Start of voting phase for the artwork competitions!

Hello everyone.

First of all, my apologies for the delays, we had some organizational troubles. Since Ren is really busy these days, it’s my turn again to be the one posting the announcements. But unlike last time, today it’s not going to be bad news.

As many of you know, the submissions’ deadline for the competitions being held at our forum has arrived. We’ve received many interesting works, so we want to express our heartfelt appreciation for all those who contributed to it’s success, whether they were the authors, for submitting such a collection of high quality works, or the users, for the constructive criticism they’ve displayed and the encouragement they gave them.

We’ve received a total of 29 works . Now, it’s the awaited moment to choose the lucky winners among all the participants. In order to do so, we are going to open 2 polls.

The first one, or Competition A (our naming sense has a long way to improve…), consisted in the creation of a map of the Yulan plane. You can vote following this link:

The second one, called Competition B (unsurprisingly), had it’s main focus on the events and characters of Coiling Dragon. The link is:

Here’s a quick list with the relevant info:

  • There’s a poll for each competition, we decided to do only a single round.
  • Every reader is allowed to participate.
  • Every user can cast 3 votes, that’s to say, he can choose 3 options.
  • The most voted options of each category will be the winners, and will receive the prices outlined here.

The polls are going to stay open until the 1st of September at 00:00


Well, that’s all. Voting time from now on!

And doing a bit of self promotion, you can check our forum for the original submissions. Or maybe just drop by one of the many discussions already going on there.

Good luck!

23 thoughts on “Start of voting phase for the artwork competitions!” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. I’m starting to see strange things showing. If any submission has it’s votes increased artificially, it won’t matter if the vote count reaches the moon, it will be disqualified. And I promise there are no second opportunities.

    Poll retry locked by both cookie and ip address.

  2. A lot of good pieces of art. Hard to decide. Some of them really capture your heart even if the art isn’t the greatest, it still explains the moment clearly. Time to vote 😉

  3. how come. . . how come. . . there are no Delia. . . but that Alice! if she wasn’t a TR girl it would be nice. . . and the maps. . . . i think there is something wrong.

  4. Polldaddy is messing up, I can’t uncheck some selections for some reason, and clicking on the picture automatically checks the box. Refreshing doesn’t seem to work..

    Poll B worked all right. I really loved the Beginning of Linley and Bebe, it was actually my favorite. The art might not have been as good as some of the others, but the emotion was there 🙂

      1. The last time Alice showed up was when she was on her way the the new museum in the Baruch Empire that she was assigned to run.
        The last time she was mentioned,was in a conversation between Linley and Delia.Delia mentioned hat Alice was running a museum in the Baruch Empire and Jeanne got friends with Alice.

        I was curious if she will appear in the future or not since she might still be alive if she became a Saint.

  5. Thanks Ren and those who supported us. It was fun to learn how to draw again. 😀

    P.S The contest is closed but everyone should join us in the fanart dojo in the forums. Come watch as I attempt to draw grandpa again. I going to get this right before new years 😉

  6. There were many beautiful drawings in Competition B. In competition A was also many stylish maps. Great work and let me offer a round of applause of all those who participated in making this a competition!
    *clap clap clap*

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