Super Hyper Ultra ISSTH Announcement – WATCH THIS VIDEO

Before I say anything, I absolutely insist on y’all watching this video first.

Thou shalt NOT click here until after watching the video.

If you are clicking here, I am assuming that you have already watched this video.  If you have not, shame on you and you are disqualified!  Yes, it’s true.  We’re going to be doing some awesome ‘end of book’ events for ISSTH, with many gifts and prizes available… and one lucky Grand Prize winner is going to win a 100% Wuxiaworld-paid trip to China (visa + tickets + hotels + tour guides), where you’ll have the chance to meet deathblade, myself, and Ergen.  We’ll also make sure you get to do some incredibly cool things in China, most likely in Beiijing.

Interested?  Then keep an eye on this space, as the exact rules and requirements shall be coming in the next day or two.  For now, just revel in the awesomeness that will be happening!

339 thoughts on “Super Hyper Ultra ISSTH Announcement – WATCH THIS VIDEO” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. This novel is great and I can’t wait for its special events even though I can’t believe that it’s almost over and I don’t want it to be over.

    Wondering if you have to be over 18 for the trip because I just turned 17 like two weeks ago but I would love the chance to go to China.

  2. Aw, It’s going to be ending soon?, It’s been such a great journey reading this i look at wuxiaworld over 10 times a day waiting for a update and a good laugh, I can’t wait to begin reading your other works then, thank you for existing!

  3. It’s a good thing there are chapters of AWE waiting for me once this trip ends hope that story is as intresting and memorable as this one. Although nothing can replace lord Fifth and lord Third.

  4. I really enjoyed meng hao’s journey, just so sad and happy at the same time that this series where i showed a lot of emotions is going to end and closed its chapter for all eternity to give rise to er gen’s other stories. Well more LN to read!!! Hahahhaha gawd i love this novel so much

  5. Issth is my favourite book for the ever changing and original plot.The humour that was present through the chapters really made me laugh.ISSTH is a gem and in my opinion, one of the best xianxia for its originality in the way of presenting the world of xianxia.

  6. Wow, that is amazing. There are many questions that I would have for Er Gen… Actually not too many beside seeing how he imagined the characters and also when Haowie grows taller and more handsome, how much does that mean?

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