cursing loudly.

“You’re going too far! How could my Starnet Palace’s 84,000 cultivators be afraid of the three of you?”

“You’re truly courting death! Just the three of you want to annihilate my Starnet Palace? It’s simply a joke as big as the heavens!”

“Hmph! Sneaking into my Starnet Palace has already made all of you unable to escape a fate of suffering, yet you talk wildly about annihilating my Starnet Palace? The ignorant are truly fearless, and all of you deserve death!”

“Shut up!” The Sect Master of Starnet Palace, Tie Yunzi, abruptly let out an explosive shout, and his expression was already completely livid. With his sight, how could he possibly be unable to discern if Bai Wanqing’s group of three really possessed such strength? It was precisely because of this that when Bai Wanqing spoke those words, his heart instantly thumped as he cursed in his heart. At this moment, when he heard the disciples howling like idiots, he really wished for nothing more than to slap them to death.

As soon as Tie Yunzi spoke, all the voices vanished instantly, causing the scene to be completely silent, to the point a falling needle could be heard, and the atmosphere became quiet and oppressive.

These disciples all looked at their Sect Master with anxious and doubtful expressions, and they seemed to be extremely puzzled about why Tie Yunzi would boost the morale of others and reduce the courage of his own side. But with their cultivations, they were unable to perceive the cultivation of the old man by Bai Wanqing’s side, and it confirmed the saying — The ignorant are fearless.

Tie Yunzi paid no attention to the thoughts of these disciples, he took a deep breath before looking at Bai Wanqing and cupped his hands from afar. He was just about to speak, yet at this moment, loud laughter interrupted his words.

It was the crimson haired young man by Bai Wanqing’s side. He had a handsome and charming face and crimson hair that was like fire. At this moment, he was laughing loudly towards the sky, and an arrogant and overbearing aura gushed out from his body.

“Little Aunt, what is there to speak of with these ants? Since they dare forcefully capture my Sister Xixi and make her their disciples, then all of them have to die!” The crimson haired young man’s eyelids opened before he turned to sweep everyone from Starnet Palace with a disdainful glance, and then he said coldly, “Let me tell all of you. No one in the entire world is able to save you today. Quickly hand over my sister and I’ll let all of you die a swift death. Otherwise, I’ll let all of you taste the feeling of their soul being refined by Netherflame!”



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