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  1. Now that I think about it, the one day off thing was back when we had 14 chapters a day, which made sense to omit 2 chapters (14chapters/7days = 2 for a day). Now that we only get 10 chapters a week, that would be 10/7 = 1.42 chapters for a day. I’d prefer if you rounded down, but I wouldn’t mind if you alternated between books: week of completion of Book 28: 8 chapters, week of completion of Book 29: 9 chapters, B30 = 8chapters… etc.

      1. Huh. You’re right. It’s amazing how quickly we (I) tend to forget the facts when it’s convenient/focused on a goal. Some sort of selective memory I guess. On the other hand, the math still checks out :p

        But hey, thanks for the response.

  2. just got back home; grab syringe (laptop), check if there’s anything in it: there is! (DE chapter) insert into veins and inject (read).
    mmm My drug. DE. soo good.

    1. 10/week, usually, though not always, 2/day on weekdays. As Ren has said before though, it’s 10/week guaranteed, but for whatever days he can translate them.

  3. Um, I have a little suggestion. Please make the releases daily. Like, just leave it at 10/week (which is absolutely nice but considering we’ve tasted a better pace…) but make it four days with a single chapter and three with double chapters.
    I don’t know if that’s inconvenient for you but I find it most acceptable since the current rate will waste some of our days refreshing in vain 🙂

    Now that ISSTH is gone, DE is absolutely a daily necessity.

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