Status of ATG for rest of week & random alyschu rant.

ATG Status:
Our ATG team works on a sign up basis so whenever a translator misses his scheduled chapter day, I usually quietly squeeze myself in that chapter and then release it. I was a bit preoccupied this week so all those mishaps happened. That was my bad.

I’ll try to be a better alarm clock for my team from now on, but life is always uncertain. We have had a no set schedule policy since the very start of our group’s establishment, so if I continue getting steam for attempting to estimate release times for readers based on our translator sign ups, I’ll just go back to doing randomly timed releases without a heads up of an estimated time beforehand. Time zones of translators on the team are all over the place so it’ll be easier on me anyways.

Back to the point. Since we, the team, are doing damage control at the moment and the translator who went camping signed up for four chapters in a row, there probably won’t be double releases Friday or Saturday. I say probably because who knows what’ll happen! Chapters are translated on our free time and will come out whenever they are finished. There won’t be a chapter tonight, though.

To anyone who has made a donation and feels offended for whatever reason, you may email me and ask for a refund if you are still in the queue. I don’t know how many times I’ve stressed this but, please note that donations are by no means required or necessary and are only there to further motivate the translators.

Random alyschu rant:
My team is filled with beautiful people and I am the only one who is allowed to hurt their feelings!!

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      1. Hah! alyschu, you didn’t mention if we are allowed to insult you or not!

        Anyway so far I’ve only seen a good job. Taking some hypocrites seriously is only going to be a slight demotivation, tough I agree to refund these special exceptions (to get rid of them). And if they aren’t satisfied with your service, they are free to leave.

  1. Don’t worry about it! We all appreciate any of the work that you translators, proofreaders, editors, cheerleaders, etc. do, and having some delay doesn’t really matter in the long run. What’s more important is that our translators remain happy so they continue translating for us leechers. 😛
    Thanks for the update and thanks for all your hard work, everyone!

  2. I was curious what was up, and now I know. thanks for the notice, I’ll enjoy the chapters as they show up. It’s summer so no surprise if someone runs off for the weekend or something.

      1. “Too many cooks spoil the dish” is an idiom for a reason. It’s not really a good problem to have at all, when they ditch unexpectedly and don’t bother pulling their weight, unlike having a few good workers who are able to produce stable results but may not be able to maintain as quick a pace.

  3. Don’t worry Aly, I got you. I’m currently tracking down the locations of everyone who complained. They had eyes but couldn’t see Mt. Tai, so *humph humph* don’t blame me for being impolite! But anyways, on a more serious note, I thank you, and your team, for all of the work you’ve put into this series, and hopefully will continue to put into it. I know that it must be stressful, and I apologize on behalf of all the dummies who have dared to insult your honor. While I haven’t been the best WW supporter, I’m hoping to change that, so once again thank you for all of your hard work. Hopefully these people didn’t ruin any of your team’s weekend.

    1. Disagree on the latter half of that. Explanations make it much more understandable what is going on with the rash of “no chapter tonight” posts recently, esp. after the donation drive post previously for double releases.

  4. Just keep up the good work. I love reading ATG but I understand you guys have a life, go live it and have fun. If a chapter isn’t released when one is projected to be released I dont get mad over that. My first thought is what went wrong and are they okay over there? Wish I could help translate but I slept through the Chinese class my college offered 😉

  5. We’re all just happy when chapters are released. The donations put in are just to show appreciation and the possibility of getting more chapters out faster. It would be better not to put in chapter promises and just push them out when you have them.

  6. I think griping a little is OK, but some people get way too bent out of shape about there not being a release. It’s a web novel, guys. Do something more productive with your life than yelling at the people who work hard to translate stuff for you. It’s not like screaming at alyschu et al is gonna actually motivate them to translate stuff.

    Seriously, guys, a little gratitude goes a long way. This is hard work and when you berate someone for it, all that means is they want to do it less. That’s not helpful!

  7. Oh no one of the 100+ light novels I am reading that updates on no set schedule isn’t coming out today… Ill see if there is any new light novels to read. This really updates about 1/4 the rate of the other light novels combined, not counting the other novels from this site.

  8. Oh how I wish a massive ban hammer would fall upon those who do not appreciate the work that the translators do for all of us who are unwilling to learn the language the work is written in. They are providing an amazing FREE service to everyone, and it is ridiculous and childish to complain about chapters not making ESTIMATED release times. Even if you donate you have no right to complain about the translations This is not Amazon you aren’t buying an e-book. You are not paying for a service you are DONATING to give them incentive to translate more, as well as to show appreciation of the work that is being done.

    Alyschu and crew I as well as the vast majority of the ww community appreciate all the work you guys do. Keep doing things how you want to do it. Don’t let the poisonous individuals taint the work you do. (Sadly we do not have a Sky Poison Pearl to purify you with)

  9. “My team is filled with beautiful people and I am the only one who is allowed to hurt their feelings!!”

    I read this as permission to hurt alyschu’s feelings!

  10. Don’t worry about it. We all get it, we all have stuff going on in our lives. We love the work you guys do and we appreciate it whenever we get it. Happy camping and stay safe

  11. “My team is filled with beautiful people and I am the only one who is allowed to hurt their feelings!!”
    — Alyschu

    Momma bear protecting the cubs ^_^ and rightly so, no reader has the right or is entitled to nag, harp, insult, etc a translator in my opinion. My love and support goes out to you all while you play damage control, as I learn more about the virtue of patience. ^_^

  12. thank you for all your hard work that you and your team puts in, you guys are doing a wonderful job, you guys should not be sorry whats so every that chapters are coming in late because you guys are taking time from your life to translate.

    P.S. So because you have dibs on your team, can we call dibs on you to hurt you feeling 😛

  13. I’d like a refund thanks, I donated a billion trillion dollars. I accept cash only and in stacks of crispy fresh 100 dollar bills.

    On a serious note, thanks for all your hard work!

  14. well it is absolutely ok cuz the translators themselves are not supposed to translate at the cost of their RL. they all have lives and stuff to take care of
    so thank you for your hard work ATG team *bows*

  15. I don’t often post or donate and when I do post it’s usually to complain about ads or something, haha… -_-”

    I feel I do gotta point out that I really appreciate all the translators and other staff do by bringing all these awesome novels to this awesome site. as someone who works with a lot of people, I know how it’s like to get “bashed” when you’re already giving your best to things.

    try and ignore all the haters and instead focus on the people who do (vocally? openly?) appreciate you guys’ deeds. thanks for all the hard work and hope the downers don’t affect you guys too much!

  16. Try going for a week w/o releases. You can take a break and also weed out ungrateful idiots who complain. Then smash ’em with Ren’s banhammer. Seriously, do these people even GET the meaning of “donation”? I want more chapters, I admit, but I don’t want them THAT bad. At least I wouldn’t want the translation team to be negatively affected just to pump out more chapters. What’s a little delay in the release gonna do to me? Make me stare at that GODDAMNED BUNNY a little longer? Eh, I can handle that… Probably. Anyways don’t pay attention to those idiots. No one forced them to take out their money anyways. Just… please… get rid of the bunny. I am starting to want to go on a rabbit killing spree because of it xD.

    Thanks for your hard work!

    1. Considering there is an (optional) incentive for the cash (a return consideration, that being the extra chapters for each 100% on the bar), it’s really not a donation per se by the technical definition (which I like to joke is why it’s a sponsor button, not a donation button); using donation terminology, however, does restrict expectations and informs sponsors that there is no definitive return provided by a contract to any amount of cash that comes in- it’s entirely an optional incentive that they set up, after all, and no extras are required by contract for any amount sponsored, much like the traditional imperfect contract void inherant in donations themselves.

      1. See, that line right there; “there is no definitive return provided by a contract to any amount of money that comes in”, that’s the line that the donors/sponsors need to drill into their head. The translators may need to clear the sponsored queue, but they’re not bound as to WHEN they need to complete it, are they? People may say that this is sophism but you have to remember: alyschu and the team explicitly stated that they have NO set schedule. If they are going to be negatively affected by issues like this, then I’m sure that the majority of us readers would much rather have no sponsored chapters at all. Besides, if those people really want their chapters, why say it in a comment? Why not contact the team in a private manner via e-mail and ask for a refund? Why not take a step back and try to understand the reason behind the delay? They did give us a reason why the chapters are delayed. It really isn’t like they dropped the series and ran away with the donors’ money right? I really can’t seem to find logical reasons for these people’s actions. I swear to god I’m smelling Yi Yun’s scent behind this.

  17. Thanks for all the work you put in to translate screw it, it’s the summer take a few days off and enjoy yourselves. On a side not y’all do an amazing job of translating well allowing for a cohesive story that flows so thanks!

  18. I honestly don’t understand people getting upset over a few missed days. When you read the summary or background to the story you should have also seen mention of the fact that the team translates in their free time, hence, expect erratic release times. If you don’t like that, don’t read ATG for a few months so you have a backlog of chapters, or don’t read it at all. But to be so self-absorbed to get offended over a few missed days is really beyond me.

    Okay, rant over.

    Alyschu, you do whatever you have to do. I write novels and shortstories in my free time, so I know how difficult it can be to stay on a schedule, especially if you’re doing it in your free time. Know that only about 3% (if ever that much) of your readers are these arseholes. The rest of us understand fully.

    I look forward to the next chapter, whenever that will be.

  19. I don’t know about my fellow donators (since I donated just once a long time ago) and leechers but I can honestly say I am happy with what the team can squeeze out. Not to mention it is scary to think of what would happen if those haters forced the team to quit and then no more translations for ATG. ATG Withdrawal anyone?

    1. That’s the thing that scares me the most. As I’ve seen ALOT of translators drop their projects because of some feces stains bawling when the crack delivery gets delayed. Note the word “DELAYED” not dropped, DELAYED. Honestly

  20. To be honest we’re very lucky they’re willing to translate for us. Also I appreciate any update on when the chapters will be released as it stops me waiting. Thanks for all the good work keep it up!

  21. Thx for your good work on ATG. Misshaps happens, i think most people are happy with what you did so far, almost 500 chapters translated, how much could a few postponed releases bother us right?
    Take care,

  22. I really appreciate that you let us in on what’s going on, because I am someone who doesn’t really have much patience if the reason is because of laziness.

    I hope you guys don’t burn yourselves out too much juggling too many things at once. Also, how about you guys teach us a Chinese word at the end of each chapter? That way, we can all learn a bit of Chinese together while reading these.

  23. best to keep it random!
    will result in less pressure on your team (unless you like to pressure them), and will keep us readers from developing a misguided sense of entitlement to a certain number of chapters at certain times. thanks for all your work, I’m having new-baked donuts for breakfast tomorrow!

  24. As a general rule, I dont wait for chapters. Then after a few days I find several chapters at once and party time.

    U guys do ur thing and release whenever u can. We will still be here waiting however long is necessary. That’s a guaranty.

  25. Good to know, thanks.

    Something to keep in mind is that sometimes people who act terribly online do so because… they’re literally just 12 years old. I could be pretty annoying too when I was 12 years old. Too much energy and free time, not enough manners.

    I love ATG and I love the amazing team of unlikely heroes who bring it to us. I’ve been following the translations for a long time now, and it was my first Chinese WN.

  26. I suppose the clever people complaining that they paid and then chapters didn’t magically appeared forgot the whole purpose of donating.

    You guys are doing a magnificient job and it is greatly appriciated regardless of when the chapters come out, since without you we would have 0 chapters to read of this great story.

  27. I don’t read this but you are allowed to rant all you want. Thanks for all your hard work. It is appreciated by even non readers like me.
    God bless you.

    I will probably be contacting you or the moderator of the site for a translation related business opportunity.

  28. It’s a simple fix, if you’re not doing sponsored chapters anymore, please take it off the “sponsored event” list as this page still deems it being active (which totally contradicts this rant and may confuse donators that did so under the impression that it was for sponsoring chapters), as well as the progress/side bar on WW, which still says ‘sponsor’.

  29. We know it can be hard to work translating into your free time. Thank you for taking the time to do it at all. All your readers really appreciate it.

  30. As someone who’s actually donated, I have no complaints whatsoever. I realize that all of the translators have actual lives to lead, and life gets messy. I’m already grateful for all the effort you put in as it is. As for donations, I’ll continue to donate as I’m able because I enjoy the story, can’t wait for it to progress, and appreciate your hard work!

    Sean M

  31. Whoa whoa.. Calm down there Alyschu. So 6/18/2016 has no chapter release or even any heads up notifications. Isn’t this the 4th screw up in the last 12 days.

    From the fact that you said “so if I continue getting steam for attempting to estimate release times for readers based on our translator sign ups, I’ll just go back to doing randomly timed releases without a heads up of an estimated time beforehand.” Even with the $1900+ donations you racked up last week you don’t seem to care much about the contributors of this community.

    May I suggest that you drop this ATG project so that someone that’s more motivated can take over. I mean “Deathblade” has translating ISSTH alone for quite a while now and has been translating 15 chapters/week. Also “THYAERIA” has also been translating TDG with 6 guaranteed chapters(No donations required while he’s on duty and serving his country).

    Instead of raging about contributors leaving comments that aren’t to your liking due to your mistakes in the first place, how about you drop the ATG project for someone else to take over.

    If you agree then please return everyone’s donation at this point and drop the ATG project. If no one else is willing pick up this project then I’ll form a group of 3 with my friends from college and translate ATG for wuxiaworld.

    So please stop b#$%$ing about these negative comments when you yourself is threatening the community with your negative rants.

    Thanks! ^_^

      1. Sure! Why don’t you get Alyschu to drop the ATG project from wuxiaworld and we’ll apply for it since she does not seem the least bit motivated to do the translation. Neither is she respecting the contributors to the wuxiaworld’s community. Until then you shouldn’t be judging whether or not I can accomplish this task.

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