Super Hyper Ultra ISSTH Announcement – WATCH THIS VIDEO

Before I say anything, I absolutely insist on y’all watching this video first.

Thou shalt NOT click here until after watching the video.

If you are clicking here, I am assuming that you have already watched this video.  If you have not, shame on you and you are disqualified!  Yes, it’s true.  We’re going to be doing some awesome ‘end of book’ events for ISSTH, with many gifts and prizes available… and one lucky Grand Prize winner is going to win a 100% Wuxiaworld-paid trip to China (visa + tickets + hotels + tour guides), where you’ll have the chance to meet deathblade, myself, and Ergen.  We’ll also make sure you get to do some incredibly cool things in China, most likely in Beiijing.

Interested?  Then keep an eye on this space, as the exact rules and requirements shall be coming in the next day or two.  For now, just revel in the awesomeness that will be happening!

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  1. Although im a silent reader. When i read wuxia, ISSTH was already one of my favourite books. Im so happy to see the author, hope you’re having a good health and please write more good books. 😍😍😍

    Anyway, thank u for entertaining us and congrats for the future lucky winner. 😍😍😍

  2. Please make it a contest to create a custom version of Wuxiaworld under any framework 😛 I’m up for the challenge! If it’s art I might as well send drawings from my 5 years old, he’ll have more chances than me.

  3. When this is published will it be uncensored or will it be the hypocritical version with the censored bad words?

    This is a story that basically extols the virtues of swindling, theft, murder and mass murders as long as you are righteous. Reading this and having “Fudge!” come is as jarring and immersion breaking as the use of imaginary English words and repeated use of incorrectly conjugated verbs is in most of the other translations on this site.

    1. Hey, thanks a lot for calling me a hypocrite. I really love it when people call me names.

      The funny thing is that it’s NOT censored. In Chinese, a funny euphemism is used instead of the “bad word.” In fact, even more ironic is that the Chinese version does have parts which are auto-censored by the Chinese internet, which I then UNCENSOR.

      I’ve explained this point multiple times, even in footnotes within the story. If you read the explanations, instead of just ignoring them, you would know that.

      1. Your welcome, after using F*** for about a year and then changing to Fudge, it looks very hypocritical. Especially since, I still see Bastard, Damn, Bitch, and probably a couple more that I’m forgetting in the translation.

        I’m so not sorry that I never noticed any footnote maker attached to Fudge; every time I see Fudge, the bad TV editing word choice just makes me cringe so I might have overlooked a footnote marker. The fudge, airhead, etc. hypocrisy of TV censors has pissed me off for the past twenty to thirty years they have been doing it. It is one of biggest reasons I have not watched a movie on network TV in some twenty years. I actually stopped watching TV altogether four or five years back, but that had nothing to do with the word censoring.

        I do want to buy this series, but the TV editing style is something that turns me off. Unlike all but a few of the translators of foreign novel out there, you don’t consistently butcher English verb conjugations, you don’t use made up English words that you seem to think are real due to not using a dictionary, you actually solicit input on your mistakes, and you commit the unpardonable sin of fixing your mistakes. That makes the rest of the story a pleasure to read.

        So, my question stands. How are you going to handle this in the published versions? The question is real, and for me, how it is handled is a deciding factor on whether or not I will be buying the epubs.

        1. Hey deathblade, ignore him. ‘When you wrastle with pigs, you gonna get dirty.’ Or even better, ‘Don’t argue with an idiot. They’ll drag you down to their level and beat you with their experience.’ He gonna repeat the same thin’ over and over and point at one mistake you made after over a thousand chaps. Some people just don’t know how ta be appreciative of the things the good Deathblade gave us.

        2. Using euphesim is quite popular in the entertainment and literature industry from where i come from, its a self censoring act in which they try to create a laughter by using eupheism. I share the same thoughts as brian as forced censoring sucks but whatever deathblade is doing is rather good and i had a good laugh many times whenever the demon turtle was uprooting his hairs, so its more like culture and languages, where for some its acceptable or funny or for some its downright hypocritical but then reading whole novel while enjoying it but not paying a damn nickel just because u thought that translator is hypocritical in censoring swear words is rather hypocritical as i might think

        3. Behold, i smell someone from qidan sect. Out to make trouble form ancestor DB. hahah.. Dont mind him, he just dont recognize MT.TAI. we know your work Db. And we know what youve accomplished. Against this guy who dont to have any translation contribution for free lurkers like us…hahaah

    2. Usually, it’s site policy mate. Wuxiaworld is partially sustained by ads and the ad serving companies Ren uses have sponsors that are not cool with profanity, and could potentially blacklist the site. Long story short, it’s a money issue. Trust me, it was really annoying back when I used to read MGA and the main character pretty much raped a girl as punishment for trying to screw him over, or something along those lines. “Am I taking crazy pills”, came to mind.

      Don’t blame poor Deathblade, though I can’t speak for Er Gen, regarding ISSTH in particular, the “fudge!” thing from Turtle Reliance is supposed to be a quirk of his speech if I recall correctly. Dunno, haven’t been following ISSTH for the past few months so I’m not sure if there’s anything new that’s controversial in that sense.

  4. This event is so exciting that this long dead account has been resurrected for the sole purpose of commenting here. I must know Lord Third’s original form… I MUST KNOW
    Meeting RWX, DB, and Ergen is just the icing on the cake.

    Really, c’mon. Lord Third. Was he an old cup of jello left over and forgotten about in Ergen’s fridge?

  5. Oh wow, it is already June. I wonder what the objects will look like. A Copper Mirror would be neat. But so would a seldom used mask with a flames of war unify phrase. Or the Ji clan fishing pole that Meng Hao got so many chapters ago. I wonder if he will bother to collect the stuff from his lost bag of holding from his last time facing those continental guys.

  6. I registered on the site just to make a post in this thread.

    These are some awesome news, I’m really happy on how considerate Er Gen, Deathblade and Wuxiaworld (I hope I haven’t forgot anyone) for their fans. Keep up the good work!

  7. Can you include meeting the Master of Cuteness: Baby Deathblade? just kidding “hahaha”
    ISSTH is my all time favorite next to CD. Thank you for bringing us ISSTH Ergen!
    And Thank you RWX and DB for making all this possible.
    Long live WUXIAWORLD!!!

  8. The hype is real. The greatest thing about reading a great novel is the scenes at the end of it. It is also the saddest part where you cough a mouthful of blood. Finding a great novel such as ISSTH is more difficult than finding phoenix feather or a kirin horn. hahahaha! BTW im so glad to see the awesome people behind in every chapter of this masterpiece. If its not too much to ask is it possible to see BabyDeathblade in this one of a kind videos? ifonly if there’s a possibility to watch in action the “Master of Cuteness”. hehehe

  9. I don’t always login on WW, but when I do, it’s to comment on awesome posts like these.

    What I want, WW better have! And what I don’t want, WW better not have!

    And what I want, is to win this!!!!

    That’s right folks, I used the 4 exclamation marks. The amount even Er Gen doesn’t dare to use!!!!

    Oops I did it again.

    And talking about how long it’s been, I stumbled upon GravityTales from Zhang Long Manhwa looking for its novel, and reading BTTH, reached WW. CD had me addicted and I have been hooked ever since. Love you WW!!

  10. Thank you guys for writing and translating this series! It gets me through the days and gives me a break from everything. It’s really helped me so much. I love your work!

    My favorite thing has to be watching Meng Hao grow as I go through uni. It motivates me to push myself haha!

  11. Finally making an account. I’ve read a vast majority of the novels on here as well. Issth is one of my favorites, so I will certainly enter this contest.

  12. Who is the person who always starts their comments with ~Meatbun Devilery~ or something like that. Can I nominate them for the prize? They seem to have read ISSTH for a long time, and they really enjoy the story.

    Also, Deathblade. I’m just curious, what is your favorite of all Meng Hao’s Spells/Hexes/Treasures/Various Punches. Personally I’m a fan of the lightning flag he had back when he was in Foundation Establishment (In part because I believe he stole that of Patriarch Reliance.

    1. The meatbun is a reference to 1/2 Prince, A taiwanese(so basically Chinese) novel series with a completed translation by Prince Revolution. Its alot of fun and probably my second favorite VRMMO series after Legendary Moonlight Sculptor, so I highly recommend it. Considering how long that guy has been acting in character, and his good taste, I also second him.

  13. Moer, Rwx.

    We would have loved to take part in the competition, and possibly win, but unfortunately we have our all-important final semester of studies that lies ahead. We cannot afford to take an international trip now, as this semester will determine if we can apply for research grants for our post-graduate research.

    We wish all other contestants the best of luck and congratulate ahead of time the victors on their wins. After turning 21 on the 11th, it’s a great present to see Wuxiaworld continue to do really well.

  14. I am actually sad to see this end. I actually started reading it some time ago and then stopped after 400+ chapters (stopped reading anything really). Ended up picked up where I left off a few months ago and glad I did, even started reading many others. Not having ISSTH to read during work is going to suck, guess I’ll have to start doing my job again.

  15. Hope Ergen’s other works get picked up and finished so we can read all about the universe that ISSTH is in! Would also be pretty cool if the all the other MCs met up in the big universe.

  16. .this is my first ever comment here in issth. But i’ve been lurking since cd in spcnet. I might as well be patriarch lurker then,right?right.heheh. Anyways, i hope the best fan be the winner of this contest to come. Thank you ergen and deathblade. Thanks ren and ww for bringing.this masterpiece to life. Gonna miss meng hao as i do with linley…

  17. Wow, look at those powerful finger gestures, kinda like Bruce Lee’s or sealing the heavens incantations. Super reveal for DB. And there are prizes awarded after completion of translation? Can I have the laptop on the table? Lol

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