Stolen luck from the Heavens brings: ISSTH Chapters 129, 130!!!

Special release! The next two chapters are ones that I think are best read together, so I’m again doing the unthinkable and sponsoring a chapter myself! Basically, this means that Chapter 130 does not count against the 7 guaranteed free chapters per week. By the way, chapter 130 is extra long (almost twice as long as a normal chapter), so there is a lot of stuff to read here! Please enjoy:

Chapter 129: Li Clan Patriarch!
Chapter 130: Chapter Title Withheld in Announcement Post
Translated by Deathblade
Contributing Editors: Madam Deathblade, John Rogers
Proofreaders: Lingson, laoren and MeeBoo
Chapter 129 Sponsors: Mai Le, Kok Yan Leung, Joshua Jacobs and Anyonymous
Chapter 130 Sponsor: Deathblade

Please join me in clasping hands in a respectful bow to Fellow Daoists Mai Le, Kok Yan Leung, Joshua Jacobs and Anyonymous for sponsoring the second sponsored chapter of the week!

Quick note about some translation adjustments….

In case you didn’t notice my post from a few hours ago, I recently noticed an error in how I was translating some measurement units. I already went back manually and changed every single mistake. In a future post, I will elaborate on this, along with some more info on a few other tweaks and adjustments I’ve made over the past few weeks. Stay tuned for that.

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  1. Cheers m8 honestly I just made an account to thank you guys for your work.. there are many ppl translating novels at the moment however very few groups “keep their enthusiasm” for more than 100 chapters and even fewer commit to doing 1 free chapter a day for that you got my utmost appreciation both for the dedication and quality of your work.To me it is clear that you do not do this for the profit but for yourself and it can bee seen from the way you translate and the extra information you provide by explaining idioms.
    Many thanks again and i hope you will have the time to finish this novel eventually even if there is a long road ahead.


  2. I’m overexcited now. Last time you sponsored a chapter I almost collapsed from the awe I felt. I’m on edge right now! Thank you very much all involved!!

  3. I may have been gone for two weeks and not made a single comment, but now that I’m back, all I have to say is…

    I wonder if Meng Hao’s pet turtle and pet dog will get along together? 😛

    :)) thanks for the chapters so much, I’ve been enjoying reading them on my phone even if I wasn’t commenting. A lotta real-life stuff has been happening (including me writing my own book) and I hope to return now that it’s toned down and comment on ISSTH at least if nothing else, since it’s my favorite of the novels!

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