Stellar Transformations on Wuxiaworld.

Hi all, I’m Aequitas from spcnet forums (jeffdaking on wordpress)! I’m really grateful to Ren for reaching out to my group and letting us post our translations of Stellar Transformations to his website. So as of now, all the chapters translated by my group, Book 11, Chapters 14-25 have all been posted here.

But wait, there’s more! Here’s two new chapters:

Translated by me: Book 11, Chapter 26 – The Superior Divine Beast with the Strongest Combat Strength

Translated by Saima: Book 11, Chapter 27 – Arrival of the Heavenly Tribulation

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  1. Well I accidentally saw that early and was searching the site for the link. Am really happy that u guys continued the translation of stellar transformation, thank u so much
    Ps: there is no link to stellar transformation yet

      1. Ren can you please add the. Book 1 – 10 of stellar transformation at the table of content cuz i’m reading it at spc but saddenly the site became error.

        As if it’s okie ?

        1. Yeah that would be pretty swell considering spc is the only place that has books 1-10. Just started reading yesterday and now that I’m being denied I might go insane ;_;

  2. Thanks for bringing ST to wuxiaworld! I’m extremely happy about this, I never kept up-to-date with the translations after he-man went awol :(. I’ll def have to read it now! Keep up the work!

    Oh man, the f5 army is soon going to have a even bigger presence on the site!

    1. I am super, super excited about our wonderful ST translating friends moving over here and joining our little community! Once the index is fixed up, I’ll be adding a link to it our big ‘master index’!

  3. Ooh I started reading this on Ren’s birthday and now it’s moving in with Ren. Welcome, I’m still only on book 3, so I won’t likely comment for some time but fun to see the series I got introduced to by ren, move in with him. So nice to see you and thanks for all the great reads/ work.

      1. Yeah, this is one of the reasons I really wanted to have it all up here; if SPC is ever gone or goes under, then it means your work would lose a lot of meaning for new readers. Let’s discuss 🙁

  4. Welcome to our small community, glad your bringing ST. Both are quite great stories. Only if I Eat Tomatoes can stop repeating the same explanations in his novels lol. Especially Stellar Transformation. The community itself thanks all translators for all the work they put in.

  5. OMG awesome guys, all my favourite series in one place, thanks for this wonderful translation guys, it about time ST got some love, can’t wait for next release.

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