Teaser of Talisman Emperor Chapter 152

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Chapter 152 – Visitors at the Peak

After spending the time for an entire incense stick to burn, Chen Xi finally finished sorting through all the storage Magic Treasures. As he looked at the various treasures that were twined with the glow of treasures, he couldn’t help but gasp.

Two million kgs of spirit liquid!

230 yellow-rank Magic Treasures of low-grade, 77 of intermediate-grade, 21 of high-grade, and nine top-grade!

Amongst the treasures were various cultivation jade slips that numbered 62, 89 bottles of various medicinal pills, and some other spirit materials, ores, and rare treasures… They were numerous in number and densely packed.

Wealth fell down from the sky! Sure enough, a man is poor without a windfall, just like horses are thin without eating grass all night. Those two million kgs of spirit liquid are sufficient for me to cultivate until the Golden Hall Realm! Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh with emotion to himself, and then he shot his gaze towards these yellow-rank Magic Treasures he’d plundered. With a quick glance over, he couldn’t help but frown, because of these yellow-rank Magic Treasures, most of them were bells, hammers, sabers, axes, and other uncommon Magic Treasures. There were only six high-grade flying swords and a single top-grade flying sword amongst them!

Looks like I’ve rejoiced too soon this time! Chen Xi sighed.

His eight Netherezim Flying Swords and 56 high-grade yellow-rank flying swords had all been obliterated during the battle with the Bloodinfant Immortal Slaughtering Formation the captain of the Devilspirit Guards controlled. In terms of value, they were even more valuable than all these yellow-rank Magic Treasures he’d plundered!

Especially those eight Netherezim Flying Swords that were a set of top-grade yellow-rank Magic Treasures he’d obtained in the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain; they were extremely precious. Now that they’d been obliterated into nothingness, it naturally caused his heart to ache extremely. He was originally hoping to obtain a few pleasant surprises from these Magic Treasures he’d plundered, yet how could he have imagined that there were only six high-grade yellow-rank flying swords and a single top-grade yellow rank flying sword amongst these Magic Treasures?


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