Status Update + TGR Chapter 164

Hi everyone,

As of today, I think I’ll resume translation. Peak season is finally over for me in work and I have caught up on sleep yesterday. Although it might take a bit of time for me to get into translation mood, I will attempt to translate at least a chapter per day for the following week. Also, please note that we’ve added a new translator, Moe, to our group. So let’s hope that we’ll speed up our translations. Please kindly welcome him!

Also, here is the chapter that I’ve said I would post, but never got around doing so.

Chapter 164

Translator: jn

Proofreaders: Malcience, Lebin

Thank you everyone for their support during my peak season! I kindly appreciate it.


P.S. I might have to look for editors since the ones I have originally may or may not have gone inactive. Please leave a message below if you would like to help. Thanks!

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  1. Welcome Moe!

    I could help to proof read, but I only speak English so editing may be out of reach. I sent you an e-mail on your other site when you asked the first time if you would like my help.

  2. I’d like to point out that the previous chapter link returns you to chapter 103 instead of 163 in case you would like to fix that.
    Thanks for the chapter by the way!

  3. Heey love this series! I’m glad you’re back!

    I may not know Chinese but I’ve been an English speaker all my life, so I could help you out with proofreading :)! Just tell me if you want my help 🙂

  4. I know some basic chinese and i’m pretty good with the english language so if you need me to proof read or do a final check over a chapter I can help, I had experience with this also, I am/have proofread/edited for both arkmachinetranslations and lmsmachinetranslations

  5. Wow Yipee!Finally you are back. I am really keen in being an editor as I have been speaking English my entire life. Do let me know if I can assist you on the same. I really really love this novel and feels great to get to know that have TGR will be back on track. 🙂

  6. Welcome back.
    I would offer my help however only know english and have never done proofreading for anyone except my own works. Grades weren’t that good, so others would probably prefer I don’t.

  7. Hi! If you’re still looking for an editor, I would love for the chance help out. I’ve attended a Chinese language school for 8 years, right up until my final years in high school. While I wouldn’t consider myself fluent, I do have a more than basic understanding of the language, grammar, and syntax. I am confident in being able to help edit your translations and ensure it flows as smoothly as possible.

    P.S. I created an account just to post a comment regarding my interest. 🙂

  8. So many applications!

    I love TGR and it would be awesome to contribute as an editor!
    I would say that my grasp of English is excellent but you should be the one to judge 😛

    P.S. Organize a competition or something!

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