Tales of Demons & Gods, Chapters 110, 111!

Hey guys, this is going to be a bit weird…but consider this the SOFT launch for Tales of Demons & Gods on Wuxiaworld, translated by my good friend and colleague, Thyaeria!  Thyaeria was going through a server move which has unfortunately gone to sh*t (old timers, you know that we at Wuxiaworld know EXACTLY how that feels), and so after chatting with him for a bit, Thyaeria has decided to bring the very fun Tales of Demons & Gods to Wuxiaworld!

Unfortunately, because of his server issues and other issues, we aren’t able to bring all the 109+ already translated chapters over right away (I will do it tomorrow), but Thyaeria wanted me to go ahead and post his already translated chapters 110 and 111 for his pre-existing fans to have a place to read them early!  Isn’t he nice?  Wuxiaworld fans who haven’t seen TDG before, I’ll work hard to get all the chapters of TDG brought over tomorrow, so you too can start reading this (very fun!) novel!  At that time, we’ll do a formal introduction post for him, and he’ll introduce himself to everyone as well!

Screw it, who needs sleep?  Chapters 1-109 have been brought over as well!  However, I didn’t have time to implement the ‘next chapter’ ‘previous chapter’ function, or add them to the Index, so you’ll have to manually navigate.  Start here: TDG Chapter 1.

Now, enough talk – time to read!

Chapter 110: Laying the Ten Thousands Demonic Beast Array

Chapter 111: This is What You’ve Said

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      1. As far as I know..there isn’t a single korean novel on gravity…but I guess I could be wrong, but considering all the names of characters in gravity’s novels have chinese(mandarin) phonetics i’m fairly sure they are all chinese novels 🙂

  1. Read the series already. This brat puts a lot of main char’s on wuxia to shame with his trolling PERIOD. If ur expecting something serious then I wouldn’t recommend it. But if you like an OP, trolling main char, then this is for you. 10/10 IMO. (there is excessive amounts of flirting going on as well)

  2. Thanks Ren! Also, I don’t know if you’ll see this but every time(first few chapters, not sure about way later) Xiao Ning Er is mentioned, her name is like this “Xiao Ning\’er” for whatever reason, and also Ye Zi Yun’s name is “Ye Ziyun”

  3. Waaa!!! Thank you I already read most novels that I like here in Wuxiaworld, and just yesterday started reading TDG and notice the server problems, then I wake up today and find this post! Hahahah Thank you!

  4. Awesome! Just when I was about to binge read some of the other stories that I’ve let build up I get another ‘-‘

    I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow XD Thanks for getting all those up so fast Ren 😀

  5. Hopefully with this thyeria will receive more benefit from the translation of TDG 🙂
    This is a good story and it would be sad if it doen’t receive the love it deserve.
    Welcome to WW i guess 🙂

  6. Hello, I donated as the old site went down. I just wanted to know if that will count towards a new chapter since I donated the price of a full chapter. Thank you very much for all that you do and for communicating with your users.
    P.S. It might be nice if a link to this site is posted on the wiki.

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