Talisman Emperor (符皇) – Index

InVader’s English Synopsis:

Chen Xi was a jinx who radiated misfortune the way a torch radiated light, and everyone around him knew it. His entire clan was annihilated when he was young, and not too long after that his parents disappeared. His marriage contract? Poof. Torn to shreds and gone up in smoke before the eyes of everyone in the city, almost humiliating his grandfather to the point of suicide! Cultivation? No time for that, he had a family to take care of!

This is the story of Chen Xi, a youth forced to stop cultivating and instead craft talismans to pay for his younger brother’s tuition… and who, in the process, would rise to become known by all as the Talisman Emperor!

Official Chinese Synopsis:

Crafting talismans.

Physique refinement.

Cultivating the supreme Dao of the sword.

Comprehending the profound meaning of the laws…..

In this world where primordial beings roam freely, Chen Xi relied on outstanding courage and wisdom, and heaven defying fortuitous encounters to eventually step onto the peak of the boundless Great Dao, and control everything under the heavens!

Novel Information: This is a completed novel written by Xiao Jinyu (萧瑾瑜) on Zongheng.com with a total of 2,202 chapters or 6.9 million characters. There are also another 23 side-story chapters which describe event’s after the end of the novel.



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Talisman Emperor, Book 1 — Winds of Change Blow Over Pine Mist City

Chapter 1 – Chen Xi
Chapter 2 – Departure
Chapter 3 – Grievous News
Chapter 4 – Enemy
Chapter 5 – Jade Pendant
Chapter 6 – The Manor
Chapter 7 – Ji Yu
Chapter 8 – Fuxi Divine Statue
Chapter 9 – Skystar Institution
Chapter 10 – Combat Tactics
Chapter 11 – Clear Stream Restaurant
Chapter 12 – Spirit Chef
Chapter 13 – Body Refinement
Chapter 14 – Cultivating
Chapter 15 – Wondrous Effect of the Soul
Chapter 16 – Little Princess
Chapter 17 – Test
Chapter 18 – Du Qingxi
Chapter 19 – Quiet Room
Chapter 20 – The Wimp
Chapter 21 – Bizarre Battle
Chapter 22 – Wandering Cloud Sword Sect
Chapter 23 – Exquisite Pavilion
Chapter 24 – Guidance
Chapter 25 – Grand Collapsing Fist
Chapter 26 – Redleaf Institution
Chapter 27 – Southern Barbaric Forbidden Area
Chapter 28 – Violet Rhino Greater Demon
Chapter 29 – Tribute
Chapter 30 – Collapsing a Rock into Powder
Chapter 31 – Li Huai
Chapter 32 – Su Jiao
Chapter 33 – Disciple of Dragon Lake City
Chapter 34 – Icetail Bee
Chapter 35 – Gather
Chapter 36 – Numerous Experts
Chapter 37 – Southern Barbaric Nether Domain
Chapter 38 – Netherezim Baleful Qi
Chapter 39 – Bloody Mountain
Chapter 40 – Killing Bandits
Chapter 41 – Bloodbath City
Chapter 42 – Chen Xi’s Rage
Chapter 43 – Fight!
Chapter 44 – Broken Sword
Chapter 45 – Answer
Chapter 46 – Nether Enlightenment Token
Chapter 47 – Crimsonflame Mountain Range
Chapter 48 – Unexpected Event
Chapter 49 – Cavern
Chapter 50 – Note Within the Immortal’s Abode
Chapter 51 – Treasure Hall
Chapter 52 – Pixiu
Chapter 53 – Forces Gather
Chapter 54 – Playing Tricks
Chapter 55 – Hundred Herb Hall
Chapter 56 – Kill!
Chapter 57 – Li Ming
Chapter 58 – Goldsoul Lotus Fruit
Chapter 59 – Taking Every Possibility Into Account
Chapter 60 – 10,000 Year Wait

Talisman Emperor, Book 2 — Slaying a Trail of Demons

Talisman Emperor, Book 3 — The Path Of Revenge

Chapter 90 – Arriving
Chapter 91 – Misty Sea City
Chapter 92 – Violetgold Treasure Heaven Token
Chapter 93 – Oblivionwind Flowinglight Sword Formation
Chapter 94 – When The Home Is Gone, One Should Kill!
Chapter 95 – Storm In The City
Chapter 96 – A Feud Of Blood, Kill! Kill! Kill! (Part 1)
Chapter 97 – A Feud Of Blood, Kill! Kill! Kill! (Part 2)
Chapter 98 – A Feud Of Blood, Kill! Kill! Kill! (Part 3)
Chapter 99 – A Feud Of Blood, Kill! Kill! Kill! (Part 4)
Chapter 100 – A Feud Of Blood, Kill! Kill! Kill! (End)
Chapter 101 – Taking Advantage Of The Situation
Chapter 102 – Chase To Kill
Chapter 103 – Starsoul Meteorite
Chapter 104 – Fifth-Earth Shaman Marking
Chapter 105 – Soulfuse Arts
Chapter 106 – Six-Winged Sandworm
Chapter 107 – Grand Astral Palm
Chapter 108 – Nine-Wyrm Earth Umbrella
Chapter 109 – Boundless Secretrealm Discovering Pearl
Chapter 110 – Meeting
Chapter 111 – One Against All
Chapter 112 – Annihilation
Chapter 113 – Spoils of the Battle
Chapter 114 – Shocking Dragon Lake City
Chapter 115 – Battle Deep In The Forest
Chapter 116 – Outside Dragon Lake City
Chapter 117 – Signing Up for the Competition
Chapter 118 – Immortal Assembling Pavilion
Chapter 119 – The Dignity of A Nobody
Chapter 120 – Arena Battle
Chapter 121 – Battling Tang Xu
Chapter 122 – Chen Xi’s Persistence
Chapter 123 – Bad News
Chapter 124 – Ascending The Mountain
Chapter 125 – Traversing The Formation
Chapter 126 –
Chapter 127 –
Chapter 128 –
Chapter 129 –
Chapter 130 –
Chapter 131 –
Chapter 132 –
Chapter 133 –
Chapter 134 –
Chapter 135 –
Chapter 136 –
Chapter 137 –
Chapter 138 –
Chapter 139 –
Chapter 140 –
Chapter 141 –
Chapter 142 –
Chapter 143 –
Chapter 144 –
Chapter 145 –
Chapter 146 –
Chapter 147 –
Chapter 148 –
Chapter 149 –
Chapter 150 –
Chapter 151 –
Chapter 152 –
Chapter 153 –
Chapter 154 –
Chapter 155 –
Chapter 156 –
Chapter 157 –
Chapter 158 –
Chapter 159 –
Chapter 160 –
Chapter 161 –
Chapter 162 –
Chapter 163 –

Talisman Emperor, Book 4 — TBA

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49 thoughts on “Talisman Emperor (符皇) – Index” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

      1. Sorry!
        That novel sounds really good. Synopsis reminds me of world of cultivation a bit. Hope this novel will be another one i will read every update. And welcome, InVader ~!

  1. “Heaven defying fortuitous encounters”

    Its gonna be one of THOSE stories isnt it ;-;

    Lol but it still looks good.

    Thanks for all your hard work now and in the future!

    1. Every one of these stories is one of those :/
      In a world where every second person is petty and bloodthirsty, if you do not have plot armor you would just die in the middle of your journey.
      Even Leylin is extremely lucky all the time. Because it is not unfortunate to face a catastrophe that you can handle.
      But… I get what you mean…
      Sometimes it is way too obvious when say, the main character gets a lightning resistance and all of a sudden 80% of his enemies becomes lightning cultivators…

      1. Clearly you have never heard of key of the sunken moon (I think), where the main character seems to only be there to suffer for the readers supposed amusement.

      2. I don’t think it’s all bad to read about setbacks in a story.
        It might be good if the characters can persist or return later on for whatever reasons.
        A bad ending for the mc might not be that bad depending on how it is used..
        If the authors/editors don’t have to worry about their fans..
        Otherwise, there might be various novels with bad endings?
        The small details can make the characters feel more humanly interesting and alive.
        To always annoying succeed in every single task usually will feel too unrealistic as a human being.

  2. I’ve just read untill chapter 12 and the translation is good but the story
    wtf his clan was annihalated and then his mother and father dissapeared and he is still trying to ***** make it through common ways and doesn’t even blame them for dissapearing vor allmost all of his ***** childhood
    When his mother appiers in front of him he doesn’t even doubt her!!!
    i’m sorry but those things make me angry about the story so i’ll drop it

    1. There are very many web novels that begin pretty ‘meh’ before becoming good.
      I blame the fact that the books are released chapter for chapter. When the author publishes a book, I’d say that ninety percent of the work writing the book has been editing and rewriting, and that is after the books preliminary completion. The publisher won’t let through anything bad and almost always requires that you rework the book the first couple of times you apply for getting it published.
      Web novels do not have that extensive tampering.
      That is one of the reason that even the web novels that are incredibly good, have chapters and arcs that are outright bad.

      If you really hate it then I have nothing to say. However if not then I encourage you to read a bit more before deciding. 12 chapters is not enough to determine the value of a web novel. Heck, I have yet to find a single finished, long, web novel without hundreds of chapters that I really disliked.

  3. 2202 chapters – 60 chapters = 2142 chapters
    2142 chapters => 2142 days until completion = 5.86 years.
    i need some reminder service telling me to check back in 5.5 years LOL

    edit: i wonder if i can reach a good enough level in chinese faster than 5.5 years. if chinese wasnt so damn useless in everything else i do, i might give it a shot :s i need that thing neo used in ‘matrix’, instant learning of languages *_*

    1. Nope. Harem is very bad in Chinese novels. It’s utterly disgusting in Japanese novels/manga/anime. To be fair, there are times when harem didn’t bother me much in Chinese novels but in the end, those novels become increasingly boring for other reasons. I haven’t managed to successfully finish one (or catch up with it).

      Sigh.. I knew it was too good to be true. Such a promising novel coming conveniently to my doorstep, there had to be a trap somewhere.. Harem, of all things! F*ck!! I’m holding no hopes of a decent story anymore but I think I might continue reading until it gets unbearable which I’m sure it will, so long as there is harem.

        1. A non-existant one? Harem are generally boring to read about and they are annoying with the useless competition between each member of the harem or the full-on acceptance of the main guy/girl having multiple wives/hubbies. I have nothing against multiple characters gunning for a single one, so long as it does not become the singular point connecting those characters together. On top of that, most of the time a novel has anything related to sex in its content (only read translations so I can’t say anything about the original, but I think that unless the translator has no talent for translation, their work reflect the original’s quality), it becomes cringe inducing, so either I skip the small passages or, if there is too much of, that I drop the novel.

  4. younger brother’s tuition… and who, in the process, would rise to become known by all as the Talisman Emperor!

    When I read this, I for a moment thought his bro would become the Talisman Emperor, then I remembered he was the MC. Gonna wait for a ton of chapters before I’ll read this since it’s pretty intriguing. 😁

  5. I am 30 chapters in and since nobody has written anything about the story as of yet I might as well give it a try. I’ll try to keep this a spoiler free as possible

    So the story is about a young man who is a ‘jinx’. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not the pokemon. Everyone around him meets terrible misfortune. This has been going on since the day he was born and you’ll find the protagonist after years of being shunned by almost everyone. He earns money by creating talismans and is quite lonely.
    So far the protagonist has a very plain and simple personality of “I need to work to allow my remaining family to survive” and shows his extreme altruistic side. A decent foundation for a story for someone that is extremely focused. It was a bit on the long side but a man needs his background story.

    “another tragic event” happens and from this moment onwards we start to see some character development. I have to admit that quite a few events after this are very reminiscent of Desolate Era (please note that this story predates DE).
    If you like a protagonist that exchanges tooth for tooth and eye for eye, is a bit OP, has a strong growth curve and only deals with ‘evil’ people you will probably like this story.
    If you don’t like a protagonist that is very meek (at the beginning) and slowly grows out of his meek state this story is not for you.

    Also beware random characters with bigger backgrounds than they should have and unlikely fortunate encounters

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