Talisman Emperor Chapter 149

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Chapter 149 – Seizing


The instant these four figures attacked, even the sky was shaken, to the point layer upon layer of ripples undulated out wherever their figures passed. That level of strength was already formidable to a considerably terrifying extent.

These four great leaders that were at the Sect Master level suddenly attacking had practically exceeded the expectations of everyone present. No one had imagined that they, who were such respected identities, would actually lose their composure to such an extent, and disregard both status and situation to jointly attack Chen Xi!

The figures of Su Zhentian’s group of four were swift like lightning, to an unparalleled extent. At almost the exact instant the sound resounded out, the four of them had rushed down the jade platform, and they obviously had planned it since long ago.

Moreover, all of them had a cultivation at the Rebirth realm. At this moment, when they brazenly attacked, the terrifying aura that exploded out from their bodies was like a boundless ocean that swept out, causing everyone below the jade platform to feel suffocated. Instantly, all of them were thrown flying in all directions, and they were simply like leaves blown upon by autumn wind, easily swept away.

The distant Chen Xi who had his eyes closed and held a smile on his face felt a feeling of extreme danger gush into his heart, a bloodcurdling feeling, causing him to abruptly sober up from the peaceful and happy state, and then he saw the figures of Su Zhentian and the other four people mixed with auras that were terrifying to the extreme as they flashed explosively towards him. Just the auras that gushed out from their bodies caused Chen Xi to feel a terrifying pressure that he was unable to break free from.

“What’s going? How did I come out from the Oneness Layer of the pagoda?” Chen Xi hadn’t wrapped his head around it yet when he received a thought that Ling Bai sent over within his mind. “Move aside quickly! These four fellows are Rebirth Realm experts. You’re taken away the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda, so how could they possibly let you off?”

In practically a tenth of an instant, Chen Xi instantly understood his current situation, and his expression immediately became extremely unsightly. Su Zhentian’s group of four had surrounded him from four directions as their formidable auras firmly locked onto him, and four strands of terrifying pressure that only Rebirth Realm cultivators were able to possess pressed down towards him from all directions. He felt like he was a piece of straw on the boundless ocean, he was only able to barely withstand the terrifying pressure by circulating his cultivation with his entire strength, and as for resisting or perhaps escaping, it was something that was utterly impossible.

This was the extremely great difference in cultivation realms.

No matter how outstanding Chen Xi’s combat strength was, how high his comprehension ability, or how formidable the Divine Abilities he possessed were, and even if he could annihilate Golden Hall Realm cultivators and escape from the hands of Golden Core Realm cultivators, but when he was facing Rebirth Realm cultivators that were two realms above him, he was weak to the point he was simply like an ant, dead with a single stomp.

Not to mention, before him was four Rebirth Realm cultivators that were attacking him in unison, and it was four titans using their fingers to smash an ant together. How could he possibly have any room to struggle?

This was the first time that Chen Xi felt so powerless, that his strength was so insufficient, and felt the despair of being on the verge of death.

Chen Xi was in danger!

Du Qingxi closed her eyes, Duanmu Ze’s face warped, Song Lin’s pupils constricted, and Chen Hao bit open his lips. This scene happened too quickly, to the point it caused them to be utterly unable to react to it, and they were utterly unable to take any action as well. Only in the eyes of Su Jiao did a trace of excited joy flash, as her enmity with Chen Xi was extremely deep, and she wished for nothing more than for Chen Xi to be killed at her father’s hand right away. So this scene conformed extremely to her intentions.

“Die!” Su Zhentian flashed to arrive above Chen Si, and as he looked at Chen Xi who was a short distance away, killing intent that was impossible to restrain gushed out from his heart and the rage in his heart urged him to wish for nothing more than to instantly smash the person before him into mush.

“Su Clan’s Patriarch, Su Zhentian, Starnet Palace’s Sect Master, Tie Yunzi, Cang Clan’s Patriarch, Cang Xiaolong, and Myriadcloud Institution’s Dean, Jiang Zhenyu… I’ll remember all of you. Even if I die, I’ll drag all of you down with me!” A trace of ruthlessness flashed within Chen Xi’s eyes. He wanted to detonate his entire cultivation, and every single one of them he brought down with him counted!

It was at this exceedingly dangerous moment that Chen Xi felt his vision blur, and a figure had already appeared before him. Before he could even discern who it was, he heard four bangs that were like muffle thunder explode out, then Su Zhentian’s group of four who’d flashed over from four directions had actually been slapped flying more than 100 meters by a flick of this person’s sleeve, and their figures were in an extremely sorry state!


This sudden scene was simply like a thunderclap emerging from flat ground, it instantly caused the hearts of everyone present to shake, and they almost didn’t dare believe their eyes. That was a joint attack from four Rebirth Realm cultivators, how could it possibly be so easily deal with?!

At this moment, Chen Xi had clearly seen who the person that arrived was as well. This person wore an azure robe and held a feather fan in his hand. He was warm like jade, handsome and refined. Shockingly, it was precisely the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect’s Daoist Wen Xuan! A great Nether Transformation Realm cultivator who wasn’t well-known, due to being in seclusion all year long!

“It’s actually Daoist Wen Xuan. No wonder he’s able to destroy the pincer attack of Su Zhentian’s group of four with a single strike!”

“Ah? I seem to have heard before that there’s a Nether Transformation Realm expert that lives in seclusion in the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect. It wouldn’t be this Senior before us, right?”

“So it’s an expert at the Nether Transformation Realm. Formidable! So formidable!”

When they saw that the mysterious person that had appeared suddenly was actually the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect’s Nether Transformation Realm expert, Daoist Wen Xuan, who’d practically shut himself off from the outside world, the expressions of the people present instantly possessed an extra strand of admiration, reverence, and adoration.

But to Su Zhentian, Tie Yunzi, Cang Xiaolong, and Jiang Zhenyu, besides causing them to be surprised and bewildered, Wen Xuan’s appearance also caused them to feel a wave of rage.

They were just about to annihilate Chen Xi and seize the Immortal Artifact, Buddha’s Pagoda, yet a Nether Transformation Realm expert had suddenly appeared out of nowhere. How could they feel well in their hearts?

“Master!” Chen Hao flew over and bowed in greeting.

“Your display in the Hidden Dragon Rankings this time wasn’t bad. Stand aside and watch first, I’ll bring you back to the sect later.” Wen Xuan fanned the feathers fan in his hand as he smiled warmly.

“Okay.” Chen Hao nodded, and then he arrived at Chen Xi’s side and asked. “Brother, are you alright?”

Chen Xi shook his head, then he looked at Su Zhentian’s group of four, and he didn’t conceal the hatred in his gaze in the slightest. If it wasn’t for Daoist Wen Xuan arriving in a timely manner, he would have almost been forced by these four people to the end of detonating his cultivation and dying on the spot. It was like walking a circle in hell. His feeling of helplessness, rage, and unwillingness had all transformed into a bellyful of hatred, and he’d already decided in his heart, once his strength became stronger, he would surely obliterate these extremely despicable and shameless people!

Master? Daoist Wen Xuan was actually the Master of Chen Xi’s younger brother? No wonder he would lend a hand.

When they saw Chen Hao greet Daoist Wen Xuan, the people present instantly revealed an expression of sudden understanding, and then they were shocked in their hearts. Chen Xi’s younger brother has actually become a Nether Transformation Realm expert’s disciple? Then wouldn’t it mean that he’s of the same seniority as the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect’s master?

“Martial Uncle Wen Xuan.” Seeming to be for the sake of verifying the guesses in everyone’s hearts, Ling Kongzi flew down from the jade platform right away to arrive before Daoist Wen Xuan and bowed in greeting before looking at Chen Hao and saying with a smile, “I was originally intending on promoting you to an Elite Disciple after the Hidden Dragon Rankings this time. Now there’s no need, as you’ve already become my Little Junior Brother. Haha!”

Chen Hao was extremely clever as well, and he bowed as he called out. “Chen Hao greets Senior Brother.”

“Good, good, good, hahaha! This is Senior Brother’s greeting gift, a top-grade yellow-rank Magic Treasure, Azureflame Sword.” Ling Kongzi smiled as he spoke, then he withdrew an azure colored flying sword that emitted a dense aura of flames, and he passed it over to Chen Hao.

“Hmph! Your Wanderingcloud Sword Sect is playing a nice trick, winning over Chen Xi’s younger brother is equivalent to indirectly obtaining the Immortal Artifact, Buddha’s Trial Pagoda in Chen Xi’s possession. Do all of you think that the Fellow Daoists present aren’t able to see through this?” In the distance, Su Zhentian sneered.

“Exactly, that Buddha’s Trial Pagoda is something that’s commonly owned by the various powers of my Dragon Lake City. Now, it has instead been monopolized by your Wanderingcloud Sword Sect, and all of us will absolutely not agree to it.” The Starnet Palace’s Sect Master, Tie Yunzi, echoed with Su Zhentian.

“Exactly, we won’t agree as well.” The Cang Clan’s Patriarch, Cang Xiaolong, and the Myriadcloud Institution’s Dean, Jiang Zhenyu, spoke at the same moment.

Instantly, these four parties had joined together to speak out in opposition towards the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect at the same time, causing the surrounding atmosphere to instantly become heavy, and they seemed to be ready to jump at each other’s throat.

It was even to the extent that countless thought gushed out in the hearts of the various leaders that were spectating from the jade platform. However, for fear of Daoist Wen Xuan’s monstrous might, they still chose to spectate. But it could be ascertained that they would absolutely not be willing to watch idly by as the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda entered into the hands of the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect.

“The treasures in the heaven and earth belong to those who are fated. The Buddha’s Trial Pagoda has stood erect here for almost 7,000 years, so why didn’t all of you subdue it? Now, all of you are instead disregarding your bearings, bullying the small, and forcefully seizing treasures in a brazen manner. Even I feel ashamed for all of you.” Daoist Wen Xuan fanned the feather fan in his hand as he spoke with disdain.

“Hmph! All of us are doing this due to righteous indignation and are unable to endure the pagoda falling into the hands of an outsider. How could it be bullying the small?” Su Zhentian spoke with a gloomy face. “Daoist Wen Xuan, as a senior, you’re instead making it difficult for us in all respects, and isn’t it because you covet this pagoda as well? That kid must hand over the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda today, otherwise, the various Fellow Daoists of our Dragon Lake City will not agree to it!”

“What if he doesn’t hand it over?” Daoist Wen Xuan lightly smiled, and a trace of a cold light flashed within his eyes.

“Then don’t blame all of us for being rude!” Su Zhentian spoke with a cold smile on his face. “Others are afraid of you, Daoist Wen Xuan, yet I, Su Zhentian, am unafraid. Today, not only must that kid hand over the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda, he must also pay with his life for the clansmen of my Su Clan that have passed away! Daoist Wen Xuan, I presume your Wanderingcloud Sword Sect isn’t willing to go into battle with the Su Clan, Cang Clan, Starnet Palace, and Myriadcloud Institution, right?”

“Threatening me?” The smile on Daoist Wen Xuan’s face disappeared, and his refined face was suffused with a trace of killing intent.

“This isn’t a threat. Chen Xi isn’t a disciple of Dragon Lake City, and he’s completely unrelated to your Wanderingcloud Sword Sect. Since it’s like this, why are you forcefully standing out for an outsider, Daoist Wen Xuan?” Su Zhentian said with an emotionless face, “Not to mention, we’re asking for the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda, yet we don’t require to make it our own. The various powers of our Dragon Lake City are completely capable of discussing a way to deal with it together, and then we can share this Immortal Artifact equally. I presume that the other leaders present would be happy to see this scene.”

“Brother Su, great move. You want to bind all of us together to put pressure on the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect?” On the jade platform, a black robed middle aged man with a dignified expression said extremely coldly, “My Du Clan thinks that since this treasure was fortunate enough to be subdued by Little Brother Chen Xi, then it ought to belong to him. As the saying goes, the treasures in the heaven and earth belong to those who are fated. We can’t commit the despicable deed of forcefully seizing treasures.”

This person was the Du Clan’s Patriarch, Du Wuyuan.

“My Song Clan thinks like this as well,” said the Song Clan’s Patriarch, Song Wenchong.

“My Duanmu Clan supports the opinion of Brother Du.” The Duanmu Clan’s Patriarch, Duanmu Yunkong spoke out as well.

The Du Clan, Song Clan, and Duanmu Clan had spoken out in unison, and the situation instantly changed once more. The three clans were faintly together with the Wanderingcloud Sword Sect to oppose Su Zhentian’s group of four clans.

This scene caused everyone present to be bewildered, their heads spun, and they were secretly extremely shocked in their hearts. Isn’t Chen Xi a cultivator from outside the city? How has he obtained the great help of so many powers?

Only Chen Xi himself understood that it was surely Du Qingxi’s group of three that had played a role in affecting the attitude of the clans behind them. When he thought up to here, Chen Xi raised his eyes to look, and as expected, he saw Du Qingxi, Duanmu Ze, and Song Lin waving towards him, causing him to be unable to refrain from lightly smiling as a strand of warmth arose in his heart.

“Hmph! We can argue about the Buddha’s Trial Pagoda later, but this kid’s life must be taken to offer sacrifice to the souls of the members of my Su Clan that have passed away!”

Right at this moment, a sharp and ear piercing loud shout sounded out, and then everyone saw a ball of bloody clouds roil as it approached from the distance. It transformed into an old man with hair that hung loosely on his shoulders, and an emaciated and gloomy face that stepped down from midair as if he was stepping on a shapeless flight of stairs. Every step he took caused a trace of intense fluctuation to appear in the sky, and his body surged out with a tyrannical aura that was like a rolling river pressing down onto everyone, causing all the people present to go pale.


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