Stellar Transformations – Book 11, Chapter 29

Hi all, here’s the chapter that ends the cliffhanger from before. I’m sure that many of you have been struggling to hang on. So here’s Book 11, Chapter 29: Life after the Tribulation. Enjoy the reading!

I believe there will be only 2 chapters this weekend. I did chapter 29 and Saima is working on chapter 30. James is busy with exams so wish him luck!

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    1. Hi Eris, I hope you don’t mind the edit, but it’s a bit rude to refer people to another translator on a different translator’s website, for the exact same project. It’s fine if it is a communal area (like SPCNET or Reddit), or a different project (Zhan Long, etc.) but it’s a bit rude on someone else’s site for the same project; it’s like going inside a private coffee shop and saying, “Hey guys, you know if you want good coffee, you can go down the street to Starbucks, right?” I don’t mind at all if you want to advertise translations that aren’t being worked on here, but this is a bit much. Hope you don’t mind. RWX.

  1. Thanks for both translator, actually because of my curiousity i already read the raw of book 17 where ehhmm spoiler qin you met li”er but i discontinue it because from raw probably i can only understand about 20% of what actualky happened in the story…. so i really hope u will continue this series because it is realy good and also has a connection with ren coiling dragon
    anyway thanks so much!!

  2. Thank you for the chapter! I have to admit that I’ve already read the other translator’s (we know who he is) work. I’m also very impatient and wants to know what will happen next. After visiting spc and reading the thread I’m still baffled as to why he doesn’t want to collaborate with you guys. I believe you are the first group who started this project? I’m hoping that you will be able to catch up or go pass him so people will flock here instead. Anyway I appreciate your work but I’m poor so I can only click ads. 🙁

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